Humanitarians left gasping at UN morbid conduct against DPRK

United Nations agencies are restricted in the aid they can give to North Korea because of the so-called sanctions the U.N. imposes on North Korea on behalf of the United States. For years this has come to the point where the United Nations has been killing portions of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK) population and in particular, causing grave harm and death to children of the DPRK, according to UNICEF. Meanwhile the DPRK has attacked nothing.

In allowing this, the U.N. is risking potentially uncontrollable escalation and its own demise because at some point, the leadership of the DPRK must take action to save its population from starvation and death and at some point, the human race will see this failing instrument, the abusive United Nations, as a threat and not an asset.

“Already the food insecurity problem in the DPRK is life threatening and most children in the DPRK are suffering because of U.N. misconduct for which there is no excuse. The only explanation is the purist form of racism-driven hatred. The U.N. oversaw the mass murder of millions of civilians in the DPRK during the early 1950s and now continues that trend,” says Sara Qin of The RINJ Foundation speaking from Beijing. She says it is unknown how many North Koreans have been killed by the United Nations, but the number is suspected to be in the millions.

“We advise the United Nations to start listening to its agencies and to civil society. The U.N. must stop this malfeasance immediately. The starving of children in the DPRK is a U.N. Crime Against Humanity. The parties responsibile must be brought to trial and held accountable including the U.N. Secretary General,” she added.

UN Decries DPRK Human Rights record while UNSC starves 11 million Koreans.
Photo Credit: Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Say lawyers, since the U.N.  has no mandate from anyone to be killing U.N. members’ populations, the U.N.  sanctions are invalid as is its failure to mitigate the humanitarian catastrophe it has created in North Korea.

Recently, the U.N Secretary General who Pyongyang says is a puppet of the United States government and has personally overseen the worst rape crisis within the United Nations’ organization since it began, has personally accused North Korea of planning to use ballistic missile technology in its quest for a security sentinel satellite system to be used for the protection of the people of North Korea.

Full disclosure. This article is published using some ballistic missile technology. That is also true of the manufacture of your shoes.

According to Kingston Technology, non-volatile memory systems used in helping ballistic missiles reach their targets are also used to store data on the whereabouts of subscribers, and in reference to the shoe comment: data for shoe lasts and shoe sizing per racial variances as well as billions of other bits of data for many other utilizations are also stored on modern NVME high-tech devices.

DPRK scientists are elected to the executive board of the World Health Organization (WHO) as Americans protest.

Calls by USA politicians to again defund the World Health Organization because of its inclusiveness attitude toward all of Asia instead of just the preferred Asian nations which allow the USA military to occupy their territories have humanitarians deploring American racism.

Kim Yo Jong slams ‘biased’ UNSC for meeting on North Korean satellite launch

Kim Yo Jong

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has taken the American position against North Korea for trying to protect itself from American aggression with the launch of closed-circuit television monitoring of its borders via satellite which it has the right to do according to several lawyers interviewed for this article. Their point is that the allegation is ambiguous about what if any improper missile technology is in use and secondly, the outdated unilateral sanctions may no longer be legal.

The DPRK Leader’s sister, Kim Yo Jong accused the UN of “blindly following the articles of the ‘illegal and unfair anti-DPRK sanctions resolutions,’” which Pyongyang does not recognize. She said U.N. actions affect the regional power balance in favour of the U.S. “If the UNSC thinks the unbalanced situation, in which one side suffers only and the other side bullies it collectively, will continue prevailing, the UNSC is just mistaken,” she threatened. Photo credit: KCTV 11 August 2022. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

DPRK Rocket part

South Korea is showing off a stolen or salvaged (depending on which side of the NK border one listens to) portion of the failed DPRK launch vehicle used in an attempt to put a local North Korea security surveillance satellite into orbit. Photo credit: South Korean handout.