The Rape Fest in Ukraine is an American funded war crime.

“The militias in Donbass for the Donetsk and Luhansk Republics are hunting down and killing the American and British rapist mercenaries who molest militia-members’ Donbass friends, daughters, sisters, wives and mothers. But I have also learned that the youngest of these soldiers are doing their own share of these types of war crimes in Ukraine as a payback for nine years of the West slaughtering their villagers. That’s why the best thing I can say to wannabe mercenaries is stay out of Ukraine,” says RINJ humanitarian worker in Donbass, at the Donetsk National Medical University.

“And the Biden administration must stop funding pay cheques of mercenaries in Ukraine, both directly and indirectly, because this is only getting a bunch of thugs killed and causing huge distress for Ukrainian women and girls. Is that Britian’s and America’s way of getting rid of its criminals, incentivizing them to Ukraine to have a rape fest?” queried Alona Adamovich.

“Remember that these men are meeting Ukrainian girls and women and talking their faces off, eventually, we learn plenty.”

“The Biden administration’s virtual blank check funding of this conflict for as long as it takes, without any defined objectives or accountability, distracts from our country’s most pressing challenges,” said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in a statement.

The Ukraine war in which both sides are committing horrific war crimes according to the statements of hundreds of medical workers in Ukraine, DeSantis called a “territorial dispute” which is exactly how the people in Donbass see the struggle according to Alona Adamovich who is the Ukraine director for The RINJ Foundation‘s humanitarian efforts for women and children in that country.

“Until now, and since 2011, the USA has spent over a quarter trillion dollars in Ukraine to prop up the Biden family interests in that country according to our estimates and former disgruntled members of the Ukraine government. Those investments  include massive American troop and Navy forces movements in and out of Ukraine all through the civil war from 2014 through 2023,” said Ms. Adamovich from her DMNU office.

The United Nations which has taken the American side in the U.S. Proxy war in Ukraine, is promoting a theory that “Russiophobia is a term used to justify Moscow’s war crimes in Ukraine”.

But Ukraine and America have both been committing war crimes in Donbass since 2013,” said Ms. Adamovich.

The UN claims that Timothy Snyder, Professor of History at Yale University, says term “Russophobia” is an attempt to justify the Russian Federation’s war crimes in Ukraine.  The harm being done to Russians and Russian Federation culture is primarily due to Moscow’s own policies and actions, he countered, spotlighting the emigration of creative Russians due to its invasion of Ukraine; destruction of independent Russian journalism; attacks on culture, books, museums and other landmarks; mass killings of Russian speakers and citizens; and Russian Federation State television proclamations.  The claim that Ukrainians are sick with a disease called “Russophobia” is simply colonial rhetoric and part of a larger strategy of hate speech, he stressed.

There are now over fifty-five countries fighting Russia on is borders from Ukraine and other nations including the efforts of these countries in concert with the United States to destroy the Nord Stream pipelines and start the proxy war in Ukraine.

“Donbass is a global rape fest attracting almost every American scumbag who ever fired an assault weapon,” claims Lana, a Ukrainian medic in the Donbass region. “You need to spread the word that foreign fighter rapists will not be going home. The militias in Donbass for Donetsk and Luhansk are hunting down and killing the rapists who molest their daughters, sisters, wives and mothers.”

“We estimate that every three minutes, somewhere in Ukraine, a female is sexually assaulted as a consequence of this war,” continued Lana.

Nine-Year-Old Witness to the Worst of War for Women and Girls

“What our children have seen here in Ukraine and in the former Ukraine will stain their minds for the rest of their lives. To suggest that rape as a weapon of war is used by all sides is an understatement. Yesterday, I stared into the eyes of a nine-year old as I held her. I have known this child from birth but found nothing I recognized, inside her. She had just witnessed her mother and three sisters raped by Ukrainian soldiers. The child I once knew is gone, but still breathing. But she has gone. I fear I might lose myself too, if she does not come back.”

Every three minutes a sexual assault on women / girls

Nine-Year-Old Witness to the Worst of War for Women and Girls” is an Adaptation of “These Eyes“. the work of PeterPixyHarrison

Adaptive Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

These eyes have seen inhuman sights
I hold my breath with all my might
Like anyone else in our own hells
It seems obscene, the things I’ve seen
I hold my breath with all my might
These eyes have seen inhuman sights

Excerpt from the lyrics of the Biohazard song “These Eyes”. Credit our dear brother at DeviantArt: PeterPixyHarrison.