Epidemic: Depraved indifference to civilian lives. 4 Examples

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1. Truth: Indonesian National Police Gas a Locked over-sold Stadium killing over 200, injuring 300+

Likely the most reprehensible conduct of government authorities, apart from the criminal act of deliberately provoking a world war starting in eastern Europe, now involving some 55 nations, was the police in Kanjuruhan stadium in Indonesia closing the over-sold stadium (45k in a 42k stadium) exits and tear-gassing the peaceful sitting spectators in the stands, forcing them to try and exit, through closed doors.

Two police officers and at least 17 children were among the 125 dead found in the aftermath. Nearly 100 bodies had been taken home according to the Indonesian custom for days of home respect and mourning and a chance to scrape the money together for a burial, explain RINJ members in Indonesia who were at the stadium and caught up in the crush to leave. “I saw a crying man and his daughter carry a mother and small child out of there,” the sobbing member said. Many people had tried to resuscitate fallen family members, failing that, carrying them out. “It was a depraved scene of people crushing each other and cops beating people on their heads with sticks [translated].”

This cavalier disregard for the safety of the civilian population is a crime of criminal negligence causing mass deaths, depraved indifference to the rights and safety these guards were paid to protect, and a detrimental reflection on the government of President Joko Widodo.

Clearly Widodo’s government has a grave disregard for the people who elected him and his officials. This was inexcusable disregard for human life.  Why were not these police officers trained? What kind of authority mentality is this that police officers were attacking fleeing stadium patrons, even while the doors were locked?

It’s not the only issue. There have been numerous cases of violations of human rights on an individual level, but this is a crime against humanity. The nerve of these bastards gassing an overcrowded stadium with the doors locked is a mass murder in a population that will never forget.

Words are not enough. Joko Widodo must step down while explaining his culpability and calling an election. The people need to demand better respect for the civilian population from their next leader. Widodo must go.

There are no words that express the enormous failing of government authorities that with even malice but with certainty, with depraved indifference, mass murdered and injured so many of their beautiful, vulnerable, brothers and sisters.

An estimated 200+ innocent spectators, including those whose bodies were taken home, were trampled to death in the decidedly overcrowded stadium. Over 325 civilians were injured according to medical practitioners and their medical NGO groups in Indonesia. Those numbers are conclusive enough for a condemnation.

This was disgusting preventable mass criminal negligence. When the actually few hundred spectators ran to the pitch the role of police was to escort the few players off the field and protect that route with moving lines and shields and avoid engagement in any manner—not gas the whole stadium. Additionally, all entrances and exits should have been opened including the vehicle entrances at either end. The role of the players was to leave the stadium to the secure dressing area, briskly, not to engage.

The scene was a lesson in gross negligence by uncaring, unskilled, untrained men who believed they had impunity for anything. They saw the innocent civilian public as their enemy and acted out their violence against even children accordingly. Despicable.

Indonesian National Police Criminal Negligence

Head of the Indonesian National Police Listyo Sigit Prabowo, Minister of Youth and Sports Zainudin Amali, Governor of East Java Khofifah Indar Parawansa, and General Chairperson of the All-Indonesian Football Association Mochamad Iriawan carried out a review of conditions inside the Kanjuruhan Stadium on October 2, 2022 after the incident and the exodus of gassed spectators on 1 October 2022. Photo Credit: Indonesian National Police

2 American and Ukrainian murderers decide to Assassinate a civilian man they disliked but killed his daughter, journalist Daria Dugina instead. They risked other civilian lives by setting off a bomb in busy Moscow traffic. “America’s denial is another lie,” says Ukrainian source. “They also promised there would be few deaths of Ukrainians in their war with Russia.”

Feminists were furious following the bomb blast in Daria Dugina’s car, when a family friend described a horrible, painful death. Daria was burning. “She was completely on fire, lost control because she was driving at speed and flew to the opposite side of the road,” said Andrei Krasnov, leader of the Russky Gorizont movement and a friend of the family.

Daria Dugina

“USA Discard of Afghan women preceded the murder of the daughter of Alexander Dugin is typical USA misogyny but the reaction of women around the world is no longer typical. America is the enemy of all women,” say feminists.

“Setting fire to women will not stand. Feminists will end femicide even if it takes a violent response,” says one activist in Kabul.

Sources in Kiev say that America gave the nod to the assassination of Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin, a Russian political philosopher, analyst, and strategist, known for views widely characterized as fascist. He is no friend of Putin. America denies this. The attempted murder of the father inadvertently killed the daughter, says the source.

Ukraine still officially denies the crime while perpetrators claim they did the crime on American agreement. This is not the first time that Kiev and Washington disagree on controversial matters about life and death. It seems that the perpetrators have confessed. A confirmation of that information is pending.

3. The Nord Stream Sabotage

Nord Stream Sabotage

Gazprom Photo of massive methane leak into the atmosphere.

A similar scenario to the Dugina murder is evolving regarding the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines. Ukrainians are saying it was all American but USA sources say the Ukrainians did it on their own.

Meanwhile Russians believe they are about to be attacked. The sabotage of the Nord Stream appears to have set off a number of events. The Russians know they did not do this. They have control of the pipelines and are preparing to return a line to full service.

There is no back door for the West on this environmental crime that brings harm to the entire human race. Russia scrambles to protect and disburse mobile ICBM launchers; SSBN submarines including probably two Poseidon (4) equipped boats; SSNs, destroyers and electronic warfare vessels; in all acting as if it is expecting A NATO/USA attack.

The Kremlin needs to chill and realize that the murders, and sabotage are the purest form of stupidity of an incompetent Biden administration, the ineptest group of political buffoons in American history are running the declining America.  That’s a nation that has become like a Kentucky Kybo with a fence made of old muskets and an old white-guy chewing tobacco sitting on the john, swearing, sweating, swatting mosquitos, and screaming at his wife. Biden. America. Stupid, eh?

Despite the massive dangers to the human race, Biden, with depraved indifference to civilian lives, did it.

4. An insane Kim Jong-un fires missiles over heads of Japanese  civilians terrifying innocent bystanders in their daily lives. The  American and South Korean thugs respond in like kind firing missiles at themselves. Direct Hit!

Missiles responding to Kim Jong-un

South Korean Air Base hit by missile (s) and set alight when Americans and South Koreans try to one-up DPRK in an apparent Penis-Comparision exercise against Kim Jong-un and the elderly relics of his grandad’s administration. Photo credit: Video Capture from Guardian video.  Capture/Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Clearly Kim Jong-un should be dragged through the streets by the DPRK people and sat in the dunk tank until ever North Korean has had a chance to pitch a baseball and dunk the byatch into a tank of cold water.

But the Americans reciprocating by firing missiles into the air, disturbing the peace further in the Asian Seas is also a typical Pyongyang stupid move, copied by wrong minded Americans who don’t give a damn about what harm they bring to the civilian population. The macabre reality is that they are in a place where 70 years ago the Americans mass murdered some 3-5 million Asians.

I remember the Americans in South Vietnam air dropping massive quantities of over-sized condoms while thinking, “that should overwhelm them… we know how to stretch a vagina and lacerate spleens on women—they can’t do that”.

No wonder the divorce rate is so horrible in the USA and researchers are learning that the vast majority of women (79%) in the USA have never had a vaginal orgasm. The men think that sex is all about violence and hurting women. The American men believe love should be violent toward women and if the girl should get pregnant during the rape, the girl must birth their baby—no abortions.

What’s that got to do with the misadventures in South Korea? The American obsession. “D-comparison-fetish”. America did not learn a thing losing the war in Vietnam. In South Korea they are still screaming “our “Ds” are bigger than yours (the DPRK)” and firing off their missiles which in the end destroyed some of their own air base and encourage the pencil dicks in North Korea to return fire at the Pacific Ocean. Both sides are morons, uncaring of the civilian populations.