Medical workers in Ukraine Civil War bring patient care with more than medicine

Hospital medical workers organized humanitarian spirit-lifting entertainment and personal gifts for the injured of Donbass

Since 2014, medical workers in the Eastern regions of Ukraine have been under enormous duress keeping up with civil war casualties in the Donbass region say locals.

by Melissa Hemingway, in Ukraine with files from Micheal John at large

Editorial note: To our knowledge there are no Canadians providing medical care in the Donbass region contrary to Canadian draconian laws which forbid such humanitarian conduct less the medical worker accidentally assists ‘sanctioned persons’ who might arrive on a stretcher. The RINJ Foundation has called attention to the illegality of this law but nevertheless abides all statutes and relevant protocols. The civil society partners only engage non-Canadian medical workers in Eastern Europe to avoid complications.

Not just here but medical crews in Transnistria, Ukraine, Donetsk PR, Luhansk PR and Russia while fighting the virus SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 disease have also fought to save lives of patients injured in their homes during the onslaught of attacks by all sides in the Ukraine civil war. These medical workers have also suffered abuse and assaults including rape and murder at the hands of extremist militias backed by Ukraine and the United States, including at least four different neo-Nazi military battalions,” explains Lana, a nurse and EMS worker in the Donbass.

Performers and medical workers wear isolation gowns Performers and medical workers wear isolation gowns to visit those patients not wel enough to attend the concert. Photo courtesy Luhansk Republic Hospital. Photo courtesy LPR Ministry of Health.

Dozens of medical workers including doctors, nurses, interns, EMS workers and orderlies in Luhansk have treated patients (and some of their families) to a cheerful interlude from the civil war at the overloaded Luhansk Republic Clinical Hospital in Luhansk city. It was a musical interlude and visit from some of the most popular stage and vinyl/digital performers in all of Eastern Europe.

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Zemlyane Zemlyane Photo Courtesy Zemlyane

Grigory Leps, the group “Zemlyane”, Elena Sever, Yuri Kiselev (YurKiss), Alexander Ivanov (Ivan), the soloist of the group “Russians” Nikita Balakshin, Roman Arkhipov, Masha Weber and the group “SPb” performed in a community hall at the Luhansk Republic Clinical Hospital. They donned isolation gowns and made the rounds with medical personnel to visit patients not well enough to attend the entertainment venue. Each patient was given a goodie parcel of humanitarian supplies including food and personal hygiene items.

Doctor leads performers to visit immobile patients Luhansk surgeon leads performers and medical workers wearing isolation gowns (to the right of the doctor) to visit immobile patients unable to attend the entertainment venue. Photo courtesy LPR Ministry of Health.

Minister of Health of the Luhansk People’s Republic Natalia Pashchenko made a point of thanking doctors and nurses in a public statement this week on Thursday, 12 May 2022.

Minister of Health of the LPR Natalia Pashchenko. Minister of Health of the LPR Natalia Pashchenko made a point of thanking doctors and nurses this week for their merciful humanitarian services.
Photo courtesy LPR MoH. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

In addition to treating civilians injured in the shelling of Donbass, medical workers in the Donbass region have been fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic disease with very significant success using the Sputnik V vaccine.

COVID-19 Data for 23 Feb 2024 courtesy Civil Society Partners against COVID-19