American media just makes the Israeli Palestine war more gross

From the time Israel murdered Palestinian-American Shireen Abu Akleh, Israel has acted with impunity for the most heinous crimes in the occupied territories since the 5th century.

Now it’s the old story, can the world stop Israel and Hamas from committing war crimes? Hamas and Israel seem to try to outdo each other in the scale of their atrocities. Hamas raping and slaughtering young people at a festival in south Israel on Saturday morning has been matched with hundreds of ripped apart families, their bodies in pieces blown up and strewn around on the streets of Gaza.

Night photos submitted by Moshe Karem.

Hamas will start to kill hostages, it says.

“From this moment forward, we announce that every attack on our people safe in their homes without prior warning will be met with regret by the execution of one of our enemy’s civilian hostages, and we will broadcast this with sound and video, and by announcing. With our decision, we will present before the whole world the Zionist enemy and his leadership, responsible for this decision, for from now on hatred is on his judgment…”

Feminine-Perspective on the GBV events of 7 October

“The similarity between the behaviours of Hamas and the government of the Ayatollah in Iran, is chilling. There was a noticeable change following the 3 January 2020, murder of Qasem Soleimani, killed along with nearly a dozen other officials in Baghdad by America. The change has been seen in the last couple of years in Iran, Yemen and Palestine since the Ayatollah took a more active role in Iran’s security matters.

“One example is the penchent of the two parties Hamas and the IRGC for raping and killing of school girls because the young women and girls seem rebellious or not pious enough, or not wearing full Islamic women’s attire, thus are therefore not human? Hamas has become more Iranian in that regard, of late,” says Dale Carter of The RINJ Foundation.

“We are accusing Iran of salting groups and or leading teams of Hamas supporters with skillful Iranian IRGC specialists who have been intoxicating their trainees with powerful narcotics, as was seen on 7 October and since.

“These Iranian operatives who hold out to be Palestinians are now participating in crimes against humanity in Israel having already spent months training Palestinians in the use of American weapons purchased from sellers in Ukraine. Those weapons include Javelin anti-tank man-portable missiles and launchers and assault rifles, and ammunition,” Ms. Carter outlined.

“Our humanitarian women’s health care operations in Gaza, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and in Iran continually encounter Hamas and other Iranian militants. They are the antithesis to the existence of women and children in a righteous peace. It is our contention that Hamas is not Palestinian, it is Iranian. When you see Hamas, open your mind to the fact that you are looking at the Islamic Revolution of Iran and all that entails.  In Gaza for example, Hamas without Iran has always been as inept as the Palestinian Authority in leading Palestine toward a lasting peace with Israel in a two state environment. Iran would have no part of that and has completely usurped Hamas aiming at perpetual militancy,” said Ms. Carter.

Gaza nights

Night photos submitted by Moshe Karem.

“American media flocks to Israel to feed off the atrocities committed against young women and children but their brand of poison is as much needed in the tiny overpopulated Gaza Strip as is the USS Gerald R. Ford Battlegroup.

The Women’s CSO, RINJ Women says it has issued a warning to CNN for its escapades on the Anderson Cooper showing off video it obtained from social media channels of Hamas supporters parading the broken, raped corpse of a young woman on the tailgate of a pickup truck in Gaza. The victim had been seized by Hamas supporters at a music festival early on Saturday morning.

“This reprehensible disrespect of a violated woman does nothing but promote the terrorism goals of Hamas whom we encounter in the worst possible way in at least six countries. Hamas turning the desecrated bodies of women into trophies helped by American cable news networks runs counter to the work of The RINJ Foundation and UN Women and cannot be ignored. We intend to take legal, extralegal, and any other action against the cable company perpetrators and have begun to organize a women’s boycott,” says Geraldine Frisque, spokesperson for The RINJ Foundation.

“America’s poisoned media has once again seen Washington Democrat propaganda proliferation as a greater value than human dignity and human rights. But when it comes to denigration of a woman victim of gender-based violence, it cannot stand unchallenged,” she added.