Lies, tanks, sanctions, do not save lives. End war, says feminist.

Talks between USA and Russia needed now, says feminist NGO

“As America lied about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, it also lied about an unprovoked Russian attack against Ukraine.  The Russian people were provoked and as sure as the Americans killed millions in the Middle East, this fat lie could end our world.”

Tensions spiral

“The world faces a certain peril of nuclear holocaust as Russia is backed into a corner by the USA and 55 countries representing the most weapons but the smallest portion of the world population. India, China, Russia, South America, Africa and more than half the world’s population want the wars to stop,” said Dale Carter, the security director of The RINJ Foundation, a global women’s rights NGO. She was speaking from Kiev. (Photo credit: file photo from YouTube video capture. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine)

“The world is fed with monstrous lies by the Biden administration repeated by fools in the European Union,” suggests Ms. Carter. “Show the world what we have seen here in Ukraine,” she added.

“Most people think Russia invaded Ukraine, unprovoked, but Russia stopped NATO’s massive invasion of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

“American Lies, Weapons, and global sanctions are not saving lives, they are destroying humanity,” says Ms. Carter, of The RINJ Foundation, a global women’s rights NGO with nearly a thousand humanitarian workers in Ukraine.

Video above: On 18 February 2022, the leader of Ukraine’s separatist province of Donetsk issued a public warning that it was evacuating civilians to Russia in anticipation of a Ukrainian military attack. More than 100,000 Ukrainian troops were concentrated near the ‘contact line’ between Donetsk PR (est. 60,000 attackers) and Luhansk PR (est. 40,000 attackers) and the Nazi regiments of Ukraine armed with NATO weapons. RINJ EMS workers assisted elderly patients needing care during travel, make the trip in ambulance busses. Their units were often attacked.

Video below: February 22, 2022- Luhansk PR soldier complains about British weapons killing Luhansk civilians.

Video below: Ukraine/NATO attacks on residential areas in Donetsk repeatedly since 2014. This video was taken on 21 February 2022 as over 70,000 U.S., British and Ukrainian troops gathered nearby Donetsk.

Americans, British and Ukrainian soldiers shelling Donetsk civilians since 2014.

Video: One camp of many Ukrainian, American and British Invasion Forces Flee as Russian troops enter Ukraine

One of many massive NATO military invasion camps manned by Ukrainian, Canadian, American and British soldiers were evacuated as it became apparent Russia was going to enter Ukraine.

“USA is an Eco-terrorist State contraindicated by Climate Crisis”

Researchers say that the American Nord Stream Pipeline terrorist attack amounts to the largest-ever release of the potent methane greenhouse gas during a single event, with an impact similar to the emissions of 1 million cars running for one year.

Kristoffer Böttzauw, the director of the Danish Energy Agencytold reporters on Wednesday that the leaks from the bombed pipes would equate to about 14 million tons of CO2, some 32 percent of Denmark’s annual emissions.

“We do not believe that the U.S. government remains connected to its population or to humanity in general. The Biden Administration and its political lobbyists exist for goals ordinary people do not understand but seem to relate to personal wealth in money and power. It is a hegemon run amok,” suggests Ms. Carter.

Last September, U.S. President Biden, who won a 2020 election by default when America’s quasi-people-power revolution threw out President Donald Trump, ordered the destruction of Nord Stream 2 to prevent Germany from turning on the flow of gas through the second Gazprom pipeline from Russia to Germany during the winter, if Germany suffered too badly and needed the fuel, explained Sy Hersh to a British journalist. “The people who did this thing in the intelligence community, they initially thought it was a great idea,” Hersh told British journalist Rattansi.

“It’s not going to help the war. What he [Biden] was doing it for, was to prevent Germany and Western Europe, in case the winter came quickly, from opening up the pipeline,” Hersh said.

The explosives under the pipes had been installed with detonators in June 2021 according to sources speaking to in September 2022.

The United Nations has issued a peculiar statement saying, ‘Avoid Speculation’ about Responsibility for 2022 Nord Stream Pipeline Incident, Official Urges Security Council, Stressing United Nations Cannot Verify Claims’

“Rosemary A. DiCarlo, Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs in the Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, urged the 15-member Council to show restraint and avoid speculation.  “We should avoid any unfounded accusations that could further escalate the already heightened tensions in the region and potentially inhibit the search for the truth,” she stressed, adding that what happened beneath the waters of the Baltic Sea remains unclear.  Describing the incident’s fallout as one of many risks the invasion of Ukraine has unleashed on the planet, she declared:  “One year since the start of the war, we must redouble our efforts to end it, in line with international law and the [United Nations] Charter.”

“Jeffrey D. Sachs, a professor at Columbia University, also briefed delegates, noting that the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines required a very high degree of planning, expertise and technological capacity.  Only a handful of State-level actors have both the technical capacity and the access to the Baltic Sea needed to have carried out such an attack.  Describing himself as a specialist in the global economy and emphasizing that he represents no Government or organization in his testimony, he said a recent article in the Washingtonbnew outlet revealed that the intelligence agencies of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries have privately concluded that there is no evidence that the Russian Federation carried out the attack.”


Sy Hersh explains his theses on US attack on gas pipeline

“On September 26, 2022, a Norwegian Navy P8 surveillance plane made a seemingly routine flight and dropped a sonar buoy. The signal spread underwater, initially to Nord Stream 2 and then on to Nord Stream 1. A few hours later, the high-powered C4 explosives were triggered and three of the four pipelines were put out of commission. Within a few minutes, pools of methane gas that remained in the shuttered pipelines could be seen spreading on the water’s surface and the world learned that something irreversible had taken place.”

In an interview with Afshin Rattansi this week, Seymore Hersh told the British Journalist that the U.S. and the Five Eyes (FVEY) crew hatched the plan late in 2021. When Biden and Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland both publicly spoke about stopping and ending Nord Stream 2, however, Hersh said the spies protested, “because it was supposed to be their covert operation.”

It was the U.S, Secretary of State Blinken who let the cat out of the bag:

US Secretary of State Blinken said, sounding very inculpatory, following his learning of the alleged Pentagon attack on the Nord Stream from USA bases in Norway, “my understanding is the leaks will not have a significant impact on Europe’s energy resilience. And what’s critical is that we are working day in and day out both on a short-term basis and a long-term basis to address energy security for Europe and for that matter around the world,” Blinken added.

It’s a tremendous opportunity to once and for all remove the dependence on Russian energy and thus to take away from Vladimir Putin the weaponization of energy as a means of advancing his imperial designs. That’s very significant and that offers tremendous strategic opportunity for the years to come, but meanwhile we’re determined to do everything we possibly can to make sure the consequences of all of this are not borne by citizens in our countries or, for that matter, around the world,” said Blinken.

So far, America’s actions in its war against Russia is a catastrophe for the world and people have begun speaking out.

Protesters gather at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC for the ‘March Against the War Machine’ rally, and other anti-war protests. Tens of thousands of ordinary citizens have been protesting the American proxy war in the streets of Helsinki and Munich.

Biden unites world. Against USA

“Bumbling, fumbling, tripping through life, Joseph Biden and his arrogance have united much of the world against USA,” claims feminist. Shown here, the Brazil,  India, China, Russian and South Africa (BRICS) leaders. Photo via, CC BY 4.0


Russia has suspended participation in the START treaty talks which is the final existing nuclear arms control treaty remaining after the USA withdrew from all the others. Russia’s Launching of the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile at Plesetsk testing field, Russian Federation. Photo: AFP  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine