Iran subjugates its females. Ironically women could save Iran

In Iran, females do bond to each other but their connection to the human race is precarious, borderline, unless they have a loving, caring male presence in their family with an ability to hide their contempt for females. The females who don’t have such a male connection to the human race, are still not hopeless like the males, but it takes decades for those females to survive marginalization. Thus, women of Generation X are the potential saviours of Iran as are their children of Gen Z.

Analysis/Editorial by Micheal John

Do you see the medical play on words. Contact the writer.

Women may save the human race.

 Smart Gen Z Women now stepping into the light may be saviours of humanity. Gen Z Women coming out of the blue, into the light, to challenge the misogynist males of Iran who believe in theological femicide, may be the saviours of Iran too. Photo credit: Micheal

In the case of Iranian Shia-men, while craving love they do not readily bond to the human race in a society that spurns the human who birthed them. Imagine the conflicted minds of those boys.

Men like Ali Khamenei and Ebrahim Raisi as two-dimensional creeps are sociopaths, even psychopaths.

Ali Khamenei and Ebrahim Raisi are very sick minds with no conscience. They crave power obtained by any means and they exploit any power they gain in a bloody manner.

Their longstanding theological femicide strategy will indeed wipe out the Islamic Republic of Iran. They kill the women who comprise the core of Islam, the core of any country, the family.

The men of the Iranian family committed to subjugation of the female members of their home are sniveling cowards and fit somewhere around snails on the evolutionary scale. Have you noticed? Take a look at the pencil-Ds slamming rifle butts into women’s heads. Look just once and I will rest my case.

Men with the heart of a tiger must rise up and end the rein of Ali Khamenei and Ebrahim Raisi by disobeying every illegal order and every illegitimate law and finding alternatives in regional government to the Islamic Republic doctrine. Theology in government kills countries. Iran is doomed.

Why are Iranian Men Typically Psychopaths?

The answer: Because of Iranian Subjugation of the female.

Here is the scientific medical theory behind the problem. It is quite simple and an interesting lesson in the human psyche for the uninitiated.

Children of families wherein the female gender is subjugated are vulnerable to disorders caused by failing to bond to the human race. America in the past century is already showing signs of being nearly as bad as Iran, but Persia is as old as its hills and has had more time to perfect psychopathy. Both countries are guilty of heinous mass murders. Do you want proof? Look at the preponderance of males with AR-15s willing to slaughter school kids and Mall shoppers in America, daily.

Both Iran and America are always in wars. The men become two dimensional humans lacking empathy, and they also become cowardly killers with no soul. Iranians and Americans face off in Libia, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, China, Yemen, everywhere. Americans mostly don’t know this fact. Neither nationalities seem to stay out of the shit and away from each other where psychopaths play. Americans and Iranians, sociopaths, have a macabre attraction to each other, but they never get along.

Why? Because Iranian men need to at least bond to the human race at the umbilical cord. They are given life by a woman. But once alive and gaining cognitive function they realize that the world around them despises the breast they are suckling and the human who provided the core spark of love and life to their existence. The conflict begins and the chaos between the Id and the Ego tries to bring the mind forward past the cognition that the human man has no beginning of worth.

Failing to bond to the mother is a condition full of psychological damage. The exacerbation of this issue in Persia goes back centuries and hundreds of generations. The genetic heredity of the Iranian male is flawed. Iran breeds two dimensional men. If you understand that, you are filled with fear and revulsion.

I remember encountering extremist Shia-theological militia members near the small city of Tal Afar of Nineveh province in Iraq during the war to quash the Islamic State. Eventually they killed all the remaining Sunni-ISIS in Tal Afar, for which I had no objection.

These men were much worse than their Sunni psychopathic variants. They were not only soulless but they seemed bloodless too. Ice water ran through their veins and their eyes were hollow chasms like the well of hell that never focused and had no bottom.

Meeting the Iranian militia members in Id Lib, Syria and places like that in the south of Syria is a heart stopping experience. It is a sudden exposure to the fleeting glimpse of what is obvious. If this is who we are, the human race is doomed.