Women urge populations take to the streets, demand end to war, seek denuclearization

“The public in Russia, Ukraine, Europe and the leaderless America and leaderless Britain need to take to the streets and demand their government officials stop warmongering and stop this war, immediately,” says Svetlana, backed by her peace-activist colleagues in Moscow and around the world.

It would have saved lives to tell Putin, OK, no NATO Ukraine but junior Russian official claims the Kremlin is rotten to the core.

Instead of doing the right thing the best the West can boast is cultivating a low-level Russian mail clerk to the Russian UN mission in Geneva, a 41-year-old worker, Boris Bondarev, sending 40 emails to the West’s Ambassadors besmirching his employer with a diatribe that makes Scott Ritter sound tame and very reasonable by comparison in his criticisms of America. No photocopied butt images of Mr. Boris Bondarev backside were included in the emails as have been reported in other UN scandals, but IT specialists urge the officials in Geneva wipe clean the copier hard drives just in case.

With or without photocopier images of his bottom in his tacky emails, Mr. Bondarev makes the derided-by-America, former UN weapons inspector William Scott Ritter, look like Dag Hammarskjöld.

Leaders have failed to avert major wars and hence humanitarians need to unseat the warmongering patriarch and aim the world at denuclearization and peace?

Humanitarians now say that it is up to them to push up from the bottom of the social and political hierarchy to stop the warring patriarch of the West in Ukraine.

“People in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, America and in leaderless Britain must now take to the streets and demand their leaders immediately stop warmongering and find a peace in eastern Europe, by month’s end,”  says Katie Alsop of The RINJ Foundation.

“Joe Biden is so far out of his league in Ukraine he cannot see the black cloud over his head and doesn’t realize the dangerous babble that is coming from his lips. This is still a civil war Biden is messing around with trying to use the war as a proxy attack to destroy Russia. The blistering hatred is between Ukraine brothers—ethnic Russians in half of Ukraine versus ethnic Ukrainians and Nazi throwbacks to the German occupation of Ukraine in World War II,” explains Alona Adamovichan ethnic Russian-Jew born in Ukraine and since 2013, working for The RINJ Foundation in the Donbass region.

“It would have saved millions of people the terror of a lifetime to just agree that Ukraine would stay out of  the American-run NATO arms sales club last April when Russia first raised this issue. Now Russia has taken control of the Donbass region all the way through to Crimea and Denis Pushilin as the governor of the Donetsk People’s Republic is, with his allies, running the war for the freedom of his millions of ordinary civilian Donetsk population who have stood tall in their fight for self-determination and self-governance since 2014 while Americans and Ukrainians shelled their cities and villages to rubble,” Ms. Adamovich added.

Make lasting peace become the end game in Ukraine by Month end. Make lasting peace become the end game in Ukraine by month end. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

“There is no end game except global nuclear war for America’s dangerously incompetent Joe Biden who is running a global Hybrid WWIII.” Humanitarians now say that it is up to them to push up from the bottom of the social and political hierarchy to end this man-made catastrophe.

William Scott Ritter, another American Whistleblower making real sense.

China and Russia with Iran, Pakistan, Serbia, Syria, Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea will win the global war as the Hybrid WWIII goes hot nuclear, but very few, if any, members of any species will be alive a year later. That is the speculation of Asian Seas demilitarization  and global denuclearization activists.

  1. “The first nuclear strike will be a massive wipeout of Kiev and one other city and the American proxy war against Russia in Ukraine will end abruptly,” suggests Dale Carter, security director of The RINJ Foundation, currently in Kiev.
  2. “Cities in Finland and Sweden are also targets of Russia but that will not likely be a nuclear strike, but instead, some kind of economic or diplomatic sanctions and the closing of borders,” she suggests.
  3. “Some theorists still suggest Toronto or Montreal might be transformed into a nuclear dust crater without warning as a hypersonic, undetectable strike message to the USA to stand down its retaliation for the nuking of Kiev—stand down or else,” she added. “I also hear this in Russia.”
  4. “Similar strategies are being bandied about in Moscow, enthusiastically, and that scares me,” explains Svetlana, center of a military family in Moscow and a volunteer worker for The RINJ Foundation which has canvassed steadily for over a decade to end the stockpiling and development of nuclear weapons; and seeks demilitarization of the Asian Seas.
  5. “The Russian Federation’s population supports its President and the Donetsk Governor Denis Pushilin—who has become somewhat of a handsome, serious, young, male star—who asked Russia for military assistance in his fight against Ukraine neo-Nazis since 2014.
  6. “We would like to love and respect our President of decades, and all my adult life, and revere him as he retires and becomes the wise and sage ‘Yoda‘ of Russian statesmanship, but he must end this war this May, or very, very soon in June, for this to happen. An undercurrent of revolution will be the alternative, I fear,” says Svetlana. “I don’t think loyal Russians can stave off what revolt is next if this war does not stop soon,” she added.
  7. “The Russian people are keen to destroy the Ukraine side, now, if that means ending the conflict promptly, recent Moscow polls suggest,” Sveta reports from Moscow. “I don’t disagree that all sides in this Ukraine civil war the West is meddling in for a decade have used disinformation in this matter but whatever people blame doesn’t matter, the consensus is that an end to conflict is mandatory by the end of the month or earlier, or people will take to the streets, I fear,” she added sternly, in much better English than ever before suggesting her message is oft repeated.
  8. “The public in Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Europe and America need to take to the streets and demand their sick-puppy-male leadership stop this war, immediately,” says Svetlana and her activist colleagues in Moscow and around the world.

Life in Donetsk Humanitarians now say that it is up to them to push up from the bottom of the social and political hierarchy to stop the warring patriarch of the West in Ukraine.Smashed walls, bullet holes and shell craters. Life in Donetsk is difficult.
In the end the freedom from Ukraine will make it worthwhile,” says local woman in fall 2021. Photo submitted. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine



End this war is the message of global women's rights group. End this war is the message of global women’s rights group. Photo courtesy of The RINJ Foundation. Read more.