Banning Al Jazeera is a bad idea. We need to know truth.

Israelis around the world are at best uncertain and at the worst, furious at the nationalistic Netanyahu government that might be more fascist than was Hitler. Obviously, it is a reality that many Israelis are publicly voicing that specific concern in those words.

Trying to kill Al Jazeera while defying a UNSC Resolution for a ceasefire is just like the murder of veteran Al Jazeera TV journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. None should have happened. Violating UN ceasefire orders, committing genocide, murdering journalists and killing media is all wrong but all part of the same disease: fascism driven by racist hatred.

Critics of Netanyahu’s fear-of-transparency are primarily pointing to concerns about freedom of the press, censorship, and the suppression of dissenting voices plus a few are bothered enough to say this is an attack on democracy. Others say Israeli democracy is lost already. Netanyahu’s government is showing such an extreme it may be an example of the worst that Israelis need to prevent and a beacon for change for the future.

One of the suggestions RINJ Women has made is that the parties look deeply at the beautiful assimilation of Palestinians and Israelis in Israel’s cities and seek a nationwide assimilation to create a one-state solution wherein the parties live together in free democracy and harmony. Eternal war has been an unhappy experience for everyone. Focus more on family love, prosperity, and happy communities. Let people privately practice any religion they choose.

Al Jazeera is our Conscience on Climate Change Mitigation. Thank you Al Jazeera.

One thing that stands out in Israel: war is the worst thing we humans can do to harm our environment. Israel is not immune to climate change disasters.

Banning Al Jazeera would be seen as an attack on freedom of the press, a fundamental principle of democracy.

Take a stand for press freedom

RINJ Women urge the protection of Press Freedom.
The cropped photo of an Al Jazeera TV studio was originally shot from a balcony overlooking the main television studio towards the presenter’s desk in the Doha headquarters. This artwork is created by Rosa Yamamoto of Feminine-Perspective Magazine using two heavily cropped images, one created by Wittylama
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For the Netanyahu government, democracy is seen as a burden in any study of its radical goals of what has been described as a nationalist government currently clinging illegitimately to power.

Thousands of Israeli protesters across Israel, make that claim. Netanyahu appears to act without the consent of these voters and thousands have asked that Netanyahu be recalled and that an immediate election take place. His bans on media coverage of his behaviour has further enraged the opposing part of the Israeli  electorate which is again in the streets protesting.

Critics of media bans including America’s attempt at banning social media like Tik Tok, say a free press is essential for holding governments accountable and ensuring transparency in society. Weak governments with little legitimacy fear transparency.

Restricting the presence of Al Jazeera could set a dangerous precedent and embolden other governments to suppress media outlets they find unfavorable in reverse. Outlets that share the Israeli point of view like CNN and NBC would quickly get the kybosh, perhaps. Certainly, the door is being opened.

Al Jazeera provides a realistic perspective on Middle Eastern, other Asian regions, and African affairs compared to all Western news outlets which often have an outrageous perspective from the position of total Anglosphere ignorance of anything culturally different.

Israel’s Banning al Jazeera for the sake of limiting the voice of a certain ethnic group the Netanyahu government is trying to exterminate is consistent with the current allegations of Gaza Genocide. It adds to the evidence and doesn’t look good because it is seriously wrong.

Limiting the diversity of voices and viewpoints available to Israeli citizens, potentially leading to a narrowing of public discourse and understanding is going to be resented at first. But then the public will find alternative access via the internet and the shock they will experience being exposed to the truth may cause severe civil unrest. An example is the Tik Tok war between America’s under-29 generations and Joe Biden. The youth have the colour of right and seem to be winning if the content of Tik Tok is a true indication.

Netanyahu is taking a page out of “Crooked Joe Biden’s”
routines as former President Trump calls it.

The Biden Administration has weaponized the American media and the American justice system against political opponents and the outcome has everlasting negative impact. It backfired.

Forced to look for alternative media for perspective, the American people are growing wiser, especially America’s youth. The U.S. President is now known as ‘Genocide Joe’. And data indicates the American people are actually acting aggressively to access foreign coverage of news events via broadcast sites and a few social media channels like Tik Tok which has exposed the Democrat White House for what it is, “hypocritical”.

Additionally, the Biden censorship and bullying of the media using its advertising budget as the whip and its control over large corporations as another part of the leverage has strained the credibility of the American media as well as the media of the entire West. People are right. It is true that a lot of the Western media cannot be trusted.

Arguably, Western media is complicit in a genocide. Al Jazeera has reported all sides of the story and has challenged the claimed right of government to kill its populations. Obviously that offends Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel’s reputation in the international community suffers as a result of the ban on al Jazeera plus other media that is critical of Netanyahu. This ban is perceived as an attempt to stifle criticism and dissent, further fueling existing tensions and conflicts in the entire region.

Countries are beginning to revolt by withdrawing embassies from Israel.

Al Jazeera’s reporting provides valuable insights into the perspectives of people living in the Middle East and other regions of Asia, especially important today, those in the occupied territories of the Palestinian people. Banning the network could lead to a diminished understanding of the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the broader geopolitical landscape. It can be argued that doesn’t help anyone.

In some cases, media outlets like Al Jazeera serve as de facto channels for communication and dialogue between conflicted parties. Banning this channel of dialogue could hinder opportunities for constructive engagement, negotiation, and diplomacy.

Such a ban would also affect journalists and media professionals working as freelancers and working for Al Jazeera, on staff, potentially leading to job losses and curtailed freedom to report on important issues.

Overall, the ban on Al Jazeera would be viewed by many as a regressive step for democracy, freedom of speech, and the pursuit of balanced and diverse media coverage by a government that fears its legitimacy is correctly under challenge. That is not a good message to be sending at this time, and not ever.