Sick Israel literally destroyed al Shifa Hospital complex.

The most advanced full-service hospital complex in the entire region, circa 1946, has been destroyed, 512 and counting women, children, patients, doctors, nurses killed by Israel.

By Behar Abbasi in Gaza.

Many of the thousands of displaced Palestinians seeking shelter from Israeli bombardment in the hospital grounds were killed or injured over a two-week seige in which every piece of medical equipment from the hospital was deliberately removed and destroyed and the internal structures destroyed. Patients were yanked from life support and thrown to the floor.

With three hundred dead already from the first two weeks of the siege, dozens of bodies are being found in medical residences in the supporting apartments surrounding the Shifa Complex and in the areas of the hospital occupied by the Israelis.

Where is the Hamas?

One of the main features of the two-week siege was the IDF detaining women and children, beating them up and demanding they answer the question, “Where is the Hamas”.

Nobody knew.

“We are trapped where we are inside the department,” said Dr Amer Jedbeh, a 31-year-old surgical resident, speaking out last week despite the Israeli’s occupation of the hospital and their strict cecastion of all medical activities.

“A shell hit our building on the first floor, injuring several people. One man died – we could not save him. We are working only with first aid, essentially, we cannot operate because there is no electricity or water.”

Dr Jedbeh said two patients on life support at the intensive care unit in the same building had died because the electricity supply was cut during the raid. “All the machinery is off,” he added.

“Colleagues from the main building say there are many injured there who need surgery but we cannot get to them and they cannot bring the patients to us.”

Doctors bodies are being found among the hundreds killed by Israel at Al Shifa Hospital ComplexThe al Quds news network is reporting that the deceased bodies of medical doctor Yusra Maqadmeh and her son, Ahmed, also a UK-trained surgeon, were just found after being executed by the Israeli army in the Al Shifa Medical Complex following pullout of the Israeli troops from the hospital this morning.

Al Shifa is now completely destroyed like most other hospitals in Gaza.


Screen capture from above video.

Screen capture from above video.

Microsoft Copilot AI messenger pigeon delivers lies to support the Biden Government’s Gaza Genocide. We will not share the lies at this time. That is not a worthy debate. Trust is the issue.

Message sent to Microsoft after Bing was searched for Al Shifa Hospital and the response was “Try searching for something else.”

Reply Email to Microsoft.

We protest yours and the Microsoft bias in favour of the Gaza Genocide and bias in support of the Gaza Genocide perpetrators, who have slaughtered tens of thousands of women and children. The perpetrators are Israel’s Netanyahu Government and the USA Biden Administration, both commiting crimes against humanity without the consent of their constituents.

Microsoft’s cover-up makes it ineligible for a conversation about most things these days because trust, in anything Microsoft, is gone. There is a follow-up action to this missive in the incipient stages. Globally, women need to protect themselves from Microsoft and other American digital corporations.
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