Ebrahim Raisi response to Iran-wide women protests is draconian

The sdness is almost overwhelmingMen in Afghanistan, Syria and Iran are assaulting women and killing women. This is femicide and some fear it has become a global pandemic as the number of females in the world decline rapidly.

The sadness among women who cut their hair off in protesting Mahsa Amini’s death in Iran is almost overwhelming. It’s been a week to remember that Islam’s marginalization of women will no longer stand in Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan… Photo source supplied.  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Some Iranian men have shown solidarity with their beloved sisters in this nationwide protest by publicly shaving off their own head of hair.

At least four dozen cities in Iran have seen women in the streets protesting the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. Women are demanding action against the crimes of the Islamic patriarch in Iran, especially femicide.

The demonstrations are continuing despite the draconian crackdown which some humanitarians fear could take on the dimensions of the 2019 government mass murders against fuel-price-demonstrators, which led to many hundreds of deaths, probably far more than anyone truly knows say activists in Iran.

Faezeh Afshan is seen in Italy, in the above video, as one of many women who have been cutting off their long hair in protest.

Thousands are estimated to have burned or discarded in other ways their hijab (headscarves).

In retaliation, Iran President Ebrahim Raisi has brought out the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) which has been threatening women and carrying out those threats according to activists in Tehran.

President Ebrahim Raisi has also launched his own pro-government demonstrations by filling the streets with men screaming against America and Israel.

FPMag’s Behar Abbasi is watching the story from Tehran where she has been involved in talks related to humanitarian assistance for Yemen. She reports that the internet is unavailable in most parts of Iran but that she has managed to access the ‘VPN tunnel’ used by the RINJ Foundation for its secure communications. It was Ms. Abbasi who was responsible for acquiring medical reports and images related to patient Mahsa Amini’s case.

Ms. Abbasi says she is making overtures to certain authorities since Wednesday for release of the male persons who arrested Mahsa Amini and who are also accused either jointly or severally of allegedly ‘striking her on the right side of her head with a gun handle‘.

Of the two witnesses who alleged this crime, neither is any longer available for follow up questions either because they have been disappeared; detained or no longer have functioning communication devices.

The last straw. Despite repeated stories from the Iranian government, stories that differ in each release, doctors are telling FPM.news that Mahsa Amini died as a result of a blow to the head at the time of her arrest before the videos we are seeing, and that this diagnosis is unequivocally supported by video evidence that corroborates medical evidence. Photo is source supplied.