Ukraine is a worse mess than the public realizes

It’s like a World War happening in one country. Russia is fighting 55 nations.

“Ukraine is a worse mess than the people of the West realize.
We are getting hundreds of humanitarian workers out of Ukraine and advise others do the same. This time we will not accept losing people for not making this call,” said the executive director of The RINJ Foundation. 

Part of a forgotten untold story

Photo Credit: Katie Alsop Photo Art/Cropping: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The life of a kidnapped child soldier. Her friends either died or became very sick.

“As a woman, or a girl in a Sharia refugee camp, you do the bidding of men—or get killed. Make your choice, join their army or die,” the girl PKK fighter said as she chewed on a piece of licorice the two nurses who had treated her clap had given her.

“We were chatting in the sunlight in the destroyed ‘circle center’ of Raqqa as the last ISIS was driven out by the YPJ. That girl also tested positive for HIV. But she was alive, more than could be said about too many of our sisters. We got over thirty of those girls away from their owners and into the care of a faith-based charity in Europe, where they finally went to school, paid by the donor,” Grace Edwards recalled that day, in an email. “For me and many others, Afghanistan is a picnic compared to Syria.”

Is this who the Americans are paying to go and fight in Ukraine?

The Syrian Democratic Forces, including a division of kidnapped or extorted girls, is an alliance including the YPG and the YPJ, in the Syrian Civil War composed primarily of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK), other Kurdish, Arab, and Assyrian Syriac militias as well as some smaller groups of Armenian Turkmen.  They are now slipping into Ukraine to fight the Russians. Turkey is allied with the Russians in Syria, in a manner of speaking although they each have different interests. 

Trust no one except the women leaders. Syrian ISIS and Syrian SDF are in Ukraine, fighting Russia along with around ten thousand (estimated) NATO Troops, paid by the USA as the rest of the world struggles to end this quagmire.

On Thursday, not far from a popular French bakery on Pushkin’ska street in  Kharkiv, Ukraine, at or near number 68, sitting on some stairs between two buildings munching on some ISIS fave-food (junk food) were four men known to the RINJ Women humanitarian workers in the northern part of Id Lib governorate in Syria.

The humanitarian workers spotting these ISIS men were last in Afghanistan, but the women were transferred to Kandahar, Afghanistan in late 2021 following many years working in Syria. Now they have been sent to Ukraine to help the evacuation of the workers who have been in that country for six months. They identified the men as four well-known criminals in Id Lib, Syria who are loyal ISIS members. One ISIS fighter spoke to one of the women who had delivered the man’s child in Aleppo, five years ago.

These men are paid to fight the Russians by the American side. They are paid $25k per year and their accommodation and food is covered so basically, they walk out with something like $2k for each month of fighting, or eating cinnamon buns as was the case today, he was explaining to all three of us,” she said in an email. “They wanted us to go with them for social activities, but we said ‘no, thank you’.”

America’s dirty secret. The child-soldier recruitment farms hold millions of desperate kids in many displaced persons camps among millions displaced by American bombing against cities infected with ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Now ISIS are being paid by Americans to fight Russians in Ukraine. This may not go over very well because there is nobody in the world besides me who hates the ISIS more than a Russian soldier,” says Grace Edwards, formerly of Syria now in Afghanistan as a humanitarian worker.

Confirmed later by three sources within sub-groups known as the PKK / YPG, the man said the SDF was also in Kharkiv.

All of the so-called American “Kurdish allies” including former ISIS, making up the SDF are actually PKK militants, the Kurdish Workers Party, a globally designated terrorist group which trains kidnapped or extorted child soldiers in the Middle East and all over Europe. They are apparently in Ukraine, fighting the Russians, paid by the Americans.

Sharia Refugee Camp near Duhok north of Mosul Iraq. These are new recruits. December 2015. Photo Credit: Katie Alsop Photo Art/Cropping: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

  1. But The United States has legislation saying it cannot provide military support to any group that uses child soldiers. The PKK is notorious for the removal of children from the IDP camps in northern Iraq. Under the SDF and paid by the Americans the PKK / YPG / YPJ are in Ukraine. They are fighting the Russians in Ukraine. Previously they were fighting with everyone in Syria along the border with Turkey.
  2. All of the so-called American “Kurdish allies” making up the SDF are actually PKK militants, the Kurdish Workers Party, a globally designated terrorist group which trains kidnapped or extorted child soldiers in the Middle East and all over Europe.
  3. The terrorist group Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) is a Marxist/Leninist violent group of highly militarized fighters that recruits and militarizes children as soldiers.
  4. The PKK / YPG was formed in the 1970s as an insurgency in Turkey aimed at overthrowing the Turkish government or to create a secession of part of Turkey, yet to be clearly defined. ()

Obama/Biden government oversaw one of the biggest uses of child soldiers in the West, ever, fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq. They directly or indirectly recruited thousands of girls to fight as soldiers aged 11-14 from refugee camps in the Middle East. Is this happening again? Both ISIS and the SDF are in Ukraine, and they say they are paid by the USA.