Biden worsens Ukraine war with weapons that typically kill kids

Washington references to Vladimir Putin suggest the Russian leader is a psychopath who kills civilians, while Joe Biden says he seeks to do just like Mr. Putin, with better, more lethal, cluster bombs.

Meanwhile Poland may be loading up with nuclear missiles and Europe is bristling with nukes, surrounding Russia.

“At what point does the exacerbation of the Ukraine conflict lead to a world war?” asks Dale Carter who is the security director of The RINJ Foundation which operates women’s shelters, birthing clinics and other services for women in war zones.

Video: Watch what cluster bombs can do.

“Cluster munitions have a wide-area effect, which makes them inherently inaccurate when used. Moreover, unexploded duds lying around form a life-threatening hazard for civilians long after conflict. More on cluster munitions…” says the United Nation’s office of disarmament affairs. “Some groups describe cluster munitions as weapons of mass destruction.”

America is providing nearly a billion U.S. dollars’ worth of cluster bombs and missiles to Ukraine. They will kill people in the areas marked with the “R” roundels on the map below.

Greatest concentration of humanitarian orgas i 1oookm away from war zoneCluster munitions are to be used in the densely populated war zone region areas shown here with the “R” Roundels according to sources in Kiev. Map is an adaptation of a work by Mapbox and Art / Cropping / Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine and RINJ data by Geraldine Frisque of The RINJ Foundation

In a statement released by the RINJ Women, FPM Editor Micheal John wrote a forward to the published work of Dr. Robert Goldman, American University in which Dr. Goldman questions the morality of adding cluster munitions to the Ukraine conflagration.

This critique is one of many appearing in media around the world.

A question of morality

“Killing as many people as possible with each bomb load, America says its cluster bombs it sends to Ukraine are the best with fewer duds and more kills.

“Ukraine has typically been bombing and shelling urban areas where ethnic-Russian Ukrainians in Donbass have been living for at least 70 years or more.

“The American proxy war in Ukraine is an urban war over breakaway republics Luhansk People’s Republic, Donetsk People’s Republic, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia. These Russian speaking ‘republics’ have broken away from Ukraine since America began to interfere more aggressively in Ukrainian affairs from the time the Obama/Biden administration first took office in 2009.

“Russia’s ‘illegal and unprovoked’ military operation in Ukraine is neither illegal or unprovoked but it is inhumane and ill-advised. This war America started in 2014 has been a bloodbath and an extremely immoral America with a macabre obsession for violent death says its proxy war is running out of ammunition hence America will keep the war going with its cluster munitions until it can make massive numbers of artillery shells and missiles.”

Forward by Editor Micheal John

USA Cluster bombs to an urban war. Biden disgusts world – says The RINJ Foundation

“A line that should never be crossed.” A report by DW News

The United States is sending cluster munitions to Ukraine under an 800-million-dollar military-aid package. The weapons are banned by most countries, but not the U.S., Russia or Ukraine. The weapons particularly harm children and have killed thousands according to the United Nations.-DW


Feminine-Perspective on a Murderous Patriarch that provides weapons to people who mow down kindergarten kids; and arms coke-heads to bomb with cluster munitions in urban areas of eastern Europe.

Author’s note. The evidence is irrefutable condemnation of the use of cluster munitions anywhere, and especially the crazies in the Ukraine war zone.

The fact that Russia has used these horrid things in Ukraine is a testament to what happens in the collective brain of a nation that sleeps at night with the memory of 25 millions of its family slaughtered by a bunch of Nazi psychopaths as is what happened in World War II when Hitler’s storm troopers invaded Russia and killed anything walking on two legs.

Vladimir Putin is a ruthless, angry man, because of what Hitler’s Nazis did. That is no excuse for using cluster munitions such as those that have already killed civilians in Donbass, including people Mr. Putin claims are his brothers and sisters.

People who behave like this are quasi members of a class of folks who walk into schools with automatic weapons or knives and kill kindergarten children.

Since my days studying at Ryerson University, I have always thought of Mr. Joe Biden as a sociopath. He has all the characteristics. A classmate wrote a paper proffering that theory. ‘What throws people off is that Biden is stupid,’ the thesis read.

Normally APDs are smart is what she was getting at. By throwing cluster munitions into Ukraine to be used in such a small urban area of eastern Europe, Joe Biden fully presents himself as being just like any psycho who mows children down in play areas, school classrooms, and kindergarten classes—and angry Russians who fear another Nazi massacre will overwhelm them and consequently do crazy things like bomb brothers and sisters with cluster bombs.

Cluster bombs historically have killed mostly children. The end game of killing the children is species extermination. ‘Stupid’ fits.

Biden is an American who has a long record of being complicit in the murders of children in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and more. What else should anyone expect?

Well, it is coming. Having seen firsthand the mess in Ukraine, I know this thing is out of control and it is being run by at least one sociopath in the White House who does not have all his marbles. The world foolishly expected more from America. Europe, which is a victim of America in this war, particularly Germany, is not so stupid and finally is smelling a dangerous smarmy rat. Leaders of China and all of South America plus Africa have tried to find a peace. Biden has managed to put them down.

In the end, Europe will be mostly erased, and half the world population will be gone unless the latest psychotic Biden escalation is stopped. I have already made out my will. I’ll soon be thirty if I make it. But who will be around to read my will? I don’t know any more. My mother? No. She died an innocent bystander in an American war. I am not alone. Many people live today without family members, saying the same thing. Europe needs to wake up. Britain and America are not your friends.