RINJ Women say Hamas guilty of complicity in Genocide

Hamas and America stand together in their complicity in the Gaza Genocide by taking a supportive stance and being contributors to the Israeli slaughter of tens of thousands of women, children and the elderly in Gaza.

“Hamas could have and should have stopped this holocaust,” concluded a global assessment by a women’s CSO partnership which has vowed to mitigate the slaughter of women and children in Gaza, one way or another,” says The RINJ Foundation Global Executive Director, Katie Alsop.

Fanatical Ismail Haniyeh
Guilty of Complicity in Genocide is Fanatical Ismail Haniyeh, de facto leader of Hamas and the IQB. Photo courtesy: @IsmailHaniyehTheKing on Telegram.

“Israel has been conducting a genocide for over 75 years but its current savagery is worse than Hitler’s conduct with lesser killing technology. If Israel having created 110,000 casualties in a couple of months continued for five years in Gaza and the West Bank, Israel will certainly bring about worse outcomes than did Hitler. America supplying the bombs and military support for this holocaust makes that country as usual complicit in another genocide. America wears crimes against humanity like a badge of honor ever since it used atomic bombs against civilians in 1945 then killed three million North Koreans with carpet bombing. Of course, America is complicit in the Gaza Genocide. Biden is a corrupt megalomaniac who revels in swelling his head with the power to randomly kill women and children anywhere,” noted Dr. Nassima al Amouri, RINJ Women CSO medical director, as set out in the meeting transcript.

“The cost of rebuilding Gaza must also include the cost of burying hundreds of thousands of dead as famine and disease spreads across Gaza and into Israel as soldiers return home infected by infectious disease now spreading wildly,” added  Dr. Nassima al Amouri.

Unverified statistics set out the condition of Gaza Strip on the 75th day of its destruction by Israel.

  • (1,697) massacre events.
  • (26,667) murdered and missing persons.
  • (19,667) murdered who reached hospitals.
  • (8,000) children murdered.
  • (6,200) women murdered.
  • (310) murdered among medical personnel.
  • (35) murdered among civil defense.
  • (97) murdered among journalists.
  • (7,000) missing, 70% of them are children and women.
  • (52,586) injured.
  • (99) cases of arrest among healthcare staff.
  • (8) journalists in detention.
  • (1.8) million displaced in Gaza.
  • (355,000) infected with infectious diseases due to displacement.
  • (126) government buildings destroyed by the Israeli Forces.
  • (90) schools and universities completely destroyed by the Israeli Forces.
  • (282) schools and universities partially destroyed by the Israeli Forces.
  • (112) mosques completely destroyed by the Israeli Forces.
  • (200) mosques partially destroyed by the Israeli Forces.
  • (3) churches targeted and destroyed by the Israeli Forces.
  • (52,600) housing units completely destroyed by the Israeli Forces.
  • (254,000) housing units partially destroyed by the Israeli Forces.
  • (23) hospitals disabled by the Israeli Forces.
  • (53) health centers disabled by the Israeli Forces.
  • (140) health institutions partially targeted by the Israeli Forces.
  • (102) ambulances completely destroyed by the Israeli Forces.

“The history of the region and the various political interests and interference are going to come into play in Courts but that is less of a concern for us. All of that political crap is easy to ignore when thousands of children and mothers are being slaughtered in 75 days. These men doing this are criminals and they have sick minds poisoned by too much power and authority for too long and too much impunity for repeated crimes against humanity.

“What we are dealing with is evil men who think they can kill women and children with impunity. We want those responsible imprisoned for life where the death penalty does not apply,” says the The RINJ Foundation Executive Director.

Some women and children whose bodies are counted and thousands who are buried in the rubble of over 100,000 buildings destroyed, plus over 50,000 injured bring the total number of casualties to over 110,000 according to complex biostatistical analysis that does not use the Hamas produced data explains Dr. Harris, team lead of the Civil Society Partners Disease Tracking Lab in Singapore. His work was useful in tracking the extrajudicial killings in the Philippines for the International Criminal Court and other projects like tracking the COVID-19 disease from a non-political perspective.

In a third meeting with legal advisors, the RINJ Women directors previously alone in favour of expanding the list of offenders to include Hamas and the IQB as being complicit in a genocide were joined unanimously by the previous holdouts. New information plus conversations with Hamas has created a level of alarm that led to the decision.

“Hamas, once seeing the level of crime that Israel and America were willing to commit, Hamas leaders, including Yahya Sinwar, and Ismail Haniyeh, should have put an end to the hostilities, when Hamas certainly had opportunities in a period from 19 October through 11 November,” said security director Dale Carter speaking about the deliberations at the closed meeting.

“We have many senior executives released from other regions. Many women have been in Ukraine for months training local medical workers to take over the specialized GBV and women’s services work in birthing clinics and women’s shelters. These seasoned professionals’ opinions are fresh from observing at a distance and these experts slammed home some extremely important perspectives those of us close to the situation may have missed,” Ms. Carter added.

“Hamas has nothing to lose except the lives of the people of Palestine. Many of these Hamas swine fled Gaza long ago and are sipping tea and watching from afar.

“Hamas could have and should have walked Gaza away from this, in fact their attacks on civilians on 7 October as we have repeatedly said in the past, should never have happened. Hamas are not elected and had no mandate to bring Gaza into the peculiar war where Israel actually declared war on the territory it occupies and rules abusively as an apartheid. In any case, Hamas have zero standing, and they are more like pirates than they are like leaders. In fact Hamas are not leaders. Gaza has no leadership. None.

“We have some of the most experienced humanitarians with backgrounds working in terrorism-controlled regions, from the private sector, inside Gaza, looking at the situation from the humanitarians’ street level and nothing is seen but suffering of two million humans and the easy life of the people who cause the suffering, including Hamas,” Ms. Carter added.

“We are moving some of the particulars from another Hamas complaint to our progressive filing.