Editorial: Taiwan willingness to drag the world to war is reprehensible

Today Taiwan enjoys the best of all worlds. Taiwan has a preferred status trading relationship with mainland China, better than any other region on Earth.

With a population of 23.9 million people, Taiwan has 290,000 active military personnel.

Compared to Canada (population of 38.7M) with 67,492 active military personnel  Taiwan’s military is 430% of Canada’s.

PLAN Photograph

PLAN PhotographBeijing has prepared for an assault on American-controlled Taiwan for a long time. More importantly, Beijing has promised enforcement of its One-China policy and generally never breaks a promise. PLAN Photographs. Art and cropping by Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Taiwan is self-governed and heavily armed because the United States, which is the prime benefactor of Taiwan’s weapons purchases, has kept Taiwan on edge for decades, fearing invasion by China as a response to Taiwan’s and America’s urgings for Taiwan independence and America’s control of the island, which actually is almost complete at this point in time.

But China is much better armed because mainland China remembers Japan taking control of Taiwan and its islands to launch attacks, slaughtering Chinese.

America plays into that bloody terror-mystique.

Taiwan is a sycophant of America and Washington wants to keep the island as a possible attack point against China as the Japanese have done in past centuries.

China has had its fill of the American interference in China’s affairs and the threatening American military presence surrounding China with hundreds of military attack bases.

Today, Taiwan has lost its luster because it is a troublemaker with a vanity that is unacceptable to a world that for the most part does not have the wonderful life of the Taiwanese. War for the sake of war by a spoilt regime egged on by a disingenuous USA hegemon is hardly an acceptable priority given the clopped-out-over-flogged condition of the human race.

The American solution to every problem is guns and bombs and that too is getting old and sickening like the man in the White House.

China has armed itself and awaits sea trials conclusion of massive amphibious landing craft, moments away, before invading Taiwan. It doesn’t matter how many Chinese America kills; the Chinese will keep on coming. File Photo, Courtesy PLAN.

China’s claim to Taiwan is fanatical. China does not want much but it still wants One-China in the context of what it believes is traditionally defined as China. That is China’s promise to its people. China never breaks promises.

The compromise Taiwan needs to make in order to keep the status-quo is the One-China policy. One China and two styles of government. If it goes to war, Taiwan will lose everything, if there is a Taiwan left. America, if it goes to war with China, will begin to look like the dark side of the moon in the aftermath. There is no way the Joseph Biden administration can manage its way out of that and there is no way it can blow its way out with weapons.

One-China policy is the best way ahead if it allows a status quo for Taiwanese life.

Solidifying the One-China policy puts an end to the quagmire of nonsense that was inspired by the cuckoo antics of Chiang Kei-scheck who lost power in Beijing in 1949 but then fled to the island of Taiwan and claimed to be running all of China from Taipei. Mao Zedong completely ignored the fool, the right thing to do. Making war is not in China’s nature.

In that time, both sides in a de facto sense claimed there was only One-China. Beijing has the color of right as the victor in the battle against Chiang. Between Mao and Chiang there was little agreement on anything but both sides agreed, by words and deeds, that there was only one China.

The Republic of China (ROC a.k.a Taiwan) hasn’t a leg to stand on no matter how much weaponry America loads on the Taiwan island, South Korea, Japan and in the foolish Philippines.

What is even more true is that the United States is willfully posing a deadly risk, for no good purpose, to over a billion south Asians and elsewhere where it clearly intends to wage war against China.

Yankee, go home.