What happened to humans these past 3 COVID yrs? PTSD

People in the millions revolt in the streets because their leaders behaved like a–h*les. Fortunately, like the faces in our story cover image, there were also people who behaved like angels of mercy.

For much of the world, COVID-19 has been a traumatic event. Angels are needed—warmongers have no use to anyone.

“Meanwhile America’s Biden Administration is pouring enormous quantities of weapons, missiles, tanks, and rockets into the black market in Ukraine and into an angry world where violence is more likely than ever,” worries Dale Carter, a feminist humanitarian.

“Financial losses exacerbated by lockdowns and failures like businesses, schools and daycares shutting down, some forever, have shaken much of the world and left people angry and many, hopeless,” she added at a recent conference for humanitarian worker volunteers to The RINJ Foundation.

“SARS-CoV-2, a zoonotic disease virus has shown humans a few more things. Paramount is learning again how cruel we can be to each other, especially those to whom allow power over us. Abuse of power, learned during the worst of the pandemic prevails today in the West and around the world. Arguably, summing up the greed and the abuse of power today, too many populations suffer the worst governments in all of history, exacerbated by their post-traumatic stress disorder, raging,” said one of the speakers at the conference.

The violations of human rights around the world during this COVID-19 pandemic are staggering. Too many government leaders think they can keep that up and continue to believe the public will just take the abusiveness of leaders exploiting their control over the machinery of state like military and police powers over the public.

“Let’s be honest, only a psychopath could adulate Bashar al-Assad, Jair Bolsonaro, Rodrigo Duterte, Kim Jong-un, Mikhail Mayramovich Mindzaev, David Sanakoev, or Donald Trump, and despise Dr. Tedros and Dr. Fauci,” exclaimed Dr. Nassima al Amouri, a medical director of The RINJ Foundation when asked to explain a remark she had made at a seminar in December, castigating leaders who displayed cruelty, extrajudicial killings and disdain for their peoples during the pandemic.

Thank you heroes of the COVID PandemicThese leaders did not deserve the additional headache of global discord and the war America launched against China, Russia and the World Health Organization.

People in power, the young, the rich, the well-educated, created an artificial cocoon, deluding themselves into believing that they, by virtue of their “superior” hardiness, ethics, social position, and the adulation they experience, were above being at risk of SARS2 infection. Trump broke the myth. These are the people he infected and the numbers of people they infected according to medical tracing and tracking.

Even mild cases lead to Long-COVID says study

Data Courtesy Civil Society Partners Against COVID-19

Even mild cases lead to Long-COVID says study

Barbara Pfeffer Billauer of the Institute of World Politics; International Program in Bioethics, U. of Porto; Foundation for Law and Science Centers, Inc. wrote in an academic paper May 2022, “Inaptly labeling the elderly as extremely vulnerable resulted in discriminatory policies or social pressures to restrain the elderly from social intercourse – and caused additional harm to this group. It also bolstered a belief that COVID was not dangerous in the young- resulting in lower vaccine uptake – and hence greater spread of the disease and infections in younger ages. This discriminatory policy against the elderly – increased lockdowns and suggestions that vaccination won’t work in this group – is based on flawed data and misinterpretation of incomplete and irrelevant studies and derive from bias, both social and scientific, of the aging process, illustrating the effects of this pariah-tization.”


The trauma of improper lockdowns and exploitation of the pandemic

The trauma that resulted in a global PTSD

Public greeted with Assault Weapons, Thermometers and chemicals.


The trauma that resulted in a global PTSD

The trauma that resulted in a global PTSD

Medical workers driven to exhaustion in a world where health care has taken a back seat to misspending public funds on missiles, bombs, artillery, bombs and lavish estates for leaders.

China sent tons of medica supplies and medical experts to Italy 

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Redfield, heroes of the COVID-19 Pandemic