Women in China are fighting for basic human rights

The White Paper Movement protests 3-years of imprisonment

The loudest and most awakening voices in China against the Beijing Zero-tolerance policy for COVID-19 come from women who are fed up with the intrusions in their lives and the worst imaginable impact of a police state on women: home arrest.
“It is bad for men but intolerable for women,” commented Kathy Poon, an intern in Singapore whose home is China.

“Women cannot even do shopping,” is a statement from a woman that slams home. “If I cannot go to the shops and buy food to feed my parents when I am home, I feel worthless. Frankly, I may be alone, but I believe that Xi Jinping will back down, but I don’t know how he will say that,” said Dr. Poon.

“Women have no rights in China. When people were locked into a burning apartment building proves the argument that this policy is severe and draconian,” Dr. Poon added.

Official Government Photo

Official government photo. Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers a speech titled “Working Together to Meet the Challenges of Our Times and Build a Better Future” at the 17th summit of the Group of 20 (G20) in Bali, Indonesia, 15 November 2022.
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Fanatical Adherence to Absurd public policy paths

“The fanatical adherence to an absurd public policy path is the hallmark of the Xi Jinping government in China.  The total lockdown against COVID-19 is not winning any arguments anywhere. It’s over the top hysteria. The Nine Dash Line is the absurdity spectacle of the globe. The hysterical obsession with Taiwan being called a province of China may have some historical background and it may make no sense for Taiwan to walk away from its gifted status quo, all benefits considered, so at least it has some rationale, despite the frenetic responses to any simple argument. It’s all seeming fanatical say several Chinese scholars,” explains Sara Qin, an FPM.news contributor now in Shenzhen where demonstrators there are in the streets complaining about strident COVID-19 mandates.

“The problem with the logic for the demonstrations is that China has not vaccinated its population with an effective vaccine in the context of 2022 standards,” said Dr. Fred Harris of the Civil Society coalition against COVID-19. “The vaccinations in the West have curtailed an extreme response to the virus. In other words, the people are getting sicker and more often dying from COVID-19 in China.”

“In small areas of China, the total lockdown has been effective, but now there are 31,410 active cases in mainland China, 19,130 new cases in the past 24 hours, according to China’s data, and that is driving pervasive lockdowns that cannot possibly work because the cases are so widely distributed, and such lockdowns will thus devastate the whole country’s population. Masking and vaccination is the way ahead,” said the biostatistician who says the government in Beijing for the first time in its history must start listening to the people.