Geraldine Frisque

Dr. Geraldine Frisque is a Medical Doctor (MD) from the South of France who is currently, in 2020/2021, completing a PhD after spending a number of years working in a private practice with a group of women practitioners. During her time out of her practice save one day per week when she sees patients, Ms. Frisque, a long time feminist with RINJ while doing her doctoral work, became the official spokesperson for the RINJ Foundation, a global civil society women’s group that sprung from the grass roots, early-2000s RINJ-Campaign that fought Social Media outlets that were promoting rape and the sale of girls and women as sex slaves.

In her own words: “We are the (Rape Is No Joke) RINJ Women who fought to remove pro-rape and child-sex-slavery content from social media, ending on 4 Nov. 2011. We then elected to continue as a campaign for the universal rights of women & girls wherever the promise of peace and prosperity through gender equality has not been realized. We incorporated on 21 Aug. 2012, after one decade as a grass roots group called The RINJ Campaign.

RINJ Women strive to end malicious & hateful ideologies fuelling gender-based violence & terrorism around the world, particularly in Afghanistan, South Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Iran, & Venezuela. At our women’s care clinics, women’s shelters, and birthing clinics, we energize our tolerant kindness and apply our love for the human family, our caring, & our sharing.


G. Chow

Chow was born and educated in Taiwan, studied in the US for 3 years, majored in computer science.

For more than 30 years this author has worked in the Taiwan branches of American and European companies in various functions.

A strong believer that the form of democracy propagated and praised by many is not a good solution, Chow says that, “we humans, by nature, everywhere alike, are gullible and easily manipulated.

“Democracy will sooner or later become a game that the smarter player, usually the trickier, dirtier and less ethical one, rather than the one with vision and capability, wins.  It will eventually ruin the country.  Socrates and Plato saw this more than 2000 years ago.”


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