Only successful diplomacy can stop nuclear war now, says boffins

Was the European’s privileged party in Prague, the last supper?

Boffins (geniuses) like Jeffrey Sachs and John Mearsheimer worry that the West’s politicians’ penchant for provoking Russia while seeking a unipolar world which the USA would rule is heading the world to war with a morbid disregard for the safety and well-being of the human race.  All the evidence as well as the best and the brightest of global academia say these boffins are correct and nuclear war is imminent. “The worst leaders in history are sleepwalking the world toward war,” said Dale Carter, The RINJ Foundation’s security bofin. (The greatest threat to the safety of Women and Girls is War)

16th American war since 1980 may go nuclear by Christmas

Video, 6 October 2022 Prague: A collection of the most incompetent, failed European leaders in history, including the guest speaker, Volodymir Zelenskyy, the ones whose sanctions, wars and failure to focus on peace diplomacy, is starving Europeans and may freeze-dead man of their constituents in the dark of an unheated winter.

Forty-four nations met in Prague to discuss ways in which the assembled 27 member states of the EU and 17 other European nations, excluding Russia and its allies, can hurt Russia and its allies with more sanctions and more threats.

These people have abandoned the EU’s previous humanitarian focus in the world and now seek more war instead of finding solutions to their energy crisis. And according to Zelensky, the one-by-one death of the Russians.

Meanwhile, Russia is rapidly moving nuclear weapons and delivery systems into place, weapon systems like the Belgorod which carries six new weapons each capable of killing 7-11 million people in North America.


“The Belgorod submarine opens up new opportunities for Russia in conducting various research, allows conducting diverse scientific expeditions and rescue operations in the most remote areas of the world ocean,” according to a July statement from Russian Navy chief Adm. Nikolai Anatolyevich Yevmenov.

Now in the Arctic, Belgorod also carries 6 “Doomsday” Poseidon autonomous underwater warfare weapons. (See Below)

These racist Europeans now struggle to see who can kill the most Russians and how to build the largest military the fastest among EU nations as the Earth’s climate becomes increasingly more toxic to human life.

With sanctions and a lust for conflict the group created an energy crisis, an incipient economic recession that could collapse Europe, and wiped out all hope for a recovery from COVID-19 which is now surging as some scientists fear worse variants lie ahead. The EU 27 will stagger to their next party follow an EYU exclusive summit, to cap the price of gas they are willing to pay Russia. Putin has already said, “pay our price or get none.”

Cavalier depraved indifference toward civilian life should have been the theme for this Macron-invented hoopla of champagne, caviar and, “let’s kill Russians”, as Zelensky says.

The Belgorod Special Mission submarine carries 6 Poseidon nuclear autonomous torpedoes and below, the early variant Poseidon Nuclear Tsunami Torpedo carried onboard Belgorod is now in service. Belgorod can carry six.  Russian Department of Defence images.

Earlier variant nuclear-propelled Poseidon intercontinental underwater unmanned autonomous warfare weapon with a range of 10,000 km, at speed 100 nm/hr capable of operating below 1000 meters depth carrying a 2 Megaton “unstoppable” nuclear warhead. Poseidon can detonate a 2-megaton nuclear device at a kilometer depth causing a radioactive tsunami 500 meters high capable of killing 7 to 11 Millon people on the USA eastern or western seaboard without doing much damage to anything beyond the target.

Even Biden now admits that his fails have brought the world to the brink of nuclear war.

Joseph Biden looking intense. Photo Credit: Twitter.

The conclusion of some academics is that nuclear war is now inevitable under the current leadership and the circumstances those leaders created.  Some $100 billions dollars for warfighting have been given to Ukraine by the USA and allies. Unless serious peace negotiations begin with the Kremlin with a willingness to respect the Kremlin’s legitimate concerns, escalation to nuclear war, at least limited nuclear war, is weeks away.

As the Pope has said, the West provoked Russia into drastic action. Putin has repeatedly tried to find a solution but the West, led by Biden, has incomprehensibly banged the war drums, aiming at a massive confrontation with Russia.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy took a huge gamble—he gambled the lives of 45 million people of Ukraine by walking away from negotiations with the Kremlin which merely wanted to ask Ukraine to reposition itself as a neutral country.

Zelenskyy is not the man most people seem to think he is if a read of social media is a valid barometer of how Zelenskyy is perceived in the midst of an American Hollywood makeover campaign.

Viewed as a puppet of Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, Zelenskyy is himself an oligarch, created by Kolomoisky.

Zelenskyy is not well-balanced say people close to him. He has never shown any signs of being anything but larcenous and wayward. He is easily distracted and extremely narcissistic. Because of that character flaw he is easily manipulated by agents.

Zelenskyy is now a puppet of massive American effort to control the man; blackmail him and manipulate this court jester.  American sources close to the relationship with Zelenskyy say he is driving the Americans mad because he is far too irrational and impulsive and “not always willing to play ball, even on the simple common-sense items”.

He says his military—backed by NATO nations and others, in all some 55 nations—“will kill every Russian one-by-one”. Zelenskyy essentially demands that NATO (America) strike Russia with a massive volley of nuclear weapons as a ‘preemptive move to stop Putin from attacking Ukraine with nuclear weapons’.

The European seems to find it popular to support his madness. 

West seeks to kill every Russian until Russians kill Putin

There is an applicable story about Vladimir Putin.

One day in his youth, Vladimir Putin spotted a particularly large rat and drove it into a corner with sticks. Suddenly, the rat threw itself at Vladimir, trying to leap onto young Putin’s head to get over top of him and escape.

“This is worth remembering. You should not drive anyone into a corner”, he said.