Poland missile attack distracts from ambush in Kherson/DPR

The S-300 missile system (NATO designated SA Grumble) is an expansive series of medium-range (3km to 75km) surface-to-air missile systems developed and operated by the former Soviet Union, now fielded by the militaries of Russia and Ukraine as well as twelve other countries. One variant manufactured in 1992 can reach 150km.

SA Grumble was produced by NPO Almaz, based on the initial S-300P version staring about 45 years ago. The S-300 system was developed to defend against air raids and cruise missiles for the Soviet Air Defence Forces.

S-300 newest variant in 2009

Latest of the dwindling antiquated S-300 (SA Grumble) in Moscow Parade in 2009. Photo Credit: Vitaly V. Kuzmin. Photo is cropped to 1200×675.
Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Anti-Missile Missile

These Grumble surface-to-air systems were also developed to be able to intercept NATO ballistic missiles. The system was first deployed by the Soviet Union in 1979, designed for the air defence strategic military assets and medium-range area protection of airspace.

In the Russian military operation in Ukraine launched in February 2022, some military analysts in the media have claimed that the Russian Federation may have modified a number of S-300 systems for surface-to-surface operations. Russia has very few of the S-300 units, whereas Ukraine is estimated to have thousands. Russia began decommissioning the much older S-300 variants in the late 1990s.

It is known which side fired the missile that hit Poland’s farm field on 15 November 2022, but both sides claim the other fired the missile.

No version of the S-300 is capable of reaching the area of the alleged strike in Poland if fired from known Russian military locations. The original S-300 has a range of 75km and the most advanced variants can reach 5-150km (3-93 miles) at a maximum.

“The consensus range of all variants is 150 km which makes it impossible Russia fired the SA Grumble (S-300) or any variant from any known Russian Federation military location. This is a foolishly dangerous allegation intended to mislead the public,” says Israeli security analyst, Simon Baldock.

Video: Older unmaintained 35- to 45-year-old S-300 air-defence missiles bought by Ukraine decades ago have been misfiring and hitting random locations in Lviv and Kiev as Ukraine scrambles to shoot down small Russian drones attacking military targets.

Allegedly a similar missile landed in a farm field in Poland, shot from Lviv by Ukrainians firing at Russian or Iranian-made drones that were targeting alleged military infrastructure in the area.

Distraction is against a Russian tactical move in Kherson that could be a disastrous ambush to Ukrainian & American Forces

Ukraine has no victory in Kherson. This is an ambush.

Russia has withdrawn 30,000 troops to their west side of the river in Kherson. That is the largest part of Kherson explains a resident to Alona Adamovich, a RINJ medical worker in the Kherson region these past two months.

Ms. Adamovich has been unable to cross to the Ukraine side because of belligerence at the checkpoints. She and her colleagues have been forced to take limited ambulatory evacuees requiring medical assistance or medical transport to Russia.

Here is the tricky part, Ms. Adamovich explains. “The Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station dam that holds back enough water to flood the right side of the river as it is called locally, is still holding up, but when Russia is ready, its engineers will likely blow the dam. Ukraine tried and failed while the Russians were in peril. Now it is the Ukrainians in peril as Russia rests its troops and prepares a multi-axis massive offensive.”

On 10 November 2022, General Surovikin stated that the Russian side had evidence of a plan of the Kiev side preparing a massive missile attack on the dam of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, as well as a massive missile and artillery strike on Kherson indiscriminately.

That’s what sources in the Kherson region and the Donetsk People’s Republic are also telling Melissa Hemingway in Ukraine. Of course, this could be propaganda and the reverse is true: Russia is creating an ambush.

Video: Interview with Professor Glenn Diesen (University of South-Eastern Norway – USN).


Video: American soldiers in Ukraine offensive get lost near Kherson and ask Russian-speaking civilian for a map.

Video: American soldiers in Ukraine get lost and ask Russian-speaking civilian for a map.


Outrageous and Alarmist Joint Statement of NATO and G7 Leaders on the margins of the G20 Summit in Bali — minutes ago

November 16, 2022
Bali, Indonesia

Today, the Leaders of Canada, the European Commission, the European Council, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States met on the margins of the G20 Summit in Bali and released the following statement:

“We condemn the barbaric missile attacks that Russia perpetrated on Ukrainian cities and civilian infrastructure on Tuesday.

“We discussed the explosion that took place in the eastern part of Poland near the border with Ukraine. We offer our full support for and assistance with Poland’s ongoing investigation. We agree to remain in close touch to determine appropriate next steps as the investigation proceeds.

“We reaffirm our steadfast support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in the face of ongoing Russian aggression, as well as our continued readiness to hold Russia accountable for its brazen attacks on Ukrainian communities, even as the G20 meets to deal with the wider impacts of the war. We all express our condolences to the families of the victims in Poland and Ukraine.”