Not about Israel right to exist but about impunity for its murders.

Both sides in the Israel/Palestine ‘leaderless’ crisis are guilty of misconduct but the populations on both sides want nothing of it except those Jews who believe they can benefit from stealing a Palestinian’s property as Netanyahu dreams up punitive measures against the families of Palestinians who resist the Israeli oppression. That is not many people, has been told. (Israel prepares to demolish families’ homes of those related to a Palestinian gunman.)

Grave human suffering on both sides. Both behave like terrorists. “Nothing is static. Violence mounts.”

Mr. Tor Wennesland has repeatedly outlined options for moving forward. “High levels of violence,” he has said, “in the occupied West Bank and Israel in recent months has resulted in grave suffering. This included attacks against civilians from both sides, increased use of arms, and settler-related violence.”

Bloodshed has become the norm. Palestinians have been denied democracy and get only violence and oppression the UN coordinator for Middle East Peace told the UN Security Council last 22 November.

Video, end of November 2022 before the UNSC.   Special Coordinator Tor Wennesland since 21 December 2020 did on 22 November 2022 call for a stronger international commitment towards a two-State solution in the Israel/Palestine crisis which in January 2023 has escalated to the most extreme and unfathomable bloodshed of ordinary civilians.

Israelis are not happy with their government and the way violence is increasing.

“Israel’s leaders in Jerusalem lead a supercilious nation steeped in a belief of its own impunity and a committed belief it has the right to murder the people of the nation it occupies. Colonialism has ended and Palestine must be given back to its people,” said Simon Baldock, a Tel Aviv-based security analyst, as his office guest, another former IDF officer, nodded.

Impunity must end. Maybe we must do that from inside the country say some Israeli Jews.

“The illegitimate leaders, including Benjamin Netanyahu and Joseph Biden, and all those who did or acquiesced to the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh must be prosecuted and if found guilty, imprisoned for life or in the alternative given a sentence commensurate with their role in the war crime of deliberately murdering a journalist they wanted to silence,” said Mr. Baldock in a Zoom call, as his office guest again nodded agreement.

“Palestine needs to find its true self. I can’t say what that is. It is not my business. But that would make it time to get rid of Hamas and other militant groups and forge ahead with a peaceful plan for two sovereign-state co-existence with its Israeli and other neighbours; fruitful commerce; and a prosperous future for all Palestinians. All the people along this end of the Mediterranean would benefit. We could be the richest region in the world if the fighting would just stop,” suggested Mr. Baldock.

Israelis don’t want any more bloodshed. They want no more rockets and missiles and bombs is what my family and neighbours are now saying loudly. Neither of the two old crooks running the country, Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu, were elected by the people—they just push their way in regardless of the people—despite the people,” adduced the recent ex-military officer who did not want to be identified because he just happened to be present in Mr. Baldock’s office at the time of the Zoom call and had not prepared himself for any media exposure. He said his views are widely shared in private conversations. But Israelis are afraid to speak out.

What is wrong with this picture? This boy is an unarmed hard-working Palestinian kid from a poor family in a Palestinian refugee camp. He is dead, murdered by Israeli soldiers attacking a refugee camp where kids should have been safe.

Adam Essam Ayyad, who worked at a refugee camp bakery, a child of 15, was shot dead by Israeli forces in the chest with a live bullet on 3 January 2023 during an early morning Israeli attack on the Dheisheh refugee camp, south of Bethlehem. Some kids threw stones and that was the only resistance. The IDF killed them. Photo is from Twitter. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

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