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World News Headlines

Headline: World war is under way in its incipient stages

By Micheal John OBrien, Thu, 18 Apr 2024 01:03:05 GMT

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Stirring up wars around the world is the American-led White supremacy. USA slaughtering of non-whites at home and abroad feeds global racism. America has an ironclad commitment to killing tens of thousands of non-white women and children in Gaza and … Continue reading →

Headline: Iran concludes its response to Israeli murders of Iran Generals in Damascus with fireworks show

By Micheal John OBrien, Sun, 14 Apr 2024 00:26:34 GMT

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Two hours ago, Iran kept U.S. Forces and Israeli's protective air defence dome busy fending off scores of mild Iranian drones launched against Israel. British, American and Israeli armed forces responded to the Iranian attack. Local news in Israel suggests … Continue reading →

Headline: Tale about Philippines under attack by China over territory dispute is a lie. Editorial.

By Micheal John OBrien, Thu, 11 Apr 2024 17:52:25 GMT

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At the insistence of the U.S. in 1999, the Philippines ran aground an abandoned U.S. World War II transport vessel on a submerged sandbar known as the Second Thomas Shoal in the Spratly Islands claiming the Philippines owns that sandbar. … Continue reading →

Headline: Revolt of Palestine slaves and friends will follow an Eid in the shadow of Genocide. Calm is needed.

By Rosa Yamamoto, Wed, 10 Apr 2024 17:21:34 GMT

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The rage over territorial attacks on Iran by America and Israel as a distraction from the crime of genocide cannot go unpunished. Nor can Genocide be given a pass. Nobody truly fails to understand that. But rage and indignation can … Continue reading →

Headline: Israel violated the right to exist as a state. Today in Gaza by Dr. Abbasi.

By Behar Abbasi, Mon, 08 Apr 2024 17:48:22 GMT

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The Gaza Genocide in its on-the-ground reality in the rubble of Gaza, particularly northern Gaza, has a magnitude of atrocity never before recorded. As Israel reduces its military presence in Gaza, rejuvenating troops, preparing for the invasion of Rafah, we … Continue reading →

Headline: WCK assassinated because Israel does not want Gazans fed

By Micheal John OBrien, Sat, 06 Apr 2024 17:12:43 GMT

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What did the World Central Kitchen folks do wrong to deserve assassination? They violated Israeli Minister Gallant's 9 Oct. order to starve Palestinians. America's new sick charade of pretending to care about Palestinian lives is carried out in a hot-air … Continue reading →

Headline: Banning Al Jazeera is a bad idea. We need to know truth.

By Micheal John OBrien, Fri, 05 Apr 2024 18:28:23 GMT

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Israelis around the world are at best uncertain and at the worst, furious at the nationalistic Netanyahu government that might be more fascist than was Hitler. Obviously, it is a reality that many Israelis are publicly voicing that specific concern … Continue reading →

Headline: Human race pointed at extinction unless we change leaders, end NATO

By Micheal John OBrien, Thu, 04 Apr 2024 22:10:13 GMT

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Human extinction is not only possible, but likely. Scientists could not have said that in the days of Maggie Thatcher, Francois Mitterrand, Helmut Kohl and Ron Reagan. Notwithstanding nuclear weapons, bio-weapons, SARS viruses, there are also pollution, climate change disasters, … Continue reading →

Headline: American spook saw opportunity that could not be ignored, just like Crocus Hall

By Rosa Yamamoto, Tue, 02 Apr 2024 18:30:42 GMT

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The Israeli attack on Iranian diplomatic quarters and a consular office was coordinated between ISIS in Idlib governorate, Israel in Washington DC, the Pentagon and the U.S. State department. The attack was against the planners of recent attacks on American … Continue reading →

Headline: Sick Israel literally destroyed al Shifa Hospital complex.

By Behar Abbasi, Mon, 01 Apr 2024 12:17:10 GMT

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The most advanced full-service hospital complex in the entire region, circa 1946, has been destroyed, 512 and counting women, children, patients, doctors, nurses killed by Israel. By Behar Abbasi in Gaza. Many of the thousands of displaced Palestinians seeking shelter … Continue reading →