I was coerced to falsely testify against Leila De Lima to Jail her

“The outgrowth of femisecution is the aestheticization of violence against women,” says FPMag contributer Dr. Kathy Poon.

Global Shero Leila De Lima is jailed unlawfully by the Philippines Duterte regime, for over 5 years says a witnesses’ lawyer.

Leila De Lima in a Philippines prison since 24 February of 2017, was jailed illegally, according to a prosecution witness’s lawyer, attorney Michael de Castro, the legal counsel of prosecution witness Rafael Ragos, who on 28 October 2022, went before a judge and recanted all his evidence against former Philippines Senator Leila De Lima saying that Former Duterte Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II had threatened to bring a false case against Rafael Ragos for drug trafficking in the midst of the Duterte EJK campaign against drug users. Ragos first swore an affidavit in April, recanting his evidence but the Court ruled the recantation was not sufficient.

Vitaliano Aguirre says he never coerced Ragos to make false statements against Leila De Lima

“All of my allegations to the contrary in my affidavits and House and court testimonies are all fiction, false, and fabricated,” Rafael Ragos, former officer-in-charge of the Bureau of Corrections told a Muntinlupa court on 28 October 2022.

“In an affidavit dated March 2017, I stated that the money I delivered to Ronnie Dayan and Sec. De Lima on November 24, 2012, and December 2012 both amounted to five million pesos (about $85.000 USD) each and that the person who called me on the phone was Bilibid inmate Hans Tan who said that the money came from Peter Co and was Sec. De Lima’s share in the drug trade.”

“I now hereby declare and make known to the whole world that there is no truth whatsoever to any of these affidavits or House and court testimonies, or any other statement made in the media or other investigatory proceedings, including the Senate and the DOJ, on the delivery of monies to Sec. De Lima or Ronnie Dayan in whatever amount,” said Ragos.

“There was never any money delivered to my quarters. Even if there was, I would have immediately conducted an investigation and filed a case against the responsible individuals, instead of following the instructions of an unknown caller or Hans Tan to deliver a package like an ordinary messenger.”

“As far as I know and based on my professional relationship with Sec. De Lima, she is incapable of doing anything illegal, much less engage in the illegal drug trade or accept money from Bilibid inmates,” said Ragos.

“I was forced to execute the above affidavits and deliver the above House and court testimonies against Sec. De Lima and Ronnie Dayan due to threats of being detained myself for the crime of engaging in the illegal drug trade that I did not commit.”


“Philippines Senator Leila de Lima, elected in 2016, is still held in prison since February 2017, in Manila for her criticisms of the Philippines’ women-hating, murderous dictator Duterte,” says Karinna Angeles, a nurse from Manila.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine Leila De Lima

2019 Global Shero Leila De Lima File Photo. Origin  source: Office of Senator Leila de Lima—Photo Art/Cropping: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Philippines Senator Leila Norma Eulalia Josefa Magistrado de Lima is a political prisoner and has been since 24 February of 2017.

2018 Shero: Leila de Lima, Political Prisoner in the Philippines, Human Rights Defender, Senator & Professor. She is an extraordinary human rights defender.
Leila de LimaHardly a day goes by when Ms. de Lima is not in the news, challenging the murders in the Philippines. Leila Norma Eulalia Josefa Magistrado de Lima is a Filipino lawyer, human rights activist, senator and law professor. She is a known critic of the thousands of extrajudicial killings of mayors, clergymen, activists, homeless, poor, and drug users by the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte. In February 2017, days after garnering international awards for her campaign against extrajudicial killings in the Philippines, she was arrested. She has been imprisoned without bail since 02/2017. Her successor critic, a Senator Trillanes recently dodged imprisonment on a similar attempt by the sitting President which failed.

Shero Leila De Lima

Prof. Leila De Lima following her being taken hostage by Abu Sayyaf (ISIS) terrorist grab in Philippines Camp Crame detention center where she has been a political prisoner for years. Photo Credit: Office of Senator Leila DeLima. Photo is cropped. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine


Vitaliano Aguirre

PH Justice Minister allegedly OK’s Murder of a Class of People File photos.Vitaliano Aguirre on camera called drug addicts, ‘not-humanity’. The comment adds to The RINJ Foundation’s complaint against the Duterte government of ‘crimes against humanity’ as set out in the Rome Statute

Leila De Lima was instrumental in exposing so-called “Duterte Murders”

Top Criminals Named in Mass Murder Philippines ICC Case

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte
Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre
Philippine Police Director General Ronald Dela Rosa
House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez
Former Interior Secretary Ismael Sueno
Police Superintendent Edilberto Leonardo
Senior Police Officer 4 Sanson “Sonny” Buenaventura
Police Superintendent Royina Garma
National Bureau of Investigation Director Dante Gierran
Solicitor General Jose Calida
Sen. Richard Gordon
Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano

  1. The Republic of the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte told everyone in the Philippines to kill drug users for a bounty (if they have a gun).
  2. Filipino Police and Barangay captains across the country joined after-hours death squads and slaughtered many thousands earning from the Head of State over 1,386,700.00 Philippine Pesos, about $40 per corpse plus receiving motorbikes, cell phones, guns and ammunition at another estimated 2 million pesos from the Duterte government.
  3. Some of the people these officially sponsored ‘death squads’ kill are drug involved or they are just openly opposed to Duterte’s leadership and crime wave.
  4. Duterte says he will continue his widespread systematic attack directed against certain parts of the Philippines population for as long as he is alive.
  5. Duterte says he is much like Adolf Hitler but will only kill 3 millions of his people.


Free Senator De Lima on International Women's Day 2022

“We must all wake up to the explicit dangers of femisecution,” said Dr. Kathy Poon, in Taipei, Taiwan. “The outgrowth of femisecution is the aestheticization of violence against women.”

Many times, elected “Global Shero” Leila De Lima for fighting for the rights of vulnerable women, she herself became vulnerable to a conspiracy of thugs.

“Leila De Lima was one of the most outspoken humans walking this Earth against the mass murders of the Duterte Regime,” said RSAC  nurse, Karinna Angeles.


Leila De Lima Safe after Violent Hostage Taking

Senator (Retired) Leila De Lima safe and undergoing medical attention following violent hostage taking by Abu Sayyaf (ISIS) terrorist grab in Philippines Camp Crame detention center where she has been a political prisoner for years.

Prof. De Lima is a human rights activist in the Philippines jailed for her antagonism toward the ongoing extrajudicial killings conducted by the Philippines government of the Duterte-now-Marcos/Duterte Regime, against political opposition. In recent weeks, political opponents, human rights advocates and journalists have been killed in Duterte-style two-man-motorcycle-gunmen kill-team murders. Photo credit: Source Supplied

‘Free Leila De Lima’ is outcry in Philippines after shoot-out

Social Media in the Philippines is live-wire-hot as netizens scream for the release of Human Rights advocate Leila De Lima.

Former senator Leila De Lima, a global Shero who has fought against the Philippines government’s continued extrajudicial killings first under Rodrigo Duterte and now under Ferdinand Marcos was today a hostage in an attempted escape by hardened criminals at Camp Crame.

Not pretty, but democracy is beautiful, at the core. Women like Leni Robredo, Maria Ressa, Leila de Lima know this to be true

Strongly opposing Duterte-Regime Extrajudicial killings.Shero Leila De Lima

“License to Kill”: Philippine Police Killings in Duterte’s “War on Drugs” | HRW


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The Philippines has Fallen. The controversial Duterte videos.

Opposition Senator Leila De Lima In her own words, then Opposition Senator Leila De Lima was defiant in defence of Filipinos human rights. Photo Credit: Twitter account of @SenLeiladeLima