Biden Administration fans flames of its 3 wars.

“We are not asking for anything crazy; we just want the murders to stop,” said one Colombia University protestor. More mass graves found in Khan Younis, al Shifa hospital and Gaza’s Nasser hospital indicate ghoulish crimes of live burials, torture, and a wide range of crimes against humanity—actually, every crime referenced in the Rome Statute has been committed by Israel and America in Gaza.

Today America is paying $26 billion to the Israeli government to continue this Gaza Genocide and RINJ Women humanitarian workers in Gaza are nearly apoplectic, on the news of this development.

“We have watched Israeli Officers and American military advisors walk across areas where Palestinian hospital patients have been buried alive, under their orders,” exclaimed nurse Ai’sha who also said she anticipates some of her local medical staff colleagues are buried in the mass graves.

Medical workers observed a mass grave site that was discovered and is being crudely dug up frantically under pressure from families gathered in crowds, seeking missing persons.

“This was at the Nasser hospital complex in central Gaza, where the digging has so far unearthed over 390 cadavers with evidence of horrid conditions of death,” said Behar Abbasi, senior medical director for the RINJ Women birthing clinics in Gaza. She sat with the courageous young Ai’sha who was sharing some food the women had baked from flour and some fruit and berries, now shared with a gathering throng small, hungry children huddled around the women caregivers. The pictures are stunning fist-to-heart moments, but RINJ security experts forbid their publication.  :-/

The macabre discoveries were made after Israeli troops pulled out of the city of Khan Younis in order to regroup before the launch of the attacks on Rafah which the Netanyahu Administration has scheduled under protest of the global community.

America is paying $26 billion to the Israeli government to continue this Gaza Genocide criminality while trying to beat America’s youth into submission at hundreds of American universities where protests have erupted to express concerns about the Gaza Genocide and America’s role. Joe Biden wants them to stop saying “Gaza Genocide” and “GenocideJoe” during the election season.

America, Europe, there is something seriously wrong with your leaders who stand back and cheer on a Genocide.

Both America and the European Union have said they wish to see an external, independent study of the mass burial crimes before saying anything, this, all the while Israel is bombing the people looking for the buried bodies.

According to al Jazeera, “The Palestinian Civil Defence says it will cooperate with an independent investigation into three separate mass graves containing 392 bodies.”

Joe Biden has described millions of American University students as stupid and antisemitic. Biden denounces student protests at the behest of his campaign donors, one of whom talked to me thinking I am a supporter because we endorsed Biden against Trump for 2020. Biden says American universities ‘don’t understand what’s going on with the Palestinians’ as if there is a special reason to have Palestinian women and children killed—something like a score of 40,000 Palestinains dead to eight American servicemen killed in Gaza,” Ms, Deslauriers added.

“Americans love war if they don’t have to fight the war and it is killing people they have been brainwashed to hate,” suggests the veteran war-zone nurse practitioner Monique Deslauriers who hails from Calais, Maine.

Biden Administration turns on its Youth for calling out GenocideJoe

Biden Administration turns on American youth for their calling out GenocideJoe for his leading America into participation in the Gaza Genocide. Photo from Twitter. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

The Biden Administration continues to beat down America’s youth for calling out GenocideJoe on his Gaza Genocide.

The Biden administration has pumped $billions worth of bombs and artillery shells as well as on-the-ground support to the Gaza Genocide.

Biden also vetoed over the last 7 months at least three United Nations Security Council resolutions that had world-wide support, calling for a humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Genocide that has so far killed more than 45,000 Palestinians, according to medical workers, most of the known dead being women and children.

“Most White Americans have been brought up to hate Arabs from anywhere; to hate Asians, especially Chinese and Vietnamese; and to hate Blacks and Russians, in no particular order—just remembering around a circle of classmates eighteen years ago until now. Let’s face it, we have a shameful culture steeped in White Supremacy ever since all these people we now hate were once our slaves,” Ms. Deslauriers added. She is the USA executive director of The RINJ Foundation, a global women’s rights Civil Society Organization (CSO).

File Photo by Roland Balik, 436th Airlift Wing

File Photo by Roland Balik, 436th Airlift Wing. Oksana Markarova, left, ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the United States, and Maj. Gen. Borys Kremenetskyi, center, Ukraine defense attaché, speak with Deputy Assistant Secretary Mira Resnick, right, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, during a foreign military sales mission at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, 10 February 2022 (On the occasion: Dover AFB hosts ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the U.S.).
Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

New Offensive Weapons have started to flow into Ukraine. Airplanes are landing at this moment in Poland and in Ukraine.

Biden’s war chest for his November re-election bid will get another surge as a 100-billion spending spree on Anercan weapons begins with American taxpayers’ money.

“The Republicans in Maine (growing in numbers as Democrats flee from Biden) say that Biden is using taxpayer money to get military-industrial kickbacks into his campaign fund.

This week’s $61 billion for the USA war with Russia in Ukraine; $26 billion for supporting Israel’s part in the Gaza Genocide; and a peculiar $8 billion to incite war with China by providing money to Taiwan and the Philippines to buy weapons from the United States. “Biden gets his share in the form of election contributions,” says a source.

“That White House Flak says he is not concerned about the GenocideJoe moniker. He actually seems to like it [Shrug],” notes Ms. Deslauriers.

Taiwan will get a bundle of money to spend on weapons to use against China as America and its coerced allies go out of their way to provoke China into a shooting war to exacerbate the current sanctions-war, trade-war, and lawfare wars.