Human race pointed at extinction unless we change leaders, end NATO

Human extinction is not only possible, but likely. Scientists could not have said that in the days of Maggie Thatcher, Francois Mitterrand, Helmut Kohl and Ron Reagan.

Notwithstanding nuclear weapons, bio-weapons, SARS viruses, there are also pollution, climate change disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, super volcanic eruptions, asteroid impacts, and the unknown.

Researchers from the University of Oxford in the past decade determined that the probability of our entire species going extinct in any given year is relatively high.

Nick Bostrom, a philosopher at the University of Oxford known for his work on existential risk, argued that it would be “misguided” to assume that the probability of near-term extinction is less than 25% and that it will be “a tall order” for the human race to “get our precautions sufficiently right the first time”, given that an existential risk provides no opportunity to learn from failure.

Why do we keep doing this to our future?

Why do humans do this

Dead children or amputees is how Biden, Sunak, Trudeau and Netanyahu treat kids in Gaza with NATO bombs. Photo submitted by Behar Abbasi in Rafah, 5 April 2024. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

No opportunity to learn from failures? Will America elect Trump again now that Biden has destroyed American Democracy by politically weaponizing Justice to deal with political opponents?

With NATO countries complicit in the Gaza genocide and warring in Ukraine, NATO struggles for money to take over America’s wars. Trump is coming. Will Trump stop their bloodshedding wars? That’s what they fear.

Donald Trump will likely shutdown America’s enormous funding of NATO; stop the alarming climb in American cash and weapons sent to Ukraine; and end America’s cash and NATO bombs pouring into Bibi’s Gaza Genocide—many more of which arrived two days ago in Israel and are already killing Palestinians; and there’s more.

Meanwhile, it should be recognized that war is distracting the human race from dealing with its massive pollution problem and climate change. The Human population is already plummeting. Having reached over 8 billion that number has fallen back to 7.96 billion and dropping.

Floods, drought, disease, famine, war, earthquakes and government malfeasance are diminishing the human population on Earth. There’s another factor. The percentage of women in the human population has also dropped, a lot.

Why are humans doing this to their future?

Israel and USA bombing kids with Britain and Canada’s help. Photo submitted by Behar Abbasi in Rafah, 5 April 2024. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

In Sudan, Russia, Ukraine, Palestine, Myanmar, civilians are being slaughtered by armed gunmen and bombs delivered by robots, women and children being killed, particularly.

In Ukraine, NATO has used up a huge portion of the male population fighting its enemy, the Russian people, so Ukraine is training women to take the soldiers’ place and is forcing all adults 25 years and up to shoulder a gun in the Army and go kill their former countrymen in Donbass.

Bad Leaders. American voters can choose from GenocideJoe or Trumplethinskin? Or an alleged Conspiracy Theorist who is actually an ordinary guy who dares to think outside the box, sometimes, like all of us ordinary people who fear admitting that.

Hopefully Trump prosecutes the Biden bunch from the Saturday morning horror show under U.S. law. They have once again killed thousands of innocent women and children in their Gaza Genocide—thousands from some of the most sophisticated civilization on Earth; from the best schools, the happiest families; doctors, lawyers, philosophers, people the world has come to love—thousands of dead, mostly women and children in a massive genocidal effort that has no bounds.


Biden is prone to weird, familiar-to-an-extreme excess in girl interactions and also with women. The #METOO era came down on Biden very hard. Stop feeling up the women and children—so now he is mass murdering women and children in Afghanistan and Gaza? Yes. He is doing that.

Biden is the killer and his ego will not let someone say to him, ‘thou shall not kill’; Austin and Blinken are the undertakers. Have you noticed these latter two never look up at the faces nearby when they talk? They are habitual liars. Their teams have been inventing false narratives for Biden for over a decade. Their reward is that they get to run the USA and live as if they are the divinity undertaker-Blinken claims to be.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan actually have Lloyd Austin sidelined. Insiders say General Austin is a good soldier who follows orders. But he has been speaking up behind closed doors against genocide, say sources. He actually seems like too good a man to be mixed up in a genocide. That’s what happens when you follow bad orders.

Hence, General Austin is out of the national defence decision making. That’s how bizarre Biden’s government has become—the Secretary of Defense is not in the White House defence loop. The political idiots are making policy and they are slaughtering women and children.

Why this? Biden and Trump, pure and simple are sociopathic politicians, our experts say.

Many child amputees in Gaza. Photo submitted by Behar Abbasi in Rafah, 5 April 2024. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Bad leaders seem to draw their own kind to themselves. Look at the Netanyahu and Biden bromance. Then there’s Trudeau, like a puppy following the rich ‘big guy’, sniffing his ass and hoping something will drop out that he likes, but it never does. Trudeau is in the dog-dirt accused of genocide by much of the world. GenocideJustin?

A bad government leader in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, accused of being a criminal and corrupt official staged a massive false flag operation by bending the media in Israel to tell horrific lies about the Palestine resistance actions in Israel on 7 October 2023.

The 7 October story is many lies. We, The RINJ Foundation, a global women’s rights Civil Society Organization, were there. We saw what was happening. The deaths of Israelis were additionally caused by the Israeli Defence Forces guns, tanks and gunships. The primary invaders arrived under parachutes with motors and were not carrying much. Certainly, they were not carrying tanks which Israeli tanks did immense damage in the Israeli Kubutzes.

Notwithstanding the core facts, on 7 October 2023, which indeed did not happen in a vacuum, some of the Gaza hoodlums arrived in Israel following the IQB resistance.

These street gangs are today’s scumbags stealing food and robbing and hurting ordinary people in northern Gaza. RINJ Women are there too, now, providing care for rape survivors and mostly, delivering babies, mostly births needing assistance, like cesarian sections, and the gangsters rob the RINJ Women too. Well. Israel killed all the Palestinian cops. North Gaza is in a state of mayhem.

What the gangsters who followed the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades (IQB) did in Israel on 7 October was reprehensible. They along with their fellow Israeli criminals let lose during the mayhem of 7 October and robbed people; robbed stores; broke into banks; and created hell on Earth.

But NATO bombs paid for by the American taxpayer and Canadians given to bloodthirsty manics in the nationalist Zionist government of Netanyahu, to drop on civilian women and children is not solving the problem.

The RINJ Women posted real video on Twitter. Twitter blocked the women.

RINJ Women filed a World Court complaint on 14 October 2023, declaring a genocide was underway as an intervener because The RINJ Foundation is an NGO, not a country; and RINJ Women filed a case with the International Criminal Court. RINJ Women did not stand quiet.

RINJ did not and have not stopped traveling the Gaza strip on bicycles in the Islamic ways of yesteryears providing birthing assistance to mothers whose family asked for that assistance. Only women may do this work. Nobody talks about our six women killed. They were Muslim women in a sea of murdered Muslim women. And they did the work of midwives, helping women who are the most oppressed women in the world and today are cannon fodder.

Why are our leaders doing this to our future.

Dad tells double amputee that everything will be OK. But many dads in Gaza have lost both their wives and children, over 20,000 dead, killed violently. Photo submitted by Behar Abbasi in Rafah, 5 April 2024. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine


In all this nightmare the thing we see most often is NATO weapons.

They killed Dr. Buni and her nursing staff plus 12 mothers and their babies in a surgical clinic for complicated births in North Gaza, early March. American provided NATO standard bombs with special NATO fins and paraphernalia to make the bombs more accurate.

On Sunday, 7 April, the Toronto Association for Peace and Solidarity along with a plethora of humanitarian groups will take to the streets of Toronto to demand that Canada leave NATO. We wonder if these nice folks actually realize how crucial their truly legitimate demand is, and why it is so important that Canada leave NATO.

NATO is the most corrupt entity on Earth yet Nuclear-Armed

The beautiful ‘Peace and Solidarity’ team demonstrating this coming Sunday say, “NATO gives voice to the insatiable demands of the U.S. military-industrial-complex, strong-arming member states to divert resources away from the pressing social needs of their populations, into unproductive, dangerous military hardware and operations. Which in turn also forces other, poorer countries into wasteful defence spending.”

Following Biden down the Genocide Road, Trudeau has nearly killed Canada. The world is furious at the genocides Canada and the USA are backing. Being in the box with eager perpetrators of The Gaza Genocide was not a place for Canada. Trudeau had no mandate for a crime like that. Nobody does.

NATO is up to its collective neck in genocide. The morality of the organization has gone to hell.

Belgium, Canada, Franc, Britain, the U.S., Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Portugal operating under the NATO name were accused and tried for Genocide in 1999 for bombing the daylights out of the former Yugoslavia without any kind of mandate from the United Nations or anyone. The bombing and missile strikes lasted from 24 March 1999 to 10 June 1999. The bombings continued until an agreement was reached that led to the withdrawal of the Yugoslav Army from Kosovo where allegedly, ethnic cleansing against the Albanians was taking place. In the current day, Canada and the USA are leading a massive genocide in the Gaza strip against the Palestinian people.

The RINJ Foundation, of which I am a senior officer has filed a criminal case against the USA and Canada as well as others who are complicit in genocide and those who have incited this genocide. The Gaza Genocide ICC Case Against USA/Israel/Canada/UK/EU et. al sets out the early days Particulars of the crime and is followed up with a statement of facts not made public. The RINJ Foundation first filed a complaint on 14 October 2023.

NATO tried to kill off the ethnic Russians in Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts (provinces) of Ukraine until those people declared their own sovereignty and broke away from Ukraine.. What we are talking about is sickening bloodshed and corruption I have seen with my own eyes. NATO and Nazis, with NATO supplying the weapons and the Nazis doing the killings and the rapes.

The Biden Administration ordained NATO as its successor to lead the war against Russia in Ukraine. Officially NATO is now at war with Russia and the violence could go anywhere from this point including more attacks on Russian civilians like Belgorod and the Crocus Hall carnage.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) now surrounds Russia, and it will officially and gleefully replace the United States in managing Ukraine in the war against the Russian people.

Rest assured that Russia, China, Iran and North Korea along with all of BRICS will stand strong against NATO-malfeasance. Also believe that Donald Trump, if… and if… will join Brics and turn against Europe.

Joe Biden’s Democrats know they will lose the November Presidential Election to Donald Trump or his successor if Trump doesn’t make it into the first week of November as a free man or as a living human.

If Trump does start his second Presidential term in January, NATO will not likely exist past March 2025 unless Germany is willing to buy NATO and run NATO, impoverishing the German people in the process,

NATO’s demise would be the best thing to happen to the human race.

NATO doesn’t prevent wars, it only kills people and spends the money of ordinary humans in doing that killing while feeding its beneficiaries tons of cash to buy more yachts and hideaways.

NATO is of no benefit to Canada except for it comprising an old boys’ club to wine and dine the occasional parliamentary committee and political leaders.

Donald Trump is Positioned to win the 2024 Presidential Election and he might just save the Human Race. If Marvel were to create such a hero, it would look preposterous—like Gilligan saving the World.

American Democrats believe Donald Trump will walk away from giving the American taxpayer’s cash to Ukraine for their stupid ethnic clash with Ukraine’s age-old neighbour, Russia.

How many thousands of bridges of the USA are so decrepit they are ready for collapse like the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore? Americans want their lives fixed before another dollar is spent helping Ukrainians kill themselves in Biden’s losing war. Why would anyone support Biden’s losing war? Today, number nine on the richest oligarchs in Ukraine is Volodymyr Zelensky and $1.2 billion is his purported wealth.

Ukraine’s leaders churn American money into a field of corrupt declining Ukrainian oligarchs who are infamous for stealing anyone’s money and there’s nothing special about Americans. They can be bled dry like anyone else.

Will Donald Trump make it to through election day?

Trump is in grave peril as a legendary senior citizen who has accomplished things nobody could have predicted. He must be getting tired of the cesspool in DC.

Trump is an extraordinary American. When Trump speaks, and I say that as a Canadian living next door to the Yanks, he appeals to the vast majority of Americans because the vast majority of Americans are as credulous and plain stupid as Trump but never had a dad leave them with a few billion dollars in today’s dollar value. Remember Donald Trump telling Americans to drink Lysol to fight the SARS2 virus? In great numbers, many did that.

“President Donald Trump received at least $413 million from his father over the decades, much of that through dubious tax dodges, including outright fraud.”— NY Times: Trump got $413M from his dad, much from tax dodges

Polls suggest it is unlikely Joe Biden could win an election for Dog Catcher let alone POTUS, but pollsters obviously have not paid enough attention to what drivel Trump is spewing. He scares yhe crap out of the Pentagon and Defence Industrial movers and shakers.

GenocideJoe as he is known around the world is setting records as the worst U.S. President in all of America’s history. Not only is he now and always, we now learn, incompetent, but also corrupt. Ask folks in Kiev.

Thanks to Biden, mental depression is the number one health risk attributable to reading the news, despite the American media’s proclivity to swoon over Biden and lie about the damage the guy has done including the 300,000 casualties amng the peole of Gaza and the West Bank.

Joe Biden, lies his face off and boldly helps bomb the hell out of Palestinian women and kids while handing to the worst band of anarchistic uncontrolled lunatics in the IDF any weapons that they want to use against doctors, nurses, journalists, humanitarian workers, American food deliverers, babies, girls, moms… it’s sick. Some Israeli officials admit that their mission is the cleansing of Gaza. That will probably happen as faminine and disease take over from the bombs and bullets.

Sadly, Ukraine has lost millions of people who left the country or have been killed in the war against Russia Biden dragged them into.

Having boldly slaughtered thousands of ethnic-Russian Ukrainians in Donbass, with Obama and Biden’s help, for eight years, Russia finally listened to the wailing of the oppressed ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine and came to their rescue. Putin has even apologized for putting that off. That’s the truth of it.

It’s like the 7 October stink-show by Hamas morons. None of what the world has been told about that day by Netanyahu and Biden is true. Biden as usual told horrific lies. Netanyahu is renowned as a liar. Folks in the international media know this is true but when TV liars like NBC and CNN get hold of a story of Hamas fetching 40 infants and chopping them into little pieces (according to Netanyahu) their dying audience rejuvenates for an hour the advertising execs can sell, each time the storytellers embellish the lie. The people must then pay $billions for war—a war against innocent women and children who are being slaughtered in Gaza.

Is this the formula for the future: ordinary populations spilling their blood, losing their children and babies, so that oligarchs can get richer selling weapons?

The worst part of this reality is that you are next. What is to stop any of this from happening to you if today’s leaders continue to get away with killing their populations and anyone who opposes their absolute rule?