Gaza Genocide has left broken families, broken hearts and anger


“Starving rats, cats and dogs are eating human bodies of thousands of Palestinians lying dead in the shadows of places they crawled into before they died. Unreported deaths in the thousands are from bombing, famine and disease…that’s how things are going,” said a very upset health care worker in Gaza when contacted by satellite phone after many days of failed attempts.

“What the American people don’t seem to realize is that ‘you could be next’ if you keep going along with genocide,” says a Yemen doctor.

America continues to bomb Gaza after many years of the same.Artwork based on a citizen journalist photo and the accounts of local families by Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine.

“Why Did You Kill My Family, America.”

“It seems that wherever women and children are being slaughtered, one finds American bombs and American dickheads,” says an angry Yemen doctor who is filling in for a Yemen doctor presently helping out patients in Gaza. He doesn’t want to be involved; doesn’t want his name ‘put out there’, “and I fear Americans bombing my house and my children’s schoolyard for speaking out.”

“Houthis say they are invoking a section of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide which calls for signatories to intervene and try to stop a genocide in progress. They did not kill anyone but America is insisting that they need to get their ships full of bombs to Israel and the Houthis must not stop that genocide. Every person in Yemen is against these massacre and tragedy of thousands of martyrs,” he said.

“Yemen is interrupting the Red Sea passage of ships delivering war weapons and other furnishings for war in the Gaza Genocide being run by America, Israel and Britain.

“America and Britian are, as they have done for over a decade, bombing the hell out of impoverished Yemen with 17 million starving civilians as the world gasps in horror.  Nothing in this world is more disgusting. Massive graffiti painting on a wall in Sana’s, Capitol of Yemen. America continues to bomb Gaza after many years of the same,” said the angry doc.

Mobile health care workers in Gaza report appalling conditions.

“Abandoned pets eating humans is a statement about the type of a$$h.les humans allow to run their countries, in particular USA, Israel, UK and EU. Why has no one put a stop to this example of human depravity. Extremists in Germany are already talking about having their own genocide, seeking to remove anyone who seems to be foreign,” said an angry nurse, Ai’sha, who works for the RINJ Nurses Without Borders in Gaza, operating mobile birthing clinics and other services for women in need.

“In all the countries of the world after over 100 days of an obvious genocide, only a few countries, those from the BRICS side, have done anything to try and stop the Gaza Genocide,” continued Ai’sha.

“I am working with a Filipino nurse who is now denouncing her citizenship in the Philippines because of the Marcos stand on killing Palestinians. She has a known father who sexed her mom in the early 1990s and then left them. Because of that she has applied for U.S. citizenship and the guy came through for her and sponsored her when he heard she was here in Gaza back in August and that her mom had died.

“My dear friend says the man likely thinks she will die here in Gaza and never need to come clean on his random seed-sewing overseas, but I don’t believe that. I think the guy grew up since he was a kid soldier raping Filipino girls and decided he needed to step up for his daughter.

“I told my Filipino friend that, quite firmly, wanting to give her hope, and she cried. I believe that is her hope and her dream that her dad naturally loves her. Her mom died during the pandemic. She has no siblings, just me and her other ‘sisters’ who work with her and adore her. We are all very close and talk all night during the noisier bombings,” said nurse Ai’sha as she and her colleagues took turns cranking the hand generator supplying the satellite phone’s tired battery.

Yemen Doctor Behar Abbasi working in Gaza is a local hero among survivors whose family members have received help from tireless medical and health care workers.

“I have been telling folks here in Gaza about the people in Yemen. The Houthis run the country and they are very proud and good people who care about their communities of ordinary families,” explained Yemen Dr. Abbasi.

“I was one day early working from a table made from some bricks piled up in a somewhat cleared broken-down bombed building main floor, in Sana’a, Yemen.

“I had been requested to go there and start a clinic seeing patients from the local bombed neighbourhood far from the only hospital, one after another, with my nurses and EMS workers. Some were local volunteers, the most loving caregivers.

“There were Houthi guards trying to move some pieces of corrugated steel from broken homes to make a walled clinic, sheltering from the sun. I learned that some of these young Arab men were local and had petitioned a Zaidi Shia politician, Mohammed al-Houthi, who was claimed to be related to Cleric Husain al-Huthi, to find a doctor to go into the area for some days of open-air clinic,” she explained.

“The soldiers worked at clearing debris and doing salvage while we saw patients who began to arrive in dioves and set up camps all around us. On one particular day early in the time I spent there the soldiers took a break for the afternoon meal and were eating food at a time when I was weighing a malnourished toddler with alarm in my heart. I got angry like an old woman at the soldiers and asked them to share some food with the starving children in the lineups. It was a holocaust of sickness and hunger. I had a triage lineup and then an escalation line and a health care line for medicines and bandaging. It was organized but heart-breaking sadness. I took no pictures as I would not ever be able to live with those images. I knew I must stay and fix this community.

“These Houthi soldiers were young men focused on their fighting world but they stopped paying attention to each other’s stories and collected all the food they had and shared every morsel of food they could find, and one went in a vehicle to get more.  The soldiers showed love and kindness when they talked to the sick folks in the lineup of patients, mostly mothers bringing their sick children hoping for a fleeting chance of life for their beloved gifts of Allah coming from their wombs but too often martyred by men who bomb school busses,” and I could just picture Behar shaking her head as she talked into teh cold night on the satellite phone as Ai’sha cranked a hand-held generator.


“From that day forward, I learned that Arab soldiers have blessed hearts and souls and they know why they fight the enemies of the people and their country they love,”  added Yemen Dr. Abbasi. “But in this case, they have the color of right in trying to stop a genocide.”