Corrupt greedy men went too far. The human race is tanking

“What USA profiteering has cost, and what the Western media is not telling audiences, is that the Russian aerospace command is bombing Ukraine backwards into the dark ages. Dark is the key word. The lights are off and so is the heat. Winter weather is here in Ukraine,” says Alona Adamovich, a team leader for The RINJ Foundation in Ukraine.

The Russian aerospace command is obliterating Ukraine while the West ignores Ukraine’s pleas for more anti-aircraft systems and while Ukraine honours its promise to keep the war going no matter how many Ukrainians die.

Video: On both sides, troops are complaining they want to go home say humanitarian workers returning home from Ukraine for Christmas holidays.

‘Twitter shadow banned my war-zone reports of the horror in Ukraine, from Ukraine, and Microsoft Bing plus Yahoo completely blotted out my two-sides-of-the-story reports from the war zone since August. I was in the midst of the fight watching everything in the real world. Like in all wars, both sides behave badly.”

“I am aghast at the corruption and the pervasive fear within the USA liberal media platforms like Bing news and the Democrat Party influencers, that the public will figure it all out,” wrote Ms. Hemingway in her Ukraine exit report. “The American government is seriously screwing over the American people. And this is going to get worse, say some scholars.

“The profiteers don’t want Americans to hear the truth that America is losing this deliberately prolonged war, badly. America is saddling Europe with the burden and exclusively drawing the blood of war from Ukrainians while certain Americans get filthy rich.”

Numerous sources claim, as does the Fox News report today (video below) that the Biden Administration has been spending far too much money and that is why the tanking economy is clobbering the American middle class. Additionally, several sources claim that the Biden administration is ‘sticking it to the EU and that has caused a spirited row within NATO‘.

“In a conversation with some Ukrainian soldiers as I left Ukraine, we talked about America’s profiteering from the war. They looked at me and laughed. They explained quickly by saying that their politicians were profiteering much more by salting away $billions in offshore investments and Swiss bank accounts. ‘Zelenskyy went from being a failing comedian to an Oligarch’,” said one, Melissa Hemingway writes in her Ukraine-exit report.

“Living in Ukraine for eight months was a lesson in brutality,” she writes.

“The American propaganda I have read is beyond ludicrous. America has lost this war. Sadly, the hundreds of millions of ordinary citizens in the West believe that nonsense and suffer devastating economic hardship as corrupt men line their pockets with $billions while people of Ukraine, Russia, Donetsk and Luhansk spill their blood in a hopeless never-ending fiasco. The latter two countries have been spilling their blood since 2014 which is essentially why Russia attacked Ukraine,” wrote Melissa as she headed out for her much earned vacation.

“War is brutal. The quasi-urban warfare we have seen in Donbass for the past eight years is incomprehensibly fiendish. How can people hate this much to cause so much horror. Both sides are committing horrific war crimes,” said Alona Adamovich, who is a RINJ Foundation director for the Donbass region since 2014.

“Veronica’s death in Donetsk yesterday is just one more reason this 8-year war is so wrong and must end now,” sobbed humanitarian worker who knew Veronica.

Veronica, friend of Alona

Video image is brief but upsetting. This is the real world in Donbass, in Ukraine.

More than this profiteering, Ukrainians say that the American weapons they receive are falling apart.

In a new report, the New York Times came up with the same witness accounts as did Ms. Hemingway on the way home from Ukraine.

“A third of the roughly 350 Western-made howitzers donated to Kyiv are out of action at any given time, according to U.S. defense officials and others familiar with Ukraine’s defense needs.

“Swapping out a howitzer’s barrel, which can be 20 feet long and weigh thousands of pounds, is beyond the capability of soldiers in the field and has become a priority for the Pentagon’s European Command, which has set up a repair facility in Poland,” wrote John Ismay and  in a 25 November report: “Artillery Is Breaking in Ukraine. It’s Becoming a Problem for the Pentagon.”

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