Editorial: The American passion for killing, the kids hear and see

It is sad but no less true that the mass murder of children and the ensuing utter bullsh*t coming from community leaders in Uvalde, Texas plus the NRA’s ick in Houston, is typically America, in the 21st Century.

(Sick America has 213 mass shootings this year, a norm so far.)

This is not the America I grew to love in NYC and in the west of the country. I however do see that the ordinary Americans are still awesome but the connection between the people and their leaders is so distant, the two groups have no truth about who each other really are.

Editorial by Micheal John

Protest against NRA in Houston related to Uvalde Texas Gut wrenching heartbreak hearing kids get killed as fat cops defer or hide for their own safety. Angry mom protesters brought a coffin with crosses and pictures of the 19 children and two teachers killed in Uvalde Texas on MOnday to the NRA Convention in Houston, Texas, yesterday. Photo Credit: Jamil Donith / Twitter. Photo is cropped. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

America has a death wish amidst a culture and passion for killing. The kids are listening, especially the kids troubled by all that threatens their future. Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old loner with a speech impediment became a killer—was he another troubled kid listening to all the violence?

From Ukraine, the American proxy war with Russia, looks like another made-in-America killing spree like America’s interference and killing sprees at home and in Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and now Ukraine.

The children are listening to the jingo and become feverish on the jingoistic “capture or kill” narratives from Washington.

When USA leaders lie about killing children in northern Idlib, Syria or Kabul, Afghanistan, and boast about killing Bin Laden and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in their homes in other countries, or General Qassem Suleimani at the Baghdad airport, America’s children are listening.

Today the Pentagon’s whack Hollywood scenario of goading Russia into a war in Ukraine and then killing Russians until every last Ukrainian is dead is typical America and also typically for America, is not working out. Meanwhile, as Defence Secretary Austin explains this, the children are listening.

Russia is winning in Ukraine despite the old rule that it takes few to defend a land and a massive engagement to attack and occupy an asset. Ukraine has some 300,000 troops including North Americans and Europeans, and more weapons per capita than any place on Earth, even America, in fact America is running low on missiles and such after giving thousands to anyone and everyone in Ukraine, including black market traders.

The Ukrainians being so corrupt and such willing stooges, helped America take control of their country over a period of 10 years. Biden boasts about this. 

That this crackpot Zelenskyy continues to be played by the Americans is nearly unbelievable. He actually keeps repeating the mantra, “We will fight Russia until every last Ukrainian is dead”.

But the gains that Russia did achieve are territories that have separated from Ukraine and declared their independence from Ukraine in May 2014. They are the people who America calls rebels and separatists, etc. But that was nearly a decade ago. They are ethnic Russians who decided that Ukraine was such a corrupt cesspool they went their own way and formed two very functional republics. In a de facto sense, Quebec in Canada has nearly done the same. Taiwan has established itself as a self-governed entity since the end of WWII. These “separatists” America labels conveniently hither and dither, are not crazed zealots or drunks, they are grandma and grandpa and some of the committed young people, moms and pops, who run their own countries and seek to benefit from their own achievements in the context of true freedom and the right to self-determination.

I don’t think Americans are opposed to this approach, especially in the context of Taiwan. But in the case of Luhansk and Donetsk in the Donbass region, American hypocrisy shines bright as a convenient challenge point against Russia. But nobody really believes that it is necesary to kill 8 million ethnic Russians in Donbass, do they? The Americans have been trying, “Until every last Ukrainian is dead.” And the children are still listening.

“Since May 2014, the ordinary people of Luhansk PR and Donetsk PR have been under attack by the most ruthless rapist pigs Ukraine could ever have mustered, many sporting American shoulder flashes and Swastikas, over the years,” explains one of the humanitarian workers now being targeted by the Ukrainian neo-Nazi brigades. That’s why we don’t report their activities any longer.

The RINJ Foundation has people in Ukraine operating women’s shelters and clinics. Some of these persons are women who survived years in ISIS-occupied Syria and Mosul Iraq. Even they say that to be a woman in Ukraine’s Donbass is worse than being even a Christian Woman in Daesh-controlled Mosul.

It is no less true that the defenders of Luhansk and Donetsk, especially before these republics got organized, have been at times ruthless rapists and scumbags in the context of what amounts to a raging civil war.

Today the top man in the region, Donetsk PR Governor Denis Pushilin seems to be running the entire military operation in the Donbass region alongside Leonid Pasechnik who is the head of the much smaller Luhansk republic. Currently that effort includes regaining control of Mariupol which Denis Pushilin lost in 2018 to the Ukrainian Nazi battalions, and demining the city which is now under way, considered to be a monstrous chore.

Denis Pushilin The somewhat notorious Denis Pushilin allegedly led a rally in Donetsk during April 2014, demanding an independence referendum in the vein of Crimea’s previous referendum, claiming to be a deputy to the self-proclaimed People’s Governor of Donetsk, Pavel Gubarev. (Wikipedia)  Mr. Pushilin was elected leader of Donetsk PR on 20 November 2018. Since then, there is a consensus that he has proven his worth as the Donetsk leader during the difficult times of the birth and refinement of this republic. Mr. Pushilin has allegedly proposed to the Kremlin that his Donetsk republic be made part of Russia. That is not confirmed but likely true. Photo Credit: Office of the Leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Why would Ukraine want to keep this bloodletting going?

Why does America and Ukraine want to keep this going? A passion for killing? Or a passion for selling weapons? After eight years of operating as independent self-governed states, and losing 14,000 of their people to Ukraine and American artillery shells over the years, the people of Luhansk and Donetsk have clearly decided unequivocally against remaining part of Ukraine. This is another American killing spree. American fighters and soldiers have been repeatedly spotted inside the Donbass contact line and even killed there. It’s not a secret, but just something the government-controlled media in the USA, like CNN,  does not talk about.

Openly in violation of the Geneva Conventions, American puppet leader of Ukraine Zelenskyy has made every citizen of Ukraine an illegal combatant. An American idea. No uniform but lots of guns, shoulder launched missiles and rocket-propelled grenade launchers handed out to civilians. No rational thinking leader who loved his country would deliberately invite the slaughter of civilians. In Ukraine, to all uniformed combatants, everyone is a potential enemy and a likely target. Illegal combatants will kill sooner than a uniformed combatant, so kill or be killed.

Explosive ordnance America and Britain ship to Ukraine is detonated in Ukraine killing more Ukrainians and destroying more of the country’s physical existence. A passion for killing?

So how does the world convince Americans to stop killing? “We can’t,” is the answer.

The mass killings in America will continue because that is the American culture. The mass killings around the world by America and its 800 military bases around the globe will also continue because that too is American culture, a passion for killing. And the kids are watching and listening.

America is headed into a massive global war unless this threat to humanity comes to its senses and finds better leadership. There are no signs that real change is in the wind. Maybe America needs to start listening to its smarter women.