USA and Ukraine hit school in Donetsk with Cluster munitions

“Why is America throwing cluster bombs at a mix of mothers and children? Donetsk City is occupied by children, many of them with no moms and most don’t have dads around because of war.”  That was the sudden call-back at publication time from Ukrainian humanitarian organizer Alona Adamovich as she reached the city to visit two injured medical workers.

Humanitarian workers visiting Donetsk City to interview young candidates for nursing and EMS job positions were hit with cluster munitions when the homes of the candidates were surrounded with 155mm American cluster munitions fired by American-backed Ukrainian and other surrogate militants.

Reached for comment, Geraldine Frisque, spokesperson for The RINJ Foundation explained that information was slow to come through on the injuries. Two  medical workers were hurt while helping residents flee and a women’s shelter executed an emergency plan for evacuation at the first sound of nearby explosions.

“Infants, small children, and their mothers were taken to a regional facility out of an abundance of precaution. That has caused a little bit of pandemonium among care givers and some family members because the protocols call for high levels of security during the move. But for sure we have heard through the correct channels that all persons are accounted for and their belongings have been transferred. The approval for the evacuation was made at the local level and there is agreement all the way up the ranks that we cannot wait for the next attack with indiscriminate weapons. We are assuring families that every effort will be made to highlight the criminality of these attacks by Americans and Ukrainians. This will not stand as a routine methodology of American war fighting. A release will be made soon on our insistence that the U.S. President and the Ukrainian President be charged with crimes against humanity, and an arrest warrant issued as was issued for Mr. Putin,” said Ms. Frisque, reading from a draft statement.

Editor’s note: Readers and the parties are reminded that the women’s care facility in downtown Donetsk City is a small residential center that came into existence long before the Donetsk Oblast broke away from Ukraine during the American-backed coup d’etat in or about 2014. As the years went by, the facility became a retreat for woman, infants, and small children, women widowed and and children orphaned respectively in the Ukrainian Azov Nazi attacks on the population. The backers of that facility, whom this author has spoken with, today, which is run by locals  with RINJ Women help and support, have been under pressure from silent supporters to move out of the center of Donetsk City.

Two of the men who availed the facility over the years as a place each visited a wife and child while on leave have been killed in war fighting during 2021 and while their comrades and their families still visit, the previous reason for staying at this location has less weight and arrangements for extended family can be made. A relocation decision has been pending for a long time.

It should also be noted that Donetsk city’s capability to provide services and emergency response is high calbre and unquestioned. The relocation decision has been under consideration for other reasons.

Donetsk CityDonetsk City after an American cluster munitions attack by Ukrainian surrogate militants.  Photo courtesy Donetsk People’s Republic of the Russian Federation. Photo is cropped and modified for publication. Art / Cropping / Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine


…/ This disgusting cluster munitions attack on civilians is just one more, but this time with something like 75 individual incendiary explosions and is a reminder that this war in the eastern European regions of Ukraine, Donbas, Crimea and Russia is with America and as I have seen, ‘eyes-on’, in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan, America has no reticence for slaughtering millions of individual innocent civilians or large groups of people at once such as those killed by America in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, North Korea and Iraq. Backers today said, “Kudos are owed to the local managers for making their decision.”
//Editor’s note

CLuster munitions used in multiple attacks on civilians in Donetsk Republic of the Russian FederationCluster munitions used in multiple attacks on civilians in Donetsk Republic of the Russian Federation. Photo courtesy Donetsk People’s Republic of the Russian Federation. Photo is cropped and modified for publication. Art / Cropping / Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

The RINJ Foundation spokesperson said the NGO is in the process of filing a complaint with the United Nations and the International Criminal Court. At this time the extent of injuries is not verified. In other simultaneous legal action, Americans are being charged with child trafficking and sexual violence against minor girls and women. Seven American men led by a cult member from Wisconsin conducting kidnap and rape operations in Donbass may be subject to similar legal action.

The United States government has urged its citizens to stay out of the eastern Europe war zones. It has been confirmed that the heavily armed suspects are not acting under the auspices of any government.

“Information relayed from the war zone is sporadic with so much going on at the same time,” reports Melissa Hemingway who is in contact with RINJ Women regional director Alona Adamovich who was on her way to the scene in the early daylight hours.

Apartment buildings, private homes in three residential areas, a university and a women’s shelter were hit. Several areas of the city were ablaze through the night