World war is under way in its incipient stages

Stirring up wars around the world is the American-led White supremacy. USA slaughtering of non-whites at home and abroad feeds global racism.

America has an ironclad commitment to killing tens of thousands of non-white women and children in Gaza and hopes to “eliminate the problem”.

World at war

That essentially means that Israel and the USA are working very expensively to kill off the Palestinians or get rid of them by any means. It’s all about hatred: White supremacy for America and racism for Israel which in various forms of hatred is now fueling American-influenced wars all over the world.

All families in Gaza suffer

Life in Gaza has been destroyed for 2 million Palestinians and tens of thousands are killed, hundreds of thousands are injured or suffering famine or disease. Photo is video capture from Al Jazeera live news cast in Jerusalem. Photo Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

America wants the Chinese, Iranians, Russians, Houthis, Syrians, Iraqis, all dead to start with. Agree? But America’s warmaking allows only a handful of politicians and industry moguls getting rich while slamming the rest of the U.S. population into the ground.

The world does not need America’s war industry, but Americans need it the least.

World at war

Most countries around the world are connected to American-influenced wars and war goals. The USA is at odds with most of the world’s ethnic populations and the people it kills are mostly women and kids. Ethnic cleansing on steroids? The global population is plummeting.  Photo Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Meanwhile civil warfare inside the USA itself is at the level of political parties harnessing state and national agencies using taxpayer money to hurt the leaders of the Red vs. Blue political teams, say scholars talked to in several U.S. cities. Ine very noticeable fact is that the Black man in the Biden Administration, the defence secretary, Lloyd Austin is excluded from White House defence policy discussions.

From the Biden-created crisis for women in Afghanistan to the American war in Ukraine, the USA is now ethnic cleansing non-whites in a monstrous Gaza genocide it easily finds support for from the American White Supremacy movement, which seems to include most Americans.

Not every American is so well off they worry about paying mortgages. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary Americans live on the streets.

The ordinary people of America are watching the Biden Administration in pain as the cost of everything soars and mortgage payments become more difficult to pay. The Biden Administration’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) counted 653,104 mostly sheltered homeless Americans in its annual point-in-time report at the end of March, which measures homelessness across the U.S. on a single night each winter from shelter-reported statistics. That’s a 12.1% increase from the same report in the previous year.

The above statistics can only be obtained from the sheltered population, say experts.

“The unsheltered families living in inner city tent cities do not talk to anyone; do not respond to inquiries; do not talk to census takers,” says Ms. Deslauriers who recently traveled America to study the impact of homelessness in America on women and children. “Many of them are not in the country legally, many also have committed crimes like theft in order to survive,” she added.

There is no complete count of the total U.S. population experiencing homelessness or helplessness.

The USA census describes a different situation from what Joe Biden describes. “The sheltered population is an estimate of the population experiencing homelessness that stay in emergency and transitional shelters. It is not a complete count of the total U.S. population experiencing homelessness, which the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimated was 582,500 in 2022 based on the data of USA shelters.”

Poverty in the United States is running around 40 to 50 million persons. Nobody seems to know the exact truth because the number is used as a political weapon between the two warring elements of the USA civil war. The numbers of people living in tent cities on the sidewalks of the inner cities is growing each year.

America is in a mess across the nation as under funded projects for sustanined infrastructure cause collapse and failure. Of the 615,000 bridges in America, 17,468 are fracture-critical, the NTSB has said following the crash of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore after a container ship struck one single pillar bringing the entire 2.5-kilometer bridge into the water in a monstrous tangled mess.

“In America, the ruling class has taken control of the assets of the people and is abusing just about everything,” noted Monique Deslauriers, USA executive director of RINJ Women, currently in Calais, Maine, who was agreeing with the former statement.

America is heading into a massive war against Iran that could explode any day now.

It all started with an attack by Israel to kill Iranian officials at the Embassy compound in Damascus. Many died.

Iran responded with a measured fireworks show that was designed to kill nobody.

Below: US State Department principal deputy spokesperson Vedant Patel’s denials on America’s inclination to make war on Iran at a time when obviously the U.S. is clearly at war with Iran.

Answering a question about Netanyahu’s repeated lies to the U.S., dragging it to wars.

U.S. State Department principal deputy spokesperson Vedant Patel says the USA President has a close working relationship with Netanyahu and “the U.S. commitment to Israel’s self-defence and security transcends any governments,” trying to distance Biden from this fiasco.

Israel's military shells and drops internationally prohibited phosphorus bombs on Al Khiyam in southern Lebanon.

Israel using American illegal Phosphorous weapons against Al Khiyam people in southern Lebanon. Quds photograph.

With its Allies, America’s Primary Business is Killing Non-Whites in foreign wars.

In the process of evacuating external workers to their own countries from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank in the past week, The RINJ Foundation is acknowledging that the human race is in a global war wherein the following nations are embroiled in fighting that is killing massive numbers of civilians:

Afghanistan, vs Afghan women and Pakistan;
Cameroon and Nigeria;
Colombia and Venezuela;
DRC-Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi;
Ethiopia internal;
Haiti internal;
Iraq vs. America;
Iran vs. EU, USA, Britain, and Israel;
Mexico vs. Venezuela, Argentina, and USA;
Myanmar internal;
Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Chad mess;
Pakistan and USA;
Palestinian people under attack by Israel, America, Canada, Japan, Britian, Germany, other parts of the EU;
Yemen under attack by USA, Britain, Canada,  Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, members of the EU and Israel;
Somalia (including Somaliland) versus USA, and Kenya;
Sudan and South Sudan;
Syria under attack by USA and Israel;
USA in a war with Syria, Iran, Palestine, Yemen, Iraq;
Yemen versus America, Britain and Israel.

Women and children suffer most in men's warsWomen and children suffer most in men’s wars. Gazan women and children in a World Health Organization file photo.