Data indicate conclusive evidence of intended ethnic cleansing and Gaza Genocide

Sources are saying in panicky voices that the Israeli bombardment of Gaza has gone to a new level of destroying women and children. Over a thousand kids are dead according to actual hospital officials, not Hamas medical officials.

Nurse Ai'sha describes another broken heart
“For a moment at dawn, the saddest thing in my life,” said Behar Abbasi. “He was saying goodbye to his mama before we could cover her.” 

“In the midst of a frantic effort to save lives, a little boy says goodbye to his mama who an hour before was asleep beside him in their home.” Nurse Ai’sha describes another broken heart. Photo credits: Gaza Health department hero EMS worker/photog unnamed and an unnamed nurse civilian journo asked to help for this story. Photo Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

There are rumours of a 5-hour ceasefire to allow the exit of foreigners and entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza via the Egypt border crossing. A few of the foreigners are Americans.

Video: This is one of the relief convoys waiting at Rafah crossing that Netanyahu has threatened to bomb.

But the last time Netanyahu allowed the Gaza population to move, Netanyahu bombed and killed twenty families in convoys once they started their exodus from north Gaza to south Gaza and then also bombed those who made it to the south.

Video trigger warning. 18+ Air attack violence

When Palestinian families loaded their vehicles and traveled the streets south, only minutes had passed before Israeli aircraft attacked the civilians on the roads in multiple locations along the convoy and killed entire families. (Video Source: multiple citizen journos)

7 October 2023. How much is false flag?

The truth of 7 October 2023 in Israel is getting clearer. It was half-truth and half lie. There were Hamas and other antagonists there, but only half the story of what they did is true.  How much was false flag? For sure some was.  Biden’s beheaded babies never existed but Biden said he saw them. “Not a word from that sociopath’s mouth should you have accepted,” a lawyer said to this writer.

“This Biden lie comprises a serious crime against humanity by a world leader regardless of how mistrusted he may be, because it set in motion the justification for the slaughter of thousands of innocent women and children plus many of their male family members,” said one of the RINJ lawyers.

Hospital workers say, “most patients in the past three days are women and children and that the 60% figure issued by the Hamas authority is a disrespect for women and also old news—four days ago.”

Photo is a capture from a 7 October 2023 EMS video. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

There were no decapitated babies. The Hamas raid narrative of Netanyahu is more lies than reality. We were there that day. This is all bizarre justification for a slaughter under the guise of, “retaliation”. Biden Lied, Sunak Lied and Netanyahu lied.

Warnings of assassination chatter.

“Conclusively America and Britain are complicit in genocide which fact implies they need to expect reaction and need to double up on security. One more stupid action will not help. There is a lot of chatter about several plots to assassinate the leaders involved in this ethnic cleansing even by countries never normally predisposed to any kind of aggression,” explained the head of The RINJ Foundation‘s security contractor in a quick call that ended with confirmation that this message was on the record.

Another source who was unreachable for the weekend says, “USA A-10 Warthog squadrons left Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona, headed for the Middle East. These A-10 Warthogs are only used for close air support like was done to slaughter people in the Vietnam war, meaning the U.S. is expecting a large scale land battle in Gaza. This is not a good sign for the people already dying there in Gaza.”

From a stable, reliable source on the ground at the front line of a massive genocide, the data is consistent. “The final destruction of Gaza and its people may be nearing. Any chance folks have to escape death by escaping Gaza should be taken,” says an expert security analyst at the scene.


“The numbers of children killed in Gaza is already in the thousands. We don’t have all the bodies because they are buried under buildings crushed by Israeli bombing which is at a crescendo now.

“…thousands of injured patients are frantically asking outside our hospitals if we received their children…”

“The number of deaths of women is in the thousands, and hundreds of bandaged patients are frantically asking outside our hospitals if we received their children. They have pictures, descriptions, and names enough to form an army of betrayed angels,” sobs Ai’sha a nurse who has now spent most of her professional career with NWOB in the occupied territories of Palestine, previously east Jerusalem.

“This is a new battery so can you talk to a little boy in my arms,” asked Ai’sha. “I need to keep him calm. He is intubated and has a bad injury that is swelling. I have a cold compress but holding him seems to keep him from going into shock. Please talk to him if you still have your Arabic, but he understands a little English,” said the quintessential care giver.

“My friend an EMS nurse was killed. He was among four ambulance workers killed trying to rescue casualties. One girl I think was shot dead by an Israeli sniper,” said Ai’sha who was trying to explain why she sounded distressed. No explanation was needed or sought. We are all too experienced not to know the gravity of the situation.

That’s how it goes with the medical workers in Gaza. The UN shelters have run out of everything, and people are in serious distress. These colleagues have a big load on their shoulders now.

NWOB workers are innovative and dedicated. They defy the authoritarianism of the brutal Israeli occupiers and are unified with medical workers in all sections of the region including Israeli medical workers within the Israel Defence Forces.

“Those who have been certified by NWOB for GBV, war zone obstetrics and patient care have been trained by the most experienced war zone practitioners in the world and stand out above their peers, maybe because it is a special caregiver who seeks these certifications but also maybe because their trainers are the best and most experienced in all of history,” explains Dr. Nassima al Amouri.

The case against the American, British and Israeli perps in the Gaza Genocide

“What we know about the circumstances, collecting information from all parts of Gaza, we categorically have conclusive evidence that the Israelis have broken all the rules of Rome Statute as we enter the tenth day of mass murder, genocide, in the occupied territory of Gaza Strip,” said Dr. Nassima al Amouri.

“And if al Jazeera once again puts that criminal Biden on the TV screen I will personally want to go to Doha, Qatar and slap every face I can see with my dirtiest Syrian flipflops,” said Dr. al Amouri, interrupting herself. She is somewhat angry at being told she should not go to Gaza because today thousands of people depend on her and she must stay alive. (Maybe she will read into that her colleagues care for her more than they ever articulate in these difficult times.)

“Following ICC ignoring the Israeli murders of journalists, especially the clear-cut pre-meditated killing of Shireen Abu Akleh, I don’t consider that the International Criminal Court is going to prosecute Rome Statute violations in Israel, but I agree that the Rome Statute plus the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide are more than valuable criteria for determining what is and what is not acceptable conduct in warfare. Every organization’s representative and each diplomat I have met here in Aleppo between Israeli bombings here, agrees with what we are trying to do as worthwhile. We collectively seek to perfect a precedent-setting global legal procedure and venue that makes retaliatory war an unnecessary response to colossal injustices like we are seeing south of us in Israel,” added Dr. Nassima al Amouri once she ran out of slippers to toss at the accused Biden on her TV at 04:30AM local time.

“Repeatedly the parties to these crimes of Genocide, namely Antony Blinken, Joseph Biden, Lloyd Austin and Rishi Sunak have emphatically declared their support for Benjamin Netanyahu’s genocide of the Palestinians in the Palestine occupied territories. Benjamin Netanyahu has sworn to kill every person he believes belongs to a group known as Hamas and has publicly declared he will level (destroy) the region known as Gaza and cares not how many civilians he kills. On the evidence of medical practitioners in Gaza hospitals that these crimes are being committed, this action constitutes in part the crime of Genocide which is defined in the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.” Citing:  “Open letter to the Courts of Jurisdiction in the matter of Genocide in the Palestine Occupied Territories”

Not too far south in Israel, a vivid description of crimes against humanity, as Israel continues to slaughter innocent women and children.

“A massive fireball has erupted north of me, but we cannot leave this hospital. The windows somewhere here blew out I think because I heard glass smashing,” said nurse Ai’sha, “so I must ring off for a few minutes while I take the baby back to a safer place,” Ai’sha added. “I need to get a cold press from my bag also. Here is Behar. I am beckoning her to take the ‘satphone’.”

A very violent America is not a good place for Palestinians, or anyone. Stabbed-mom surviving injuries so far but lost her 6 year old child who was stabbed 26 times because of the child’s ethnicity. A hate crime in America is nothing new.

Wadea Al-Fayoume, a little boy of six years of age in Plainfield, Illinois was stabbed 26 times Sunday in his family’s home in Plainfield and his mother also was stabbed and critically wounded. The landlord of their rented home is Joseph Czuba, who is charged with murder and hate crime.

 Joseph Czuba probably believed that Palestinians had been romping around on 7 October beheading infants as his President Joe Biden passionately told the world before the slaughter of Palestinians and the Gaza Genocide began.  

Joseph Czuba lawyers probably will use Biden’s lies as part of Czuba’s criminal defence justifying hatred.

RIP, little one. May the memory of Wadea bring you relief from your grief and life of sadness, dear mom.