West doesn’t need weapons, it needs psychiatry post-pandemic. Editorial.

The USA-versus-Russia war in Ukraine is like an inferno fire consuming the human race while fed accelerant by the human race. It is madness.

Warfare conducted now in Europe is based on the Russian refusal of the West’s warfare on its borders. It’s emotional madness.

Instead of doing things needed to stop the war, the Americans are in a frenzy to feed the war with weapons. Pakistan has objected to that and refused to back the UN condemnation of Russia. Europe is now following the USA and pouring the most lethal weapons into Ukraine.

A plea for peace Editorial by Melissa Hemmingway and Micheal John

The west tried to bully Pakistan. “As heads of mission to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, we urge Pakistan to join us in condemning Russia’s actions,” said a joint statement signed by envoys from 22 countries. Signatories were Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden and The Netherlands, as well as Australia, Canada, Japan, Norway, Switzerland and Britain.

Russia has said it will demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine by force as Europe and North America become crazed fascists feeding the war; denying media groups; censoring opposing views. This is a road to nuclear war say many experts including the Atomic Scientists who run the doomsday clock.

This war must be stopped no matter what concessions are needed.

The West insisted on putting the defunct NATO‘s weapons into Ukraine and Georgia along Russia’s borders. Given the peculiar hatred America has for Russia, that is unacceptable to any rational thinking person. In fact, America’s obsession and cult-like doctrine for starting wars and stockpiling weaponry is contraindicated for the survival of the species and clearly in violation of global values and human development.

Banning or censoring media is all about withholding truth. Since 2014, America and the West has fought vehemently to prevent the self-determination of the peoples in Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk. America doesn’t want that story told.

Madness of War. Art by 家祺 陈 Madness of War. Art by 家祺 陈

What did Russia Want in order to stop the invasion of Ukraine

“No new thing under the sun, was in the Vladimir Putin requests,” say authors of the Bulletin of Nuclear Scientists, who run the doomsday clock.

“The remarkable thing about the Russian proposals on the security guarantees—which come in the form of two draft treatiesone with NATO and one with the United States—was that almost nothing in them was new. William Alberque, director of strategy, technology, and arms Control at the IISS research institute, was the first to notice that the draft documents drew heavily from the 2009 Russian proposal of the Agreement on Basic Principles Governing Relations among NATO-Russia Council Member States in Security Sphere. The 2009 draft European Security Treaty was probably also an inspiration.”  Andrey A. Baklitskiy | January 14, 2022

If the West had the color of right it would not be censuring all media from Russia and people like Tulsi Gabbard who delivers truth to power. This war is about years of shelling Russian civilians in the Donbass region and America’s insistence on keeping Russia as an enemy by putting nuclear missiles in the countries that border the Russian Federation.

America’s warfare has decimated North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Ukraine in the latest proxy war. America hasn’t won a war and it will lose this one too.

The West, particularly America, made an enemy of Russia following the breakup of the Soviet Union, every minute of every day putting down Russians now for thirty years.

This doctrine insisting NATO needs to continue existing with nuclear weapons on Russia’s doorstep in Ukraine is pure madness—hegemony gone crazy.

  • Does the human race really need to continue killing each other?
  • Russia made the point clearly and clearly said, this is a red line.

USA contributed $Billions to Ukraine since Soviet Union Collapse

Source: USA Facts

COVID-19 Drove the West crazy.

Unlike the population of Africa or a lot of Asia, people in Europe and in North America and in most of South America were not accustomed to hardship. Sending people home from work and school; locking folks in their homes; closing bars and restaurants and isolating family members from each other, drove people of the Anglosphere nuts.

 Now the toxic relationship between governments and their populations needs to end.

We watched as Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau became fascists. They will not be coming back from that having had a maximum taste of absolute power ordering people to stay in their homes; wear masks; don’t go to school; get a needle in their arm. They will remain unforgiven, rightly or wrongly.

Angry populations may well appear on politicians doorsteps at least contemplating dragging their targets out for a lynching. It came close to that in Ottawa, Canada as the Prime Minister hid while truckers backed by foreign malign actors held the capital of Canada under siege for a month.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, two things happened, democratic governments became fascist and people became mentally unwell.

No matter how angry and screwed up people may be, it is not worth ending the human race.

Vladimir Putin sits at the end of long tables for his meetings. He might remind us of Michael Jackson. Clearly Mr. Putin is not fully on the rails. He has been very upset at what he feels was the need to launch an attack. This attack on Ukraine makes little to no sense. The reasoning for the attack makes perfect sense, but that is just one of those angry thoughts one never executes. Putin took it over the top. COVID-Madness?

So how does one deal with mental illness? Provoke? Scream? Punish?

Only if one is as mad as the target.


Tulsi Gabbard: The willingness to destroy one’s own peoples’ lives in order to punish another politician.  When this thing goes nuclear, the power elite will be in their shelters and we the people will suffer the losses.


A plea for peace Editorial by Melissa Hemmingway and Micheal John