Women ask Trudeau to validate Freedom Convoy emergency measures

A global women’s rights NGO has issued a statement that asks Justin Trudeau to produce evidence in a timely manner that proves the necessity of the extraneous elements utilized under the Canada Emergencies Act, like bank account seizures used against the organizers and participants of the Canada Freedom Convoy.

“Obviously we are not asking the government to compromise its evidence and its case against offenders but it is within common sense and a reasonable expectation for the government or federal police services to announce the progress of investigations and what if any charges have been laid and I mean in a press conference not some wimpy web site statement buried in the category of ‘other’,” explained Katie Alsop, executive director of The RINJ Foundation.

March 15, Canadian Parliament Official Photo

File Photo: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy address the Canadian Parliament ~ March 15, 2022
Ottawa, Ontario
Photo by Adam Scotti (PMO). Photo is cropped and resized.
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Numerous reports of severe civil rights abuses against women and children blame the so-called Freedom Convoy participants. Witnesses from the nursing profession reported to journalist Melissa Hemingway, a number of assaults, sexual harassment and sexual assaults by perpetrators clearly identified as roving groups from the so-called ‘Freedom Convoy‘.

Freedom Convoy

Alberta, Canada. Freedom Convoy heads for Ottawa. Photo: Dale Carter/RINJ

In late January, NWOB.org issued a statement warning medical practitioners in Canada that:

“Nurses and other medical workers are advised in Canada not to wear any visible professional garments like scrubs and ID badges, or other medical professional identification when outside the workplace during the time of the anti-SARS2-mandate protests. A clear and present danger of harassment, physical violence including sexual assault and sexual harassment to medical professionals have been reported in Ottawa, Toronto as well as Vancouver and Calgary.”

Hayley Miles of the NWOB.org, a spokesperson for the global nursing union, said that the warning is still in effect and that there has been a resurgence of anti-COVID-19 medical measures including vaccines and those who administer vaccines to patients,  nurses and doctors.

Conservative Critics are Horrendous Abusers of Canadians’ Civil Rights and actually faked a June 2010, crisis to justify arresting hundreds of  innocent Canadians.

Toronto police were named in two multi-million dollar class action lawsuits over their handling of security that weekend including this kettling incident.Toronto police were named in 2010 in two multi-million dollar class action lawsuits over their handling under the Harper Conservative government of security that weekend including this kettling incident conducted under the auspices of the Harper Conservatives Government. (All photos by Micheal John and Katie Alsop.)

Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Candice Bergen from the far-right political spectrum called Justin Trudeau a “dictator” for invoking the Emergencies Act. But it was this same far-right crew that was in favour of the massive human rights abuses of the Conservative Party of Canada in 2010 during the G8/G20 meetings when innocent bystander citizens in the normal course of their daily activities were kettled into make-shift jails without charges or any cause of action, later repudiated by the courts. As well, police services were encouraged and did dress up as terrorists to set fire to a police car and smash windows at stores on Yonge Street because until that time there was absolutely no justification for the 20,000 police that had been brought into Toronto.

(All photos by Micheal John and Katie Alsop.)

This video: “We witnessed and filmed the recovery of Toronto Police Service Members who dressed in black pretending to be members of the “Black Bloc Terrorists” and proceeded to burn a police car on Queen street in Toronto and smash windows from Queen to College street in Toronto where the author had worked as a Maclean Hunter journalist. Needless to say there are plenty of pictures and video. The police ‘pretending to be Black Bloc’ operators were seen committing unlawful acts and then later photographed in a recovery action by Toronto Police who became ambushed by suspecting citizens who filmed the entire ‘Black Bloc Cop’ recovery and matched the faces to perpetrators in a one-hour vandalism spree in Toronto. Two of these allegedly undercover officers played central roles in organizing the placement of a police car to be set on fire. Without the 12 pretend Black Bloc activists and their one-hour rampage, there was no valid reason to violate Torontonians’ Civil Rights and no cause to have 20,000 police and the hundreds of millions spent to descend human rights violations on the city. That was a genuine violation of civil rights,” explains Katie Alsop who was also present during the 2010 Canadian Civil Rights fiasco.

Candice Bergen the interim Opposition Leader in Canada’s House of Commons said the invocation of the Emergencies Act was done to bolster Prime Minister’s standings in the polls. Indirectly that seems true.  NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh, said, Trudeau had to “do something, and now”.

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