Biden failure to give value to the lives of all people.

World opinion of Biden’s and Netanyahu’s Gaza genocide is getting on Biden’s nerves. He calls university protestors jew-haters. USA cops arrested 1000 on that decree.

Gaza genocide has the world scowling at Biden’s disengeuous logic that being anti-apartheid and anti-Gaza Genocide is also Jew hating—antisemitic. This yester-year mediocre politician really said that,” exclaims Dale Carter, security director of The RINJ Foundation, a global women’s rights CSO campaigning for Gazan women’s and children’s rights and safety.

Photo by Adam Schultz / Biden for President

Biden failure to give value to the lives of all people. 2020 File Photo by Adam Schultz / Biden for President. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine.

Massive Biden-American Cover-up scheme for “GenocideJoe”

Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu both know they are guilty of committing genocide in Gaza. Several contacts in Washington t0ld me Mr. Netanyahu contacted President Biden on Sunday asking him to stop the International Criminal Court from issuing arrest warrants for Mr. Netanyahu and his motley Cabinet of fanatics. Meanwhile, also worried about his own complicity in Genocide, direct incitement of genocide, and direct participation in Netanyahu’s genocide and apartheid, Mr. Biden’s White House has been issuing memos demanding the word ‘genocide’ be removed from all narratives within the Administration and within the supportive media collective. I think that is a fruitless, onerous tasking that only inculpates Mr. Biden,” added Ms. Carter.

Concomitantly the New York Times is alleged to have “instructed journalists covering Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip to restrict the use of the terms “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing” and to “avoid” using the phrase “occupied territory” when describing Palestinian land, according to a copy of an internal memo obtained by The Intercept.”

and write in their report that the New York Times memo instructs Times reporters not to use the word Palestine “except in very rare cases” and to steer clear of the term “refugee camps” to describe areas of Gaza historically settled by displaced Palestinians expelled from other parts of Palestine during previous Israeli–Arab wars. The areas are recognized by the United Nations as refugee camps and house hundreds of thousands of registered refugees.

Biden is also calling out all the big guns to attack the International Criminal Court as a form of bullying to prevent arrest warrants in the ICC Gaza Genocide Case.

No Impunity for Gaza Crimes says ICC

Nearly 200 NGOs have written to America’s Universities and asked them to stop persecuting students for their abhorrence of Gaza Genocide.

“There is no blank cheque in the Israel-Hamas conflict. The ICC is working to ensure justice is on the frontlines,” wrote Karim Khan, the chief prosecutor at the international criminal court in a ten November op-ed piece in The Guardian.

Thus far in his career as ICC prosecutor, Karim Khan has not carried out prosecutions against America or its allies. One such example of dodged prosecutions is the Rodrigo Duterte regime which is alleged to have committed a large number of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines which nation is now occupied by American troops for the purpose of fighting a war against China. Duterte’s daughter is the current Vice-President of the Philippines and President Ferdinand Marcos was elected on the endorsement of Mr. Duterte who had been a very popular strongman president of the archipelago nation.

Another example of ICC dodged prosecutions and investigations is Ukraine which for a decade since 2014 carried out an ethnic cleansing operation backed by the USA and Britain in the Donbass regions of Ukraine, especially Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts, now breakaway sovereign republics currently in the process of joining the Russian Federation as self-governed entities. This conflict between Ukraine with America against Donetsk and Luhansk has led to the Russian intervention and so-called “Russian Military Operation” which has turned into a de facto war between America and Russia on Ukraine soil.

Then also there’s the women’s opinion about ICC failing Shireen Abu Akleh, and exalting Russian President Vladimir Putin with an arrest warrant as if he is the most important person in the world because the Americans cannot stand him. Meanwhile the killers of Shireen Abu Akleh continue their murderous campaign slaughtering over 150 journos in the past seven months.

“Notwithstanding these widely shared criticisms, the process of justice moves slowly across the Earth; and secondly, the ICC has some difficult funding restrictions as well as plenty of interference that does likely slow its progress. The ICC is seriously underfunded say its advocates. Nevertheless, Mr. Karim Khan has made some publicly poignant statements that could suggest that change for the better is in the wind,” noted RINJ Women‘s Dale Carter.

“We are currently experiencing a moment of profound human suffering globally. A pandemic of inhumanity has taken hold, from Darfur to Ukraine, from the plight of women and girls in Afghanistan to the seemingly forgotten voices of Rohingya refugees in Myanmar, and now the intolerable tragedy that is deepening in Israel and the State of Palestine and threatening to spread wider. These human rights emergencies are interconnected. At their heart they are driven by a common crisis: a failure to give value to the lives of all people,” suggested Karim Khan.

In support of its complaint to the International Criminal Court, the RINJ Women offered assistance of its security contractor to arrest parties subject of ICC warrants.

Dispersed teams from our ASEAN region training centers have been sent to strategic locations around the world to make sure the scores of perpetrators cannot hide, studying them, learning their acts and behaviors, waiting for the warrants.”

Crimes in Gaza committed by Israel’s armed forces and their American advisors include handcuffing two couples in a house and then using tanks to crush them and their house. America and Israel have been using ‘bunker-busing bombs’ to destroy Gazan’s deep bomb shelters claiming they are Hamas’ command centers but these basements are well-known locally as shelters for women and children when the bombings starts as it has done for decades. Additionally, these weapons are being used to cause apartment buildings from collapsing in 0n themselves killing everyone on each of nine to ten floors, mostly women and children during the planned daytime attacks.

Using  GBU-57A/B Massive Ordnance Penetrator bombs to destroy tall residential buildings during the daytime when small children and their mothers are at home is a crime against humanity. This weapon is a precision-guided, 30,000-pound (14,000 kg) “bunker buster” bomb used by the United States Air Force. It is substantially larger than the deepest-penetrating bunker busters previously available, the 5,000-pound (2,300 kg) GBU-28 and GBU-37. Wikipedia.

Hamas is a global Salafist movement for the resistance against oppression of Arabs. It is not some kind of motorcycle gang that can be defeated, it is a belief. Bombs are not killing beliefs; they only make believers angrier.

Using killing to solve all problemsGlobal Values that are badly warped. Photo Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Biden’s failure to give value to the lives of all people is protested all around the world. Netanyahu is an alleged criminal in his own country with a long history of being a proven liar and violator of human rights. That he is not in prison is a testament to a global failure to give value to the lives of all people.

Above: Colombia students protest apartheid in Palestine and demand the end of the Gaza Genocide as well as justice for survivors.

Above: Holocaust survivor is favouring a single democratic state solution.