Is Biden truly leading the USA and the world as he claims?

NATO Tanks and other weapons continue to pour into Ukraine and few people today deny this is a proxy war between America and Russia and fewer deny that NATO is a cobelligerent with the USA against Russia using millions of Ukrainians as a biomass of cannon fodder.

“Russia is the target of one of the most ruthlessly effectively proxy wars in modern history. And the less U.S. officials say about it, the better,” wrote Hal Brands of Bloomberg in the Washinton Post on 10 May 2022.

America has for a couple of decades been gradually dethroned as the reigning force in the world.  China’s success in global trade has been remarkable as has its betterment of the lives of 1.4 billion Chinese.

Biden’s take on this is that “There’s going to be a new world order out there, and we’ve got to lead it. We’ve got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it.”

Joseph BidenFile photo: USA President Joseph Biden. White House photograph.

Biden: “Let us speak plainly. A permanent member of the United Nations Security Council invaded its neighbor, attempted to erase a sovereign state from the map,” said Joseph Biden’s speechwriters for the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

But Russia’s military operation in Ukraine pales compared to America’s two invasions of Iraq in 1989 and 2003; the 20-year USA/NATO invasion of Afghanistan that finally ended in 2021 after arming the Taliban beyond its wildest dreams; and the American invasion of parts of Syria to steal its oil still continues.

Joe Biden, in his fifty years as an American politician and a former Vice-President, owns this record of malignancy that has decimated at least three countries, leaving them in ruins.

Is this misconduct the responsibility of the White House or a run amok military industrial regime run from the Pentagon? Everything Biden says results in something different happening. The defence industrial base wants money and power and that means war. That is what is happening. War. Biden yammered about ending wars during his catastrophic retreat from the Taliban in Afghanistan. But a new war in Europe began quickly thereafter if not in the works in August 2021 already. If there is any winner in that war, it is the American arms industry.

Since then, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW), the Taliban “dismissed all women from leadership posts in the civil service and prohibited girls in most provinces of Afghanistan from being students in high schools.”

Women are banned by the Taliban from travelling unless accompanied by a male and women’s faces must be covered in public.

There is a lot of history behind the whole truth in Ukraine. American interference and interference by the Biden family behind Barrak Obama’s back is widely known.

The two nations, Russia and Ukraine are former USSR member states. There was considerable obfuscation of borders that did not matter so much during the Soviet Union era. In the decades since the breakup of the Soviet Union, there has been much unrest.

Three men running the US-Side of Ukraine war

The three men running the US-Side of the Ukraine war. L-R is Lloyd J. Austin III, US Defence Secretary; Volodymyr Zelenskyy, head of Ukraine; and Antony John Blinken, US Secretary of State.  Photo Credit: Office of the Ukrainian president. Photo is cropped and enhanced.  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

In 2013, Ukraine was roughly one third Russian and two-thirds Ukrainian in the east of Ukraine except Crimea which is mostly Russian like Luhansk PR and Donetsk PR..

In 2014, the Russian population of the Donbass region, in large part, broke away from the Ukraine by their own initiative as America tried to take control of the country by instigating a revolution known as the Maidan Revolution or the Ukrainian Revolution to overthrow a Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych, who was friendly with neighbour Russia and not so friendly toward the United States.

Biden: “Russia has shamelessly violated the core tenets of the United Nations Charter — no more important than the clear prohibition against countries taking the territory of their neighbor by force.”

But Putin claims that his military operation in Ukraine is to “liberate” the Russians in Donbass. Vladimir Putin has indeed said that he disbelieves that Ukraine constitutes a legitimate nation. Mr. Putin further claims that Ukraine is a fascist nation. Some people in Ukraine agree and others disagree.

What else does Biden say:

A poll released on Thursday suggests that Americans do not want Biden to seek a second term.

The big Queston is, “can the rest of the world prevent Biden and his warmongering administration prevent a massive nuclear war?”

So far, it does not look good at all. Biden and NATO have managed to back Putin into a corner, and he is becoming more like a rattlesnake each week. Ask a Southern Albertan who knows the prairie and they will tell you that once a rattle snake is coiled, it will strike, it’s just a matter of time and when, is the rattlesnake’s decision.

Both America and Russia are bandying nuclear threats back and forth in their war in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, America has nearly destroyed any hope of a detente with China, but it is safe to say, China, from all its centuries of wisdom, some of it gained the hard way, will keep the peace.

China is livid at American interference in Taiwan, America and Biden pretending they own Taiwan and vowing to use all available military force to prevent China from taking back its island province is not going over well anywhere in Asia. Nobody is cheering. People are planning and building bomb and fallout shelters.

Close to the American proposed warzone, Japanese and Filipinos are preparing for the worst, doing the best they can with the little they have.

State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the plenary session of the Asia Society, 22 September. Photo credit: Chinese Foreign Ministry, Beijing. Photo is cropped from original. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

On September 22, 2022 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi delivered a keynote speech titled the Right Way for China and the United States to Get Along in the New Era at Asia Society’s headquarters in New York.

“Wang Yi expressed, the past few years have seen China-U.S. relations at a low ebb since the establishment of diplomatic relations. The reality of China-U.S. interdependence is ignored; the history of our win-win cooperation is misrepresented; channels of dialogue and communication are blocked. And the China-U.S. relationship is being defined and impacted dangerously by so-called strategic competition. This is bringing tremendous uncertainty to the future of our peoples and to countries across the world,” explained State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi in a Foreign Ministry Statement.

Wang Li

Asia Society, plenary session. State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Photo credit: Chinese Foreign Ministry, Beijing. Photo is cropped from original. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Wang Yi said, “China is always open to cooperation with the United States based on equality and respect. The United States proposed six areas for U.S.-China cooperation, and China produced a list for China-U.S. cooperation in eight areas. Together, we can make the list of cooperation longer and the pie of cooperation bigger, to bring about win-win outcomes for our two countries and the world at large. The United States cannot undermine China’s core interests and the foundation for bilateral cooperation on the one hand, and on the other, expects China to cooperate unconditionally. Meanwhile, no matter how China-U.S. relations may evolve, China, as a responsible major country, will remain actively engaged in addressing the many global challenges, fulfill its responsibilities, and make its contribution. We hope the United States will do the same.”

Wang Yi said, “President Xi Jinping pointed out that the most important event in international relations in the coming 50 years will be for China and the United States to find the right way to get along. It is our hope that China and the United States will draw on past experience to find inspiration for the present, and gain strength for going forward.”

“Together, let us explore a way to a China-U.S. relationship for the new era and create a better future for both of our countries,” he added.