Women need to rethink Roe V Wade. Editorial

American women will not miss Roe V Wade. And dumping this ancient USSC decision will not change anything but may point to better days ahead for women. It’s time politicians and lawyers were banned from legislating women’s reproductive systems. Read that back. It is absurd that this needs to be said.

Induced abortion is between a woman and her doctor. Keep the patriarchal politicians out of the house.

Sure, many US States will rush to create their own legislation if R vs W falls, but that will likely fail the test of time. In the meantime, doctors with their patients are going to make the decision.

The most vulnerable and the most innocent.

New born baby The most vulnerable and the most innocent. A child at the time of birth. The baby girl is the photographer’s daughter. Credit Dad Ernest F. The image is cropped. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Once we have another life inside of us, everything changes. Don’t kill your baby because you do not want her. How could you possibly know you don’t want her, you don’t know her yet.

In its policy statements, RINJ Women write, “It is our view that governments should not be legislating women’s bodies. Keeping it real, there are so many thousands of scenarios where triage practitioners must make decisions about life and death that legislating any particular medical or surgical procedure is sheer folly. Doctors and their support medical practitioners are sworn to save the lives they can save. Leave it at that.”

Today women should not be using abortion as a method of birth control.

Today, science knows that the induced abortion that Roe V Wade protected was about murdering an unwanted child in the dark old days before easy, safe and assured contraceptives were available and acceptable. That was only true long after Roe V Wade, back in the dark ages when things like the Kent State Massacre was taking place in 4 May 1970. The debate ran through 22 January 1973 and abortion-on-demand as a dangerous method of birth control became a reality. America was really good at killing in those days and thought nothing about it. Today, America is still bullish on killing people, even out of convenience.

The human society and its medicine has advanced massively in all those five  decades since Roe V Wade. Babies today are rare in America at less than 1.6 births per woman (2022 est.) which is not a replacement value (2.1).

We don’t kill babies.

The stark reality is that conception begins once the fertilized egg embeds in the wall of the uterus. We did not always know that. If a women does not want to become pregnant, it is easy to prevent the embed now in 2022.

Induced abortion is a medical procedure used for specific cases decided by a medical practitioner and the patient. That is why there should not be any laws on abortion procedures. No matter what happens, the decision that is made about which life can be saved is a blink of an eye between patient and doctor. It should be left that way.

As the RINJ Foundation, a global women’s rights group, points out, “you live among some ultra-dangerous microbes that are evolving. They are human enemies. They are spread by dangerous sexual encounters and are capable of killing all humans. HIV is just one example.”

What this suggests is that promiscuity (‘love power’, ‘free love’ etc.) is not what it was in the 60s and early 70s.

For that reason also, sexual promiscuity is a potentially deadly game. 

It is about her body. But after coitus and implantation of a fertilized egg, another person is inside her womb. So then it is about the body of that person too. Govern yourself accordingly.

A woman becoming pregnant is 98% of the time fully responsible and the choice was hers. Unprotected male-female intercourse can still be Plan-B protected from pregnancy up to about 72 hours post-coitus. After that, the woman is going to have a baby. Love your baby. Do not kill your baby.

That’s another perspective from the medical side where every fiber of existence is about protecting precious life.