USA missteps in Ukraine include Psychological war leading to rape and murder of women

The darkness of USA Psychological WarfareIn short, the narrative psychologically exalts the ally to a can’t-do-wrong pedestal and destroys the opponent. Psychological warfare is about things done to make an enemy or opponent feel hopeless and make allies feel omnipotent, fearless, with impunity for killing and other violence like rape. That latter is the probably unintended dark side of USA Psychological Warfare in Ukraine. 

“America’s CIA propaganda and psychological warfare is destroying Russia but inadvertently giving Ukrainian men a pass for the most atrocious behaviour like black marketeering; the rape, murder and enslavement of girls and women in Ukraine,” says Filipino nurse in Ukraine.

Art: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

America’s widespread embrace of impunity for Ukrainian men.

“While Russian civilians are evil and deserving of death in airplane crashes, Ukrainian men get a pass for black marketeering donated arms; selling girls; sexual violence including rape; enslavement of women and even murder of women and girls; and the large scale human sex trade that is now filling Poland and several other NATO nations with a ready supply of sex-partners-for-sale ranging in age from 9 years of age to 30,” reports the RINJ Foundation‘s security director Dale Carter.

Brainwashing over America's war in Ukraine has gone too far

“The message in these passenger photographs aboard a Lufthansa flight is that Russians must die but the effect is to normalize the concept of using air crashes and other civilian commercial transportation as a tool for mass murder. A nasty side effect of Psychological warfare using massive propaganda machinery that creates the impression that ‘this is OK’ explains a psychologist working for The RINJ Foundation.


“That’s the result of psychological warfare promoting widespread embrace of impunity for Ukrainian men, and mercenaries from America, Canada, Britain, Romania, and Poland who are hunting down young females in Ukraine, for their own sick pleasures and for sale on the human slave market” Ms. Carter added.

Latest estimates of mercenaries in Ukraine from various sources.

  • Poland: 1,831 arrived, 378 died, 272 left Ukraine
  • Canada: 601 arrived, 162 died, 169 left Ukraine
  • United States: 530 arrived, 214 died, 227 left Ukraine
  • Romania: 504 arrived, 101 died, 95 left Ukraine
  • UK: 422 arrived, 101 died, 95 left Ukraine

“Psychological warfare is about things done to make an enemy or opponent feel hopeless and make allies feel omnipotent, fearless, with impunity for killing and other violence, like rape and enslavement of women and girls, and that is a fairly standard definition, one used by the CIA and other such organizations that operate above the law,” she explained.

“Raids on women’s shelters in Ukraine are being conducted after male stalkers have followed girl’s seeking safety. I have given the order to our guards to shoot-to-kill any armed males who present as armed suspects stalking the women and attacking shelters. That is somewhat redundant because our security contractor has that policy regardless,” said Ms. Carter.

“The problem is with all males, not any particular nationality, but if it is a Ukrainian male attacking the pubescent kids of his neighbourhood he will be arrested or shot on resisting, as if he is an invading Russian soldier trying to rape somebody’s daughter as a spoil of war. They do that every day, so our all-female contractors shoot them if they are armed and if we cannot stop the attackers any other way,” she added.

Video: When an infant is not in mother’s arms, a shopping cart is baby’s cradle in basement life in Odessa.

“The all-female security contractor defends women’s shelters, birthing clinics and rape clinics where we treat the worst of crimes being commit by invaders and locals in Ukraine,” said Ms. Carter in a meeting with FPMag’s Melissa Hemingway in Ukraine.

“We also have caught men raiding birthing clinics trying to ambush women they have impregnated, seeking a violent end to their relationship. Thus far since I instigated this maximum prejudice policy, nine deaths of men from 5 countries including Russia and Ukraine have happened on the western side of the Donbass contact line. Dozens have been arrested and turned over to local authorities to little effect. I even had one arrestee tell me I am a traitor and that everyone will know. Why am I a traitor because I stopped this attacker from dragging an 11-year-old half dressed girl out the back window?  Then I learned the kid recently had an abortion because she is too small to give birth and that the pregnancy was arising from a previous rape by this particular male. For some bizarre psychological phenomenon these men in Ukraine feel they have a license to do anything they want,” Ms. Carter continued, sharing her frustration.

“That situation was very bad. We had to relocate everyone,” Ms. Carter added. “I could not take a chance, they’d be back.”

“What is happening in Donbass is a nightmare,” she continued. “Our people there recently rescued women and kids and had many neo-Nazi men imprisoned by local authorities.

“In Mariupol, there were five Russian deaths resulting from an organized attack on two women’s shelters by Russian men. We don’t fully understand their roles other than that two of them were found in the act of raping women dragged from a shelter. It was chaos. The women (girls under 18) were removed by our people from the city and treated for shock after being moved to a medical clinic we run under the auspices of a University we have promised not to talk about for fear of reprisals or attacks. Ukrainian and Russian men don’t seem to accept any responsibility or cognizance of wrongdoing in the rape of local girls and women,” said Ms. Carter.

“America’s propaganda is destroying Russia but giving Ukraine a pass for the most atrocious behaviour like the rape, murder and enslavement of girls and women in Ukraine,” says Karina Angeles,” a nurse working in a women’s shelter in Ukraine.

“I have a message for families considering selling their daughters in Ukraine in order to buy food. You can stay for free in a women’s shelter. If there are men, we have other shelters. Contact our Helpline,” Ms. Angeles told Melissa Hemingway on Sunday.

Too often have the needs of women and girls in conflict settings been side-lined and treated as an afterthought.

Pramila Patten, the United Nation’s Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict, recalled her recent visit to Ukraine and outlined the elements of a recently signed Framework of Cooperation on the Prevention and Response to Conflict-Related Sexual Violence, which seeks to strengthen accountability and combat those abhorrent crimes like rape.

Several European airlines including Lufthansa planes are featuring notices added by vandals in the washrooms saying “Planes with Russians must Crash”.

Seen on European Airlines and American airliners

Seen on European Airlines and American airliners this type of hate material has been left to endure on some airliners for a while. “It is a type of brainwashing. Not every Russian is in agreement with what is happening in Ukraine, so why kill all the Russians? Why kill anyone?—applies to all people,” says Svetlana, a RINJ Foundation organizer. “We are encouraging all the parties to cease-fire and sit down and talk peace,” she repeats frequently.  Photo credit: Twitter

Propaganda that has a strong component of psychological war conducted by the US CIA in Ukraine, in the European Union and around the world, has inspired a belief of impunity for thousands of human slave traders and black market arms dealers in Ukraine and made it unsafe for any civilian with a Russian-sounding name to go outside their homes, let alone travel.

Misconduct given impunity by American Psychological Warfare includes using Civilians as Human Shields as was the case in the Asov steel factory and the Azot Chemical factory, and here in this video as Ukrainian soldiers try to roundup people to use as shields.

France 24 Video: “Civilians try to block Ukraine troops
from ‘deporting civilians to human shield collections of people’ as have been seen from Mariupol to every skirmish in the Donbass regions,” explains Alona Adamovich who is a director of the RINJ Foundation in charge of a number of women’s shelters and various clinics in Ukraine. Photo credit: Polish source supplied.

“The people of Donbass are saying they do not want to be killed by the Ukrainian Nazi forces which are shelling civilian enclaves in Donetsk and Luhansk,” says humanitarian worker.

2022 State of Civil Society

“Civil society does its best to engage with international institutions but is frequently afforded the lowest priority, often denied access to the key arenas, with the private sector a privileged participant, even when, as with climate summits, companies are part of the problem.

“The ineffectiveness of international cooperation and the ability of powerful states to override the rules has also been exposed by COVID-19. The development of a pandemic treaty offers hope that lessons will be learned before the next pandemic hits, but it will only be effective if it makes room for civil society in both its development and implementation.

“The UN has become hidebound and bureaucratic, slow to react, far from the proactive body it was envisaged as. And while it often says the right thing – its voice on issues such as climate change and the food crisis is loud – it isn’t always heard. The pandemic and Russia’s war make clear the need for an effective UN as part of a rules-based international order. It’s time to take civil society’s UN reform proposals seriously…”

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NATO Summit in Spain greeted today by protestors demanding NATO be dismantled may be part of the backlash to American psychological warfare and horrific propaganda.