NGO switches from care to evacuation of women in Ukraine. Biden, Johnson, Stoltenberg, Putin genocidal war on women

Security contractors for the RINJ Foundation women’s health care workers in Ukraine have killed an estimated 17 attackers in a series of Azov and random male attacks on women and girls in birthing clinics and health care facilities in Mariupol, Ukraine by Ukrainian Azov Brigade members and others.

by Micheal John with files from Melissa Hemingway in Ukraine

“I could not see why a woman preparing to give birth would be a target for attacks by the girl-hunters of the Azov neo-Nazi Brigade,” explains Lana who is a ten-year experienced organizer for a RINJ Women chapter in Luhansk PR.

“That’s why when I picked up some women refugees to take them to Rostov, I stopped the bus in a safe area and while I passed out the pre-packed meal and fruit packages we got from Rostov volunteers on the last trip this morning, I asked about my question to everyone while they sat and ate. What I learned was shocking to me,” said Lana, later, by encrypted contact near the Russian border in Ukraine.

End game of misogyny in Ukraine is genocide. End game of misogyny in Ukraine is genocide.
Photo, Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

“One young girl said to me that she was told by nurse Alona Adamovich in Mariupol that she must be treated with an IUS or IUD  and come to the clinic immediately if she is ever raped. ‘The rape incidence of girls over 9 walking around outside is 1 to 1, that lady told me.’ The child explained this to me. That’s why I then asked 14 females—my bus holds 17 but we now carry two guards and one mechanic because our bus is beat up—those traveling in a bus on the Russian side of the border in perfect safety, if they had the IUS birth control / pregnancy prevention system.

“Most said ‘yes’, and they explained that the information suggesting that was passed to them by humanitarian workers or some guards and also girls they knew from their community. ‘Get the thing done because if you are raped you do not want to have his baby.’ When they wanted to go to a clinic, they were blindfolded and walked to the nearest clinic which they said was in each case except one, like a basement. Also in some other cases a doctor had told them to see Alona Adamovich who the doctor would contact and arrange a meeting,” explained the RINJ worker, Lana.

Why RINJ Workers are Recommending and Donating Bayer Mirena Intra-Uterine System to eligible young women in danger of being raped in Ukraine.

According to Geraldine Frisque of the RINJ Foundation, “RSAC  Clinics in war zones deliver babies, treat sexually transmitted diseases (STD), treat pregnant children, provide mental health care, deal with common gynecological issues, obstetrics, provide female products when available, provide birth control education and products including the IUS (especially the *Mirena Intra-Uterine System), provide abortions especially for children too small to carry a baby to term, teach infectious disease prevention, teach mothering teachings, give child-care instruction, pap tests, deal with weight preoccupation and image awareness, healthy eating and wellness training, provide vaginal health training, perform urinary tract infection treatment and prevention, and much more women’s needs.”

Why Mirena chosen in war zones.

img-popup_uterus-diagram Explaining the function of the IUS.  Image courtesy The RINJ Foundation

According to a medical directive of Dr. Anderson of the RINJ Foundation, “The Mirena IUS is a birth control method. It is small, unseen, always working, plastic T-shaped device that releases the hormone levonorgestrel. It prevents pregnancy by making the lining of the uterus thinner. It also makes cervical mucus thicker, making it harder for sperm to enter the uterus. Your nurse inserts the IUS inside your uterus.”

RINJ Dr. Anderson explains in a medical directive why RSAC Nurses Women Shelters and Clinics  prefers IUS method of birth control:

  • “When the IUS is inside you, nobody knows but you and your nurse. It works with 99% effectiveness all the time so you don’t have to consider birth control each time you have sex . (You do have to check the strings each month to make sure it is still in place.)

  • “It works for up to 5 years or until it is removed by your nurse.

  • “It prevents pregnancy more than 99% of the time. Pregnancy is immediately possible once the IUS is removed.

  • “The IUS decreases menstrual bleeding. It may also decrease menstrual cramping.

  • “The IUS does not contain estrogen so it can be used by those women who are sensitive to estrogen.”

“When Afghan Girls only go to school to grade 6, UN Rapes of Females have hit a new high, and millions of women and children are displaced by the patriarch’s war pitting USA vs Russia on Ukraine territory, women cannot be cared for, they must flee.  Women and children suffer the most and that is a threat of genocide,” explains Dale Carter of the RINJ NGO.

“We needed an army of guards to prevent the raids on clinics,  so we have decided to get the women and girls out. We had seven busses, now we have only five. If anyone can help, that would be good, but we don’t need any more broken down busses to fix up, we only need good ones,” explains Alona Adamovich speaking to FPMag’s Melissa Hemingway in Ukraine.

“We planned to be out of here by now but the local doctors keep sending us patients. We have our own specialized methods of combat zone sterilization we learned in places like Syria, Iraq, Myanmar, Venezuela and Afghanistan. But these poor docs in Mariupol can’t seem to deliver a baby without the child dying of sepsis in the coming week. Their facilities are bombed to ratsh*t. It rips my heart out, these were good medical facilities once,” Alona Adamovich explained to Melissa Hemingway.

“My director told me I had to switch roles to evacuation but I can’t completely do that right now because it is the wrong thing to do,” Alona added defiantly.

“I met a women, head of the security contractor. They called her “Y”. She said that when we are ready to leave, ‘tell the guards and I will get the message and get you out fast and safely‘, so to me that suggested we are allowed to stay here for now,” explained Alona via Melissa Hemingway who had explained that the time to leave safely had pretty much passed for the time being.

In the Ukraine, rape and community spread of HIV are common problems for years, among the highest in the world, and largely in the east of Ukraine where warfighting has killed over 14,000 ethnic Russians.

From November 2015 through August 2019, 59,349 women  in Ukraine received psychosocial support because Gender Based Violence was out of control.

During 2019, among the 1.3 million internally displaced persons in Ukraine, women were experiencing gender-based violence (GBV) three times more frequently than local women who are not displaced. UNFPA and national partners developed a system of psychosocial support for GBV in eastern areas using 46 mobile teams close to armed conflict zones, as well as safe spaces, health service delivery points and telephone hotlines. Considered a model mechanism, 200 more mobile teams have been introduced by local authorities outside the UNFPA intervention areas.

“Putin’s legacy? RINJ birthing clinics in Mariupol basements just like those by the bomb craters of Idlib, & Dier Ezzor, Syria midwifery by lamp light and candles,” quipped Alona Adamovich, a RINJ member and organizer in the city of Mariupol, Ukraine. Photo source submitted. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Rare diesel fuel, and RINJ birthing clinics in Mariupol basements just like those by the bomb craters of Idlib and Dier Ezzor, Syria, midwifery by lamp light and candles.