Joe Biden now historical Gaza baby killer. U.S. values gone? Editorial Comment

Where did American values go? What would U.S. Marshall Matt Dillon have done with baby-killers like Antony Blinken, Joseph Biden, Lloyd Austin, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Ursula von der Leyen, Fumio Kishida, and Rishi Sunak?

Likely nothing would need to be done by the legendary straight edge Dillon whose penchant for law and order would demand he arrest the criminals, jail them, and wait for the circuit judge to hear the cases, make a ruling all before taking these assured-to-be convicts to Hays City for their public hanging.

Guest Editorial co-written by Monique Deslauriers, an American Women’s Rights advocate and U.S. Executive Director for The RINJ Foundation, and Sharon Santiago

“There was a time when American values forbid Americans, not just its officials, from murdering women and especially kids, anywhere. Now Yanks do killings in the streets & all across the world,” noted Ai’sha, a NWOB nurse in Gaza.

Biden’s daily shipments of bombs to Netanyahu have now killed over 4,600 children and counting.

In all, 13,000 civilian deaths have been caused by Israel dropping American bombs which flow daily into Israel from USA inventories and from American munitions manufacturers.  The bombs and missiles hit the ordinary people, in their homes, in hospitals, in schools, in U.N. shelters. 67% Of all deaths were women and children.

Additionally, thirty thousand civilians have been injured but must heal without health care. Over 2500 children are missing.

Where did American values go?

Matt Dilon played by James Arness in the legendary 20-year American Western series, ‘Gunsmoke’. Photo is public domain video capture. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Killing women and children was once a hanging crime in the USA. For the past thirty years Washington has been doing so much killing of civilians around the world, the American people are copying their politicians and slaughtering each other in the streets of America, killing each other’s children in their schools, and slaughtering folks in malls, at parades, in hospitals, in playgrounds, and in ordinary parking lots.

“Biden’s murderous record from Afghanistan through Ukraine and Gaza has been good for personal weapons sales. Also, Biden has been good for the sale of military weapons which helps put money into the campaign coffers but does not feed many Americans. The people who pocket the money from weapons sales are already rich,” suggests Garth, a Gunshop owner in Maine, who, “doesn’t want the Biden police banging on his store window”.

By 2021, Americans were killing each other more than ever before in the entire history of the nation, so naturally, killing a few thousand babies whom they believe are second class citizens is no big deal. Right?

By July’s end in 2023, over 25K Americans were dead in America from gun violence.


However, in the case of baby killers, like those even slaughtering infants in incubators, like Biden and Netanyahu have done, with daily shipments of Yankee bombs, missiles and provision of targeting for the Butchers of Gaza to do their bloody killing with the help of their accomplices, the people of Dodge City would have hung them all before the Judge arrived. Marshall Dillon would have just shaken his head slowly to the left and then to the right, then nod as Doc Adams would say, “Well Matt, that’s a quick way to end a genocide,” and Marshall Dillon would have said, “Can I buy you a beer at the Long Branch, Doc?”. They would slowly walk away, and the credits would begin. That was once the nature of  human values in America—you don’t slaughter women and children. Now even the U.S. President is a baby killer.

Doctors, nurses, EMS workers, journos, poets, and young lovers. Those are the people America is helping Netanyahu slaughter in Gaza. Not many Palestinian fighters have been killed. Israel only bombs civilians.

“Israel claims that Palestinian fighters have been hiding in al Quds hospital and al Shifa hospital, so I sent four nurses who know the buildings with three security types who know what to look for and over a period of three days they searched with powerful flashlights and found absolutely no indication of any militant or military activity anywhere in those buildings. Had we found such a thing we would have taken action against those persons by reporting them to building security and they would have been dragged out. This cannot be happening in a hospital,” noted Behar Abbasi.

More than 11,100 Palestinian civilians have been killed in Gaza since 7 October 2023, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry which is operated by Hamas. FPMag has been unable to get hospital data of late from coroners and statisticians because they are nearly all shut down.

Video: UN flags at half-mast for colleagues killed in Gaza

The United Nations is flying its flags at half-staff and will observe a minute of silence on Monday to honour UN staff killed or wounded in Gaza. On Friday the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, announced 101 of its employees had been killed in Gaza since the start of the war. The organization has confirmed the number of deaths of its staff, is the highest killed in any conflict since it was formed in 1945.

Interviewee who is being blocked on YouTube : Juliette Touma, UNRWA’s Director of Communications is joining al Jazeera from Occupied East Jerusalem.

101 U.N. Workers have been slaughtered in Gaza Genocide.

“That’s pretty sick. They killed the children’s teachers at the U.N. schools because they were bombing schools across Gaza. 800,000 Palestinians are taking shelter at the bombed-out facilities, and they too are being killed. As a person who struggles daily with the challenge of finding people who dearly care I can’t exactly tell you what each of those beloved U.N. care giver persons was like: but now, for sure, they define sainthood,” explained Lorretta Desantis as she choked back a sob. She is the human resources director for The RINJ Foundation.

Health care facilities are down and health care infrastructure has collapsed in Gaza.

Infants living inside preemie incubators are dying fast. There is no power to keep their life support working. I saw three infants that did not make it already and thought about what Matt Dillon would have done to the people responsible for those deaths.

Elderly and infirmed persons who have kidney failure can no longer get their twice weekly or daily dialysis. They will die slow and painful deaths, unless death comes quick for those who have comorbid illness like malnutrition because of the Israeli siege on food and water or sepsis from bad water or raw sewage all over the place.

What kind of people do these sick disgusting crimes and keep doing them over and over and over.

“U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon would have smashed their faces as he often did with real creepie offenders,” Garth the gunsmith says he ‘figures’.

Video. Hamas is saying along with what amounts to pure propaganda, nearly as bad as the Israeli rhetorical nonsense about promises of bloodletting:

“We attacked 20 Israeli vehicles in the last 48 hours.”

“We accepted to release a 100 prisoner in exchange for a 5-day ceasefire. Israel refused/wasted time.

“Qatar attempted to mediate releasing women and children from Israeli prisons in exchange for Israeli women and children in Gaza.”