With Merkel and Arden gone, new beacons of integrity needed

Editorial :

Women and children today, seeking mentors and role models within society, business, government or their church, are at a loss. Humankind once had a plethora of names of greats to look up to. They are gone.

Today’s politicians are trying to destroy each other. They cannot be mentors to our children.

“Putin is an enemy who must be killed at all costs,” our American friends to the south are yelling at us.

But the USA just arrested a high school kid because he said, “There are only two genders.”. That same country is trying to end the life of Julian Assange for reporting on America’s crimes against humanity in wars.

America also blew up the Nord Stream gas pipelines releasing more greenhouse methane gas into the atmosphere than ever occurred in a single case in all history. And America slaughtered millions of people in Vietnam and Iraq in wars based on monstrous lies—and day by day, we are seeing what is happening in Ukraine may be based on monstrous lies. It seems that recent speech, Mr. Putin decries the destruction of churches, complains about the demise of religious institutions, and the downtrodden nuclear families. Putin says he is appalled at the West’s normalization of pedophilia.

So, the question becomes, who’s the real enemy? Maybe we are our own worst enemies letting Facebook elect our leaders?

Maybe all our leaders are Facebook Freaks who have disconnected from humanity and only serve themselves? Are they real people, or bots? What we get is never what was advertised.

When Angela Merkel and Jacinda Arden sat around the table, we had beacons of integrity. Now they are gone.

The human race is heading for a global war and there is nothing in sight to stop that from happening.

One thing we know, this Biden politician in the White House has to be relieved of his office. What a despicable lying con artist. Between Trump and Biden, they have given 8-billion people on this planet the worst years of our lives—or did we do that to ourselves by trusting the Americans?

Editor and staff, Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Tulsi Gabbard

Children and their families need mentors and role models.

“When Angela Merkel and Jacinda Arden sat around the table, we had beacons of integrity. Now they are gone.”

It will likely be women who take their places, if that happens soon enough. Photo creditL Gage Skidmore. Photo is cropped.
Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

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