EU loses Ukraine War. Talk of troop invasion thus more rapes, more HIV/HBV and nuclear war.

The best the West can say about its war with Russia in Ukraine is that it is a stalemate. “The only hope for the future is to end this war, in-place, immediately and for the West to elect better leaders,” say RINJ Foundation’s experienced war zone workers in Ukraine.

Ukraine has lost.”

Russia and Ukrainians who broke from Ukraine, defeated NATO in Ukraine. NATO is sending in F16s to attack Russian cities and Europe is debating sending in up to a million troops. The RINJ Foundation is urging women around the world to begin storing food in a safe room. Here is how: Mothers, we must prepare again for nuclear war.

Coalescing data from around the world and looking at this extremely dangerous situation while assessing the competence of the leaders managing this world war in the making are:

Sharon Santiago, Melissa Hemingway who is back in Ukraine, Micheal John in the Middle East and files from Alona Adamovich and other RINJ Foundation humanitarian workers in Ukraine

NATO at the insistence of the floundering USA President is lying about Navalny-death pushing hard for all-out war. Biden wants to be a world war president for the history books. There won’t be any books.

“The Biden lie that Russian President Putin and the Russian people killed Navalny’s is worst White House lie in history to justify sanctions and a war.

“Slow Joe Biden is flopping again reaching for a nuclear war, the only thing that could allow cancellation of the 5 November election which Donald Trump is predicted to win. In a nuclear war, Biden can sit on a man-made underground beach and watch realistic 1963 beach movies with young Annete Funicello from his private bunker while the rest of his country dies,” suggests Simon Baldock, Tel Aviv security analyst.

Like one dog following the other, sniffing its ass and wagging its tail, Canada’s failing leader follows Biden’s lead and lies about Mr. Navalny.

“Putin pretends to be powerful, but truly powerful leaders do not assassinate their opponents,” Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at a press conference in Kyiv where security officials had already confirmed they knew Mr. Navalny died from a blood clot that dislodged.

The hastily arranged embarrassing pressor was commemorating (?) two years since the 24 February 2022 special military operation started with Russian troops pouring into the under-attack Donetsk and Luhansk ethnic-Russian republics, chasing away a 70,000-man American and Ukrainian military invasion at the Donetsk contact line according to humanitarian workers who have been in the Donbass region of Ukraine since before the Maidan revolution of 2013 and going back to the rape and murder of RINJ Member Oksana Makar in mid 2012 by several sons of Kiev officials.

“We know Russia must Win this War,” is a Freudian slip. But true.

As EU nations and the UK dismiss Macron’s suggestion of sending in troops Trudeau should say: ‘Russia must Win this War to end it. In other words, we need to admit our filthy plan failed. We cannot let this go until the last Ukrainian dies.

It is time to stop arming Ukraine and thus stop killing Ukrainians by exploiting them for a proxy war.

“Russia winning this war in-place means that the territories that have been traditionally Russia’s and are still ethnic Russian will stay within the Russian Federation and that Ukraine will not be dealing with a hated ethnicity in its provinces. Ukraine is a failed state, bashed by a war as a U.S. proxy and run by a terribly incompetent and self-oriented leader, The United States President Joe Biden,” suggests RINJ Women security director Dale Carter.

“Ethnic Russians still in Ukraine should be invited to make their home in the Russian Federation. Ukraine needs to talk to Poland about their combined future because otherwise, that is where the next NATO war will be,” added Ms. Carter.

Trudeau really blew it! So did Biden. The medical world knows unequivocally how Mr. Navalny died since 16 February. He was not killed by anyone.

Watching Trudeau was Ukraine’s spy chief Kyrylo Budanov and other sources who because of a certain doctor who assisted in the autopsy and had access to Alexei Navalny’s medical records knew that a blood clot had dislodged and caused Navalny’s death following an Arctic fitness walk and jog. Interestingly, but maybe not relevant, the Civil Society Partners Against Disease have been studying the correlation between COVID-19, Vaccines including ‘Sputnik-vaccine’ and the increased incidence of blood clots and pulmonary embolisms among middle-aged males, in various countries. Nevertheless, Navalny’s health has been questioned for years and his family has been demanding proper care. A brief and shallow investigation owing to high security reveals that Mr. Navalny did not get that care.

Based on RINJ Foundation connections with the medical world in Ukraine and in Russia we believe the medical data and the imaging. We know unequivocally that Mr. Navalny died of a dislodged blood clot after a jog in Arctic weather. Mr. Navalny was nearly 50 years old and given the stressfulness of his life, a stroke or a heart attack were likely at his middle age and apparent poor health.

“Mr.Navalny should have been on a coronary watch-list inside his prison. His stress level was colossal. He was about to be transferred out for a prisoner exchange that Putin arranged. Prison officials may be in peril. Sometimes extremely serious coronary events like a dislodged blood clot are not fatal. Sometimes they are,” say RINJ Foundation doctors consulted for an opinion.

“Mr. Navalny should have been watched. He should have been sent for an MRI as a precautionary move to save the careers of the delinquent caregivers at the Russian Prison Services facility. At this point, their names are ‘mud’, suggest RINJ Foundation medical directors who also adduce that Mr. Navalny should have been given proper care to prevent coronary events and are angry that he did not apparently receive that care.

The Russian prison medical officials who could respond to that question have been access-blocked by either circumstance or by Russian agencies and are not even available from within the Russian medical community which is unusual. They may be in prison said one contact, cynically.

“In April 2021, Aleksei Navalny’s wife, doctor and colleagues sounded alarms that the incarcerated Kremlin critic’s health was rapidly deteriorating, and his heart could stop any minute. They and many other supporters of Mr. Navalny were demanding in April 2021 that his doctors be immediately allowed to attend Mr. Navalny and treat him,” said Dr. Nassima al Amouri, a RINJ Foundation medical director as she quoted a New York Times article from that period.

When asked about Trudeau’s and Biden’s claim that Vladimir Putin killed Navalny, Dr. Nassima said, “they are both habitual liars and neither is very bright—perfectly matched politicians in this day and age. One needs to be very stupid not to know the truth of Mr. Navalny’s death. We have been asking for special medical care for Mr. Navalny for years and both Mr. Biden and Mr. Trudeau know this. It’s like they want us to believe a reversed reality, that Mr. Navalny was in perfect health. He wasn’t. Mr. Navalny’s health was like a traveling train wreck and even the UN made that clear urgently last May.”

Sadly, Aleksei Navalny died as a result of a blood clot that dislodged and moved to his brain. Stress, depression, and other factors may have triggered the event but it was likely predetermined to happen for many months of ill health according to his family, public records, and what little could obtain from inquiries which is not in question at all because Mr. Navalny’s health records are his and now his family’s personal, confidential, private business and sharing that would have been a Russian Federation violation of Mr. Navalny’s rights which did not happen.

Autopsy reports revealed slight contusions and lacerations which may have resulted from animosity expressed violently by other inmates, a fairly normal occurrence in most prisons wherein an inmate is accused of treason. The prison officials were to treat Mr. Navalny like gold. He was the main subject of an approved prison exchange that the Kremlin wanted and even expressed that view in a recent interview.

The prison allowed Mr. Navalny extra privileges. Mr. Navalny had just been outside for a jog. That may have been when the blood clot dislodged and began to move, eventually causing a myocardial infarction or worse. But we don’t know what caused the noted markings on his body or how old they were. It is likely they are absolutely irrelevant say doctors consulted for this article.

As reported on 23 February, “Alexei Navalny died in the Arctic of natural causes an autopsy has revealed. Ukraine’s spy chief Kyrylo Budanov and other sources say what we [Ukraine] know is that he [Navalny] really died from a blood clot: a natural death. But Joe Biden claims Vladimir Putin killed Navalny although there is no evidence and Putin was thousands of miles away when on the afternoon of 16 February, Russia’s Federal Penitentiary Service reported the death of Alexei Navalny at Correctional Facility No. 3 in Kharp, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, in northwestern Siberia. Faced with the autopsy evidence Biden calls Putin “crazy son of a b**ch” and orders sanctions on more Russians. ”

Nothing has changed since that FPM 23 February report.

Nuclear War Survival

“Send in troops to Crimea & Russia,” say some EU leaders all pumped up by Mr. Navalny’s death and their renewed chance to rail against Russia, led by Emmanuel Macron, President of France.

A massive Europe invasion of Russian territory could result in an immediate nuclear preemptive strike by Russia. Svetlana reports from northern Moscow that the Russian security council is in some kind of emergency session now.

“More troops will at least mean more rape of women and more HIV/HBV for the world,” Svetlana said, not wanting to expect the worst, nuclear war.

Male leaders are such a-holes,” said the woman trying to protect these politicians’ wives from the gender-based violence and diseases of the war zones.

Boris Johnson visits NATO and Poland

Warsaw, Poland—Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson with Jens Stoltenberg, 13th secretary general of NATO since 2014, visiting NATO and Poland on 10/02/2022 to beat the war drums as Johnson is doing again today telling Europe via whomever will listen to him that EU should invade Russia, Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk, etc.  Photo Credit: Andrew Parsons / No 10 Downing Street. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“Were that to happen, Europe sending a million troops to Russia, instead of the hundreds it has in Ukraine,” says Svetlana, a Russian military wife in Moscow who is also a chapter president for RINJ Women, “Russia’s population would be furious and demand the Russian plan to take pre-emptive steps against at least ten major European cities; wipe out the eastern and western seaboard of the USA with tsunami nuclear bombs in stealth submarine robots; wipe out American missile silos; sink a few American SSBN submarines and ask, ‘do you want more,’ as the Russian population hunker down after following an emergency plan we are sworn not to talk about.”

Author’s note: A bond of womanhood.

Svetlana is very active in the RINJ Women campaign against rape as a weapon of war used by both sides with a devastating outcome for women and children. For Svetlana, “all women are my sisters.” The women of Donbass are mostly her countryfolk. The rape of those women and children was why Sveta became a RINJ member seven years ago and later a chapter president.

There’s another emotional factor. Cheating husbands coming home with HIV, chlamydia, hepatitis, syphilis, and other STDs are not just a morbid danger to women and children everywhere, but also a betrayal to Russian women. “Fear an angry Russian wife more than a hundred Nazis, when you come home,” suggests Svetlana as the message for Russian soldiers.

Ukraine has accused RINJ Women of killing its soldiers who are identified as rapists. The RINJ Foundation’s security agency has been challenged on this by Sharon Santiago and replied saying that, “we are not hired to kill identified rapists in war zones, but since 2014, because the Ukrainians do nothing about rape complaints against their Nazi troops which allegedly don’t exist so the crime could not have happened, we politely ask the rapists ‘do not do your crime rape, dismemberment and murder again, please’ with a hint of sarcasm.

“And then release them unless the local law enforcement want them. Of course since the Russian special military operation began in February 2022, we treat the many Russian rapists the same way. ‘Please stop,’ we ask. Then we tell their Russian wives what they did and the wives turn their genitals into hamburger meat when they go home, if they go home. That’s not our problem what happens to rapists if their wives learn they are raping women in the war zones.”

“I can give you an answer in Swahili,” said the lady in charge of the security contractor agency, “if you need our position stated in other languages.” (The leader of the team has worked extensively in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and the DRC over the past two decades where RINJ Women need the most extreme of security support and get that help.) For the people able to speak Swahili, which is not likely in the West, the true story is told in Swahili like encryption because it is encryption. If the person is asked, did you hear that in Arabic, and the answer is “no I heard that in Swahili” it means “No, I got the original encrypted [Swahili] truth version. Anything Arabic or Hebrew is a lie.”

It’s an internal code. In this case, nobody admits killing rapists but has published several articles where the publication shared witness accounts of firefights at facilities in Ukraine wherein, each at different times, Ukrainian, Russian and American attackers were either killed or captured and handed over to local authorities. During these events, RINJ security personnel and medical crew were killed during attacks on Women’s Shelters in Ukraine.)

Geraldine, a spokesperson for The RINJ Foundation, said in response to the allegation, “The RINJ RSACs and Women’s shelters in Ukraine are focused on caring for survivors, providing health care including STD testing and treatments as well as pregnancy care. We are nobody’s enemy and everyone’s hope for the future.”


Ukraine is one giant rape crime scene, all warring sides guilty

Ukraine has lost. The only hope for the future is to end this war, in-place, immediately and for the West to get better leaders,” say RINJ Foundation experts in Ukraine.

Below is a secret conversation in which U.S. Officials under Vice President Joseph Biden built the incompetent government of Ukraine in 2014 to act as American puppets and disrupt the peace in Europe. The fact is, the Americans have been doing this ever since.

Below in the video is an apparently, 4 February 2014, although exact date is not confirmed, bugged phone conversation in which a senior U.S. diplomat disparages the EU over the Ukraine crisis. The conversation between Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt.


Ukraine is running out of soldiers. Tucker Carlson and his guest, Colonel Douglas McGregor say America will be stuck with the job of supplying troops to fight Russia in Europe. The Colonel says America will fail because it is unprepared.

Above: Douglas Abbott Macgregor, retired U.S. Army Colonel, government official, and author sits down with Tucker Carlson.

Macgregor revealed some shocking details about direct US military intervention in Gaza, one that turned into a disaster for the Americans.

Col. Douglas Macgregor is a retired US Army colonel and government official.


This is what he said:

“We are relying on special forces and right now, 2,000 Marines. And perhaps, 2,000 special forces and special operation forces.

That’s not good to make much of a dent, and we have seen quite recently, over the last 24 hours or so. Some of our special forces and Israeli special forces went into Gaza (… ) They were shot to pieces and took heavy losses, as I understand.”

On October 22, the US news website AXIOS wrote that “2,000 US special forces were deployed to the Middle East”, adding that “they’re unlikely to serve in combat roles”.

Two days earlier, on October 20, the White House shared a photo on its X page showing US President Joe Biden shaking hands with covert Delta Force teams operating inside Israel, but the photo was reportedly taken down one hour after publication.

2,000 American troops defeated by Hamas in Gaza in October 2023. Should America go to war with Russia which is stronger now than it has been in thirty years”?

Ukrainians killed thus far: 400,000 says Colonel McGregor.  Russian deaths: 50,000 according to the Colonel above. The manpower in Ukraine is leaving the country as fast as they can get out. The hardest thing to do is invade a country. It takes as many as ten times the number of their troops to prevail.

Below Video: France President Emmanuel Macron reserves the right to send EU troops into Ukraine, Russia and Crimea.

The Kremlin has suggested that conflict between Russia and the U.S.-led NATO military alliance would become inevitable if European members of NATO sent troops to fight in Ukraine, Reuters reports.

“The very fact of discussing the possibility of sending certain contingents to Ukraine from NATO countries is a very important new element,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters when asked about Macron’s remarks.

Asked by reporters what the risks of a direct Russia-NATO conflict would be if NATO members sent their troops to fight in Ukraine, Mr. Peskov said. “In that case, we would need to talk not about the probability, but about the inevitability.”

Kremlin Spokesperson Peskov commented on the speech of Macron, who did not rule out sending Western military personnel to Ukraine. The Kremlin’s position according to Mr. Peskov via journalists from the Kremlin pool of RIA Novosti.

“Macron’s words about the possible dispatch of the military are an important and new element in the speech of the French President.

“Russia is well aware of Macron’s position on the desire to inflict a strategic defeat on the Russian Federation.

“The Kremlin drew attention to the fact that sending military personnel was discussed by Western politicians.

“Moscow also recorded that there is no consensus on this matter.

“A number of participants in the meeting of European leaders in Paris soberly assess the potential danger of such a decision.

“If the Western military appears in Ukraine, then the direct global conflict between the Russian Federation and NATO will be inevitable.”

[Translated from Russian by RINJ Women-Moscow]

Speaker is Dmitry Peskov


Author’s note: Ukraine is certainly looking for something similar to Israel’s apartheid over the eastern part of Donbass and Crimea. The Ukrainians demonstrate great hatred for the people of Luhansk and Donetsk Republics and since 2013, kill as many of these people as they can. But Zelenskyy claims Ukrainians want the 9-year-old Republics’ territory back. It makes no sense. ‘You hate them so why do you want them as countrymen?’ We see Zelenskyy getting rich. Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s global personal fortune in hidden banks which investigators discovered amounts to about $1.3 billion USD.


Zelenskyy, now a Ukrainian oligarch, was a pauper before leaving the vaudeville stage to become President of Ukraine and a puppet of America.

Reporting from Ukraine, Melissa Hemingway submits the people of Luhansk and Donetsk Republics are ethnic Russians, and they are banned in Ukraine according to locals in Donetsk. “Ukraine has now killed tens of thousands of these people and the countryside of Luhansk and Donetsk now looks very bleak. Homes and whole cities are destroyed. People are dead or missing everywhere in the rural regions. Infrastructure is suffering. Whole families are lost. Donetsk looks like Gaza as American munitions in Ukrainian military and American military control pound the homes of the ethnic Russians into rubble.”

“No wonder the Europeans love the blood and devastation in the Gaza Genocide. Europe has a long history of genocidal behaviour. Of course, Europe supports genocide in Ukraine and genocide in Palestine.  List of Europe’s ethnic cleansing campaigns,” quipped Dale Carter, RINJ Foundation security director.

Taking Crimea back from Russia which country Crimea has always been a part of and to which ethnic Russians of Crimea are genetically bound with love according to medical workers working on the peninsula while taking free GBV training from RINJ Women in Odessa, will be next to impossible but the disgraced former UK PM Boris Johnson ignores that and is telling Europe to send in the troops. It will take somewhere around a million. Madness. Utter madness and a grave danger to the people of Ukraine who cannot take much more violence.

Fifty-five countries would like to see their men come home from the war they are fighting against Russia in the disease infested Ukraine. Have them get tested for everything.

Listen to British Reporter Steve Sweeney in Moscow, back from Donetsk,