Red Sea needs West to stop killing Palestinians not 3rd USA war.

Peace is the solution to the measures taken by Yemen which country America is at war with and where America has CIA and other troops present over the past decade. Peace.

Bad for business, peace is loathed by the Biden Administration because Joe Biden needs to raise 1.5 billion dollars from defence contractors for election campaign funding in order to overcome his reckless decisions in Afghanistan, at the U.S. border, in Ukraine, in the South China Sea, antagonism toward North Korea, and the American ‘Gaza Genocide’ war in the Middle East. The effect of Biden’s horrific overspending and bad government has been Biden’s calamitous showing in the polls.

Using lawfare and the trappings of power against his presumed opponent, Donald Trump, Mr. Biden has now successfully removed Donald Trump claiming Mr. Trump to be an insurrectionist and thus allegedly disqualified from the slate of presidential candidates for the 2024 presidential election. A showdown in the Supreme Court is expected.

Only the defence industrial base can foot the massive cost of keeping the GOP-alleged incompetent Biden Administration in office with legitimate donations, kickbacks and undisclosed donations. Hence Biden is dragging NATO into a war with Iran and Yemen in the Red Sea.

Belligerents in Red Sea

Belligerents in the Red Sea Conflict over the Gaza Genocide, courtesy Wikipedia.  See: Houthi involvement in the 2023 Israel–Hamas war – Wikipedia


Statement of Particulars, Genocide in Gaza – (

Most of the world has passed UN General Assembly resolutions demanding a ceasefire in the Gaza Genocide Campaign but the United States, UK, Canada and the European Union insist on continuing their killing of women and children in Gaza. The actions of Yemen in blocking weapons shipments to Israel are widely supported.

“The entire credibility and relevance of the United Nations will be called into question unless the General Assembly finally takes a lead on reforming the Organization’s most powerful body responsible for peace and security issues, the Security Council.” Citing

The United Nations is completely sidelined by USA malfeasance in the ‘Gaza Genocide’ and in that American hijacking of the United Nations, the concept of the United Nations is no longer supported as widely as it once was.

The United Nations has announced that it is no longer able to conduct its humanitarian missions in Gaza because of the deaths of its 135-plus workers as well as the continual Israeli bombing of UN refugee camps, UN schools, UN medical facilities, hospitals and the attacks against anything related to the United Nations of the world and the human race.

“Our humanitarian workers in the Gaza strip have only praise for the bravery and dedication of UN workers in Gaza and each time one of these brothers or sisters is lost it is like losing one of our own. The same applies to the other medical workers and the civil society rescuers who show nothing but love and determination in support of their fellow humans in Gaza,” said Geraldine Frisque, spokesperson for The RINJ Foundation.

America’s hands-on killing Palestinians and turning Gaza into an uninhabitable wasteland is not helping Israel’s AAA financial ratings and not helping America’s standing within the human race.

In mid-October, global ratings agency Moody’s as well as Fitch placed Israel’s A1 ratings on review for a possible downgrade, citing the military conflict with the Palestinians.

According to government sources in Gaza, the following unverified statistics set out the condition of Gaza Strip on the 75th day of its destruction by Israel.

“The cost of rebuilding Gaza must also include the cost of burying hundreds of thousands of dead as disease spreads across Gaza and into Israel as soldiers return,” notes Dr. Nassima al Amouri, RINJ Women CSO medical director.

  • (1,697) massacre events.
  • (26,667) murdered and missing persons.
  • (19,667) murdered who reached hospitals.
  • (8,000) children murdered.
  • (6,200) women murdered.
  • (310) murdered among medical personnel.
  • (35) murdered among civil defense.
  • (97) murdered among journalists.
  • (7,000) missing, 70% of them are children and women.
  • (52,586) injured.
  • (99) cases of arrest among healthcare staff.
  • (8) journalists in detention.
  • (1.8) million displaced in Gaza.
  • (355,000) infected with infectious diseases due to displacement.
  • (126) government buildings destroyed by the Israeli Forces.
  • (90) schools and universities completely destroyed by the Israeli Forces.
  • (282) schools and universities partially destroyed by the Israeli Forces.
  • (112) mosques completely destroyed by the Israeli Forces.
  • (200) mosques partially destroyed by the Israeli Forces.
  • (3) churches targeted and destroyed by the Israeli Forces.
  • (52,600) housing units completely destroyed by the Israeli Forces.
  • (254,000) housing units partially destroyed by the Israeli Forces.
  • (23) hospitals disabled by the Israeli Forces.
  • (53) health centers disabled by the Israeli Forces.
  • (140) health institutions partially targeted by the Israeli Forces.
  • (102) ambulances completely destroyed by the Israeli Forces.

While Israel has a right to self defence so too does Palestine and America’s NATO is setting out to end that in the interest of Biden’s re-election campaign in 2024.

Video above shows Yemeni soldiers boarding and seizing the Bahamas flagged car carrier  Galaxy Leader in Bab Al-Mandeb strait. Landing was by a Russian Mi-17 helicopter with rocket pods. Whether rockets were there or not is impossible to assess. Yemen soldiers seem to have done an aerial reconnaissance before landing. Galaxy Leader was high in the water thus it had either no cargo or lightweight cargo.

“A peaceful solution cannot be accomplished with bombs dropping and guns shooting civilians in GAza,” says Ms. Dale Carter,  RINJ Foundation security director, “but an immediate and permanent ceasefire would put the region on a path toward peace.”

Juhr al-Dik area, east of the central Gaza Strip again destroyed by Israel

Juhr al-Dik area, east of the central Gaza Strip has again been destroyed by Israel. On 28 October 2023, an IDF raid maneuvered into the Gaza Strip east of al-Bureij refugee camp, in the Juhor ad-Dik area. During the 2023 Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip, Israeli infantry and armour near Juhor ad-Dik were frequently the targets of ambushes, mortar attacks, and anti-tank fire by Hamas’s Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades.  Photo submitted by Behar Abbasi. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine