Week of horror, submarine billionaires, war migration of 4 billion

The thinking which brought us the Holocaust emerged, “We are also concerned about the human rights situation and the state of the rule of law in China.”

History tells us about Germany that such political pronouncements are meant to make excuse for planned future reprehensible conduct. (i.e.: “THEY caused this.”)

“The Chancellor of Germany, a country that invaded most of Europe more than once and slaughtered over 6 million Jews while stealing the belongings of more millions sending millions of people into homelessness, is warning that the CCP in the People’s Republic of China, which rescued a billion humans from poverty, is a bad actor and might invade Taiwan soon. This pronouncement follows a parade of European and American senior officials who made state visits to Taiwan island while ignoring the province’s nation state capitol in Beijing, under the agreed One-China policy.”

This is what Dale Carter, security director of The RINJ Foundation told a planning meeting in the Philippines where humanitarians examine the daunting prospect of evacuating Filipinos from a potential massive war zone if America’s plans for war with China from the Philippines is executed.

USA & UK attack China to distract from their own HR Violations?

“Did every current leader skip history classes? According to all recorded history, The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has not invaded another nation. But Taiwan has long held that it will take forcible control of the mainland and America has armed the island to the teeth and plans to go to war to do exactly that, take control of the China mainland. Everything the White House says to the contrary is a pre-conceived lie, part of a disarming narrative that is terrifying the Pentagon, because its data predicts America will lose this war badly, regardless of the cost in hundreds of millions of Asian lives. And America will be a wasteland as will be most of the Philippines archipelago,” explained both Dale Carter and a security think tank advising the group.

“While according to his view, Chiang Kai-shek may have been sincere in his desire to retake the mainland, the fact that no serious counter-offensive operations were set in motion by Beijing, suggests another interpretation: that “Retaking the Mainland” was a slogan that Chiang Kai-shek deemed politically necessary to justify his autocratic rule.” Citing Takayuki Igarashi, School of the Defense Sciences, National Defense Academy, Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan.

China threatening violence on Taiwan is fanatical stupidity. [News, analysis and opinion]

How do humanitarian workers plan for migration of 4 billion?

How do humanitarian workers plan for migration of surviving portion of 4.7 billion Asians? A team of experts has gathered in the Philippines to ask this question as America and Europe threaten war in Asia and the American military occupies a dozen bases in the Philippines and practices every day for its war plan against China. The study group saw images of migrations where The RINJ Foundation had teams of workers like in Sinjar. File photo here is emblematic of the massive Iraq/Syria exodus in 2015. (Britannica)

RINJ Migration helpersRINJ Migration helpers.

Mothers, we must prepare again for nuclear war. – The RINJ Foundation

Some history, by Brookings’ Richard C. Bush

  • 1922: China was deeply divided among militarist groups that competed for territory and the capital in Beijing. The Kuomintang (KMT) was not yet a major force.
  • 1932: Japan was completing the occupation of the Northeast; a conflict erupted in the Shanghai area; the Great Depression badly hurt the Chinese economy; and efforts to wipe out the Communist base areas in Jiangxi province were unsuccessful.
  • 1942: Japan occupied much of East China; the road to victory in the Anti-Japanese War was obscure; China had just acquired a strong ally in the United States but the united front with the Communists had dissolved.
  • 1952: The ROC had lost the Mainland to the Communists, and it was only because North Korea had invaded South Korea that the government was safe on Taiwan, with American protection. Reform had only just begun on Taiwan and there were a host of political and economic difficulties and tensions.
  • 1962: The transition to export-led growth, which created Taiwan’s economic miracle, was underway, but the KMT regime was still quite authoritarian. There was a public dispute with the United States over ROC military action against the Mainland.
  • 1972: The Taiwan economy was doing well, but the ROC (Taiwan) lost its UN seat and Richard Nixon made his trip to China.
  • 1982: The United States had terminated diplomatic relations with the ROC (Taiwan)  three years before and ended the bilateral defense treaty.
  • In 1982, the USA concluded an agreement with Beijing on limiting arms sales. With the deterioration of President Chiang Ching-kuo health, the future of the ROC island was quite uncertain.
  • 1992: This year, the trends were actually quite positive. Mutually beneficial economic relations with the Mainland were expanding; there was some hope for a political understanding; and Taiwan was well on its way to becoming a full democracy.
  • 2002: There was a new, negative trend. Political tensions within the island were deepening. Antagonism was growing with both Beijing and Washington. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) had begun a serious, Taiwan-focused program of military modernization.

Meanwhile, as Biden screams insults at Xi Jinping, the Pentagon is freaking out about the White House wish for a war with China, a war it knows America will lose.

“We firmly reject all unilateral attempts to change the status quo in the East and South China Seas by force or coercion. This is especially true for Taiwan,” Chancellor Olaf Scholz said from Berlin to the world, according to his prepared speech. At the same time, Joe Biden in America is slinging brutal insults at Xi Jinping, the recently reelected leader of China for a third five-year term, something Biden is far too old to achieve.

The West openly talks about war among the 4.76 billion American-hated people of Asia causing an implausible volume of forced migrations.

“The largest military buildup since WWII is under way in the Philippines against China. Driving this is a male who handed over to the Taliban Salafi jihadist terrorists all the women of Afghanistan and provoked a major war in Europe starting in 2014 and erupting in 2022—Joseph Biden. A minor misunderstanding could start Biden’s world war with China and Russia while this supercilious intellectual-runt is in the White House madly pulling war levers. Don’t you see that as a problem?,” said a psychologist consultant speaking to the Philippines migration seminar on Thursday.

US Army Secretary Lays Out Strategy for War with China (Citing VOA news)

Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth recently in MArch 2023 laid out three key components of what she called “campaigning” by the U.S. Army to deter such a war, beginning with coalition building with foreign allies and partners to “complicate” the Chinese leadership’s decision-making.

Secondly, she said, the Army is looking at building “theater distribution centers” in the region to stockpile supplies and fuel, “starting, potentially, with Australia.” Wormuth also named Japan as a potential site, and she suggested that non-lethal equipment might be stored in the Philippines and Singapore.

“The third element of the deterrence campaign is to place visible, combat-credible, forces in the region, Wormuth said. “Our goal is to have Army forces in the Indo-Pacific (Philippines and Singapore?) seven to eight months out of the year,” said the U.S. Army Secretary.

Hearing this presentation, Evacuation and Migration Study Session Responds

“Our role,” explains the RINJ Women official spokesperson, Geraldine Frisque, of The RINJ Foundation, “is doing what nobody cares about, providing safety and special needs for women and girls in war zones. Mostly we do this work in secrecy just like we must do with rape survivors in our rape clinics and shelters in areas of so-called peace to prevent their being killed for being a witness to a crime against humanity (Rome Statute).

“This foolish patriarch of comfortable rich old men trying to stir up war in Asia for their own power and control purposes are threatening the world with the worst human migration ever imagined,” said Ms. Carter in one of her talks to the assembled group of migration experts and humanitarian planners.

Flee or find shelter

Flee or find shelter. Women who could not flee Iraq in the massive migration sought shelter wherever they were. Photo credit: Behar Abbasi. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“The patriarch, old men who run the world, is talking about inciting war among 4,761,329,130 people of Asia,” Dale Carter told the group which included seasoned security officers, some with over a decade of experience guarding women’s shelters in war zones like Myanmar, Cambodia, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Population of Asia

Southern Asia(1,940,369,612)
Eastern Asia(1,678,089,619)
South-Eastern Asia(668,619,840)
Western Asia(279,636,754)
Central Asia(74,338,950)

Data from the ubiquitous Worldometers.

Sara Qin, FPM.news correspondent reminds us that “Germany’s Olaf Scholz does not decide China national public policy on how to manage its provinces which is what the Republic of China has always been, part of China although Chiang Kai‐shek who like Donald Trump refused to accept that he lost power, went to Taipei after WWII and claimed that he was running China from Taipei and that Taipei was the seat of power for all of China,” Ms. Qin writes.

“Olaf Scholz, under America’s spell, plays this out. Chiang Kai‐shek backed America in its mass murder of three million North Koreans in the early 1950s and that gave America a controlling foothold in Taiwan which Chiang Kai‐shek and America, owing to hate for Beijing and Lethean struggle with People’s Republic of China (PRC) founder Mao Zedong,  who, because of diplomatic sanctions of America and the misunderstandings they caused, took the North’s side in the Korean War, never recovered. America went on to establish a certain control over the island and its high-tech endeavours. America has armed Taiwan as its fortress, say most people here in Beijing,” Ms. Qin reports from Beijing.

Also this week, the owner of a sunken submarine, OceanGate corp, has issued a statement about this week’s unfathomable disaster and probably more about what some say has been a cavalier attitude toward the safety of the people OceanGate is responsible for.

OceanGate co-founder Guillermo Sohnlein cautioned that rushing to judgment about the company’s safety record in light of the current catastrophe killing VIPs below the sea, without all the data. The data we have is that Hamish Harding, Paul-Henri Nargeolet, Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman Dawood, and Stockton Rush are all dead after suffering aboard a tourist submersible that was found in pieces by a robot 1,600 feet from the bow of the shipwrecked Titanic off the coast of Newfoundland province of Canada..

“There are teams on site that are still going to be collecting data for the next few days, weeks, maybe months, and it’s going to be a long time before we know exactly what happened down there,” he told a USA entertainment channel, Friday. “So I would encourage us to hold off on speculation until we have more data to go on.”

Video: Canada’s ASW aircraft find sub. The horribly sad story of the OceanGate tourists payiong a fortune to ride in a submarine and see the Titanic wreck. Here are the people and the timeline according to the U.S. Coast Guard estimates.