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Al Manzer, Science and Technology Correspondent

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Al Manzer


Senior professional with more than 40 years’ experience with CANDU nuclear fuel design and operational performance assessments, both domestic and international.

Participated in several major international missions which included root cause investigations in Korea, China, Romania and Pakistan.

  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) missions related to fuel performance to China, Korea, and Pakistan
  • Represented Canada at various IAEA meetings in Vienna relating to fuel performance topics
  • Developed analytical tools for predicting fuel performance
  • Developed equations for assessing radiation levels in CANDU reactor which were converted to spreadsheets for various engineering applications

Academic Qualifications

M. Eng. in Engineering Physics, McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario
Honours B. Sc. in Physics, University of Waterloo, Waterloo Ontario

Canadian Nuclear Society Outstanding Contribution Award, 2012 (presented in Saskatoon)


Over 50 open literature papers and reports have been published on fuel-related subjects, together with several classified reports.

Scientific Commendation

Al Manzer’s successful career has spanned nearly four decades entirely in nuclear fuel technology. At the time of retirement from AECL in 2004, he was AECL’s Principal Engineer for fuel design. He has been energetic and enthusiastic about CANDU
fuel, and has made significant contributions in the areas of CANDU fuel design, testing, and fuel performance. In the late 1980s, Al applied an expert system to assessing and discovering defects in CANDU-6 fuel. In 2007, he was a central contributor
to a fuel-defect investigation team at a major utility.

Al continues to be involved in all new CANDU fuel designs, such as ACR fuel, Thorium Fuel, Low Void Reactivity Fuel, Long Bundle, and the Modified 37 Element Fuel Bundle. Al has the mutual respect of his colleagues across the industry and maintains that network. Most of these organizations have sought him out for assistance with fuel design, testing, or performance issues throughout his career and even in “retirement”.

He has mentored many new staff, prepared and delivered numerous fuel-related courses to industry staff and university students. With this award, Al Manzer is being recognized for his extensive contributions to CANDU fuel design, testing and performance.