If America blocks Ceasefire at UNSC, there will be war. Of that, CSO women are certain.

The RINJ Foundation security and intelligence arm has learned that “other options” means widespread war in the context of a credible threat that has been intercepted.
“We think America now knows that there is a threat toward Washington DC, and Tel Aviv,” suggests Dale Carter, security director of The RINJ Foundation. “We certainly have shared our information with security intelligence contacts.”

Gaza GenocideInfanticide & femicide is a method of genocide. No crisis compares to the eradication of women & children because the end game of that crime is species extermination.

Revenge & collective punishment. Forced evacuation from hospitals in Gaza
Photo submitted by Nurse Practitioner Behar Abbasi, in Gaza.Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine.

“Humanitarian Catastrophe is imminent in Gaza. It is planned by the Americans and Israelis. RINJ security Intelligence workers report that America has volunteered to take in as many as 1 million Palestinian Refugees from Gaza.” (RINJ Women declare principled stand against Gaza Genocide)

“To avert a humanitarian disaster, the UNSC must approve the humanitarian ceasefire currently on the table from the UN Secretary General under Chapter 99 of the UN Charter,” say RINJ Women. 
“The warring parties must return all their hostages to their homes.”

The RINJ Foundation is fully supporting the UN Secretary Gerneral’s demand for a Humanitarian Ceasefire.