U.S. Proxy war will be a nuclear war soon says angry Russian

Ukraine has launched its “Spring Offensive” with an attack on the Kremlin apparently intended to kill Vladimir Putin. President Putin’s whereabouts are a guarded secret but he apparently was not in his office according to three sources.

Assassination Attack on Putin.

Sources inside the Kremlin and inside the Donetsk region of the Russian Federation have made it clear they are urging the Kremlin for an extreme response as hundreds of advanced NATO troops have gathered in Ukraine to guide a massive array of NATO weapons and two attacks on the office of the Russian President have taken place in the past few hours.

“Launching an attack at the leading politician of a nuclear nation is not rational. This was the Americans using an American GPS. Ukrainians I have backdoor communications with are saying that Zelenskyy has instructed his people to deny any complicity but even that person is doubtful about the denial,” said a regular contact who is close to the acting head of the Donetsk region. “This will be a nuclear war very soon.”


Attack on the Kremlin intended to kill Putin.

Missile / Drone hits the Kremlin at roughly 02:15 AM local time. The West attacks the office of the world’s most armed nuclear nation. Official Russian statements say the Russian Federation will respond at a time and manner of its choosing. Photo source supplied.