Death Penalty for Merc-fighters – report on security for women and girls attacked by men like these

“After nine years of tolerating roving gangs and militias of mercenaries and neo-Nazi nationalists, doing shelling, robbing, molesting and raping the civilian population, the people of Donetsk PR are taking strict action instituting the death penalty for illegal combatants in our area,” an official of the city of Donetsk told me. She does not wish to be identified because she is not authorized to speak with the media, writes FPMag‘s Melissa Hemingway, reporting from Donetsk PR.

The death penalty decree is set by the local government and its courts for three men to face the death penalty according to RIA Novosti, and reported by al Jazeera 

I asked the source if this ‘was for real’ and ‘when was the law passed on the death penalty’. She got flustered and said she heard it from Denis Pushilin himself, so I checked with Pushilin’s office and got a ‘yes’. That’s my third confirmation, but everything here is so fluid that ‘what’s next’ is an unknown,” writes Melissa in her submitted report.

By Melissa Hemingway, Sharon Santiago, and Micheal John

Moroccan Brahim Saadoun and UK civilians Aiden Aslin and Shaun Pinner, were charged with violating four articles of the Donetsk PR criminal code, including attempting to “seize power” and “training to conduct terrorist activity”, reports the Donetsk News Agency.

Video: Nothing is fair about the war in Ukraine.

Watch Zvezda News Video: Mariupol Azov Nazi soldiers-of-fortune-threesome sentenced to death. Former mercenary Confidential Informant says the men seen here were part of a raping pillaging brigade that since the Nazi’s took over Mariupol in 2019 from Donetsk were rapists and murderers of civilians. There are hundreds more, says CI. But security analysts says these men were not proven to be the actual offenders in the atrocities of Mariupol in 2020/2021.

FPMag asked a tired nurse practitioner in the war zone what she thinks about this.

“The media calls everyone in Donetsk and Luhansk PR ‘rebels’ or ‘separatists’
following the American narrative, but that is a lie. For nine years these 15 million people have fought back the attackers of the United States, Britain and Ukraine. People of Luhansk and Donetsk are not separatists, they are completely gone from Ukraine as their right of self determination declares despite the UN going back on its own doctrine because the USA bullies the UN Secretary-General. The republicans have their own two countries and they are the survivors who fought tooth and nail to try and keep their home against brutal attacks. They are fighting this war now with some 70,000 indigenous local soldiers between the two Republics and they are winning despite every Tom, Dick, and Harry coming from ‘BoJo-Land and the bloody-Biden-dump’ to kill them. If soldiers don’t want to die here, they can eff-off and stop killing our people. I am a medical practitioner and save lives, not take lives. But if you asked me after I just finished patching up a broken baby who was bombed by these bastards, forget it. I would have no mercy. I know a lot of people feel that way. Stop the war and I will be happy. I am against all killing,” explains Alona Adamovich without any emotion. She is a Ukrainian nurse practitioner leading a humanitarian team of locals, since 2013, working for The RINJ Foundation in and around the Donbass region. She has no side in the dispute except the side of her women and children patients. She says she is loyal only to them.

“Luhansk people did not attack Ukraine. They just left a very corrupt Ukraine in February 2014. They are ethnic Russians living near the Russian border who became fed up with the racial persecution that continues today. Stop all  killing and leave us be.”


These men are soldiers says Confidential Informant

Moroccan Brahim Saadoun and UK civilians Aiden Aslin and Shaun Pinner, were charged with violating four articles of the Donetsk PR criminal code, including attempting to “seize power” and “training to conduct terrorist activity”, reports the Donetsk News Agency. Photo credit: Reuters via Twitter. Photo is cropped.
Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

The picture and its story: “These men may be repugnant because they leave their family to go to a foreign land and kill people but they are not death penalty candidates on the weight of their being foreign fighters. Perhaps they are only illegal combatants under the Geneva Conventions, argues the Security Director of the RINJ Foundation which is now operating dozens of women’s shelters, birthing clinics, rape clinics and medical clinics in Ukraine.

“That means these random foreign fighters do not get special PoW treatment. Arguably they are at worst co-conspirator criminals who may as members of the Azov brigade have observed their colleagues’ numerous atrocities in Mariupol. Did the State prove their complicity beyond a doubt? Moreover, the burden of proof on the accuser to prove which men did which crime is set out in the precedent of the Nuremberg Trials. The burden is onerous and not met to my knowledge. These men are sent to the firing squad for being foreigners. Technically everyone in Donetsk PR is a foreigner if that is to be the criteria. This is a mistake,” said the RINJ Women security director.

An ultra-Rare Interview with some of the security teams devoted to protecting Ukrainian girls from Rapists

ReaperTeam Logo
Logo of the all-women Private Security Guard company, “Reaper Team ILC” courtesy Mantra=”We fight for the safety of women and children.” According to CEO  The Reaper Team is engaged as a security contractor for The Nurses Without borders and The RINJ Foundation in Ukraine, Luhansk PR, Donetsk PR, Transnistria, South Ossetia and in fact in ‘hotspots’ all around the world. Reaper Team  provides guard service for medical clinics, birthing clinics, rape clinics and women’s shelters as well as travel security for personnel and investigative service providers in war zones.

Private security contractor in Ukraine agrees to interview.

“Many of the mercenary fighters we have encountered who have raped women and girls, men with the neo-Nazi brigades of the Ukraine Armed Forces, turn out to be wanted criminals or criminals who have served their time, in their home country but are branded as being sex offenders,” explains a woman who is known among her staff as “Y” but FPMag was told by Dale Carter of The RINJ Foundation, ‘this is the legendary Sonya who is now the head of our private security contractor working in Ukraine‘.

“Many mercenaries are males who far from home seek the spoils of war. Of those we have detained and handed over to authorities, they say they were following orders, raping school girls, as a weapon. If you would see what I have seen you would understand why I am OK with the death penalty, but I know the client is not, and make that very clear,” explained Sonya.

“Along with the items confiscated from the Nazi elite are Nazi culture haberdashery and items like music players and smartphones filled with a range of underground Nazi death-metal genre music— extremely good and arousing music,” says a brave women’s shelter armed-guard who provided a lot of information for this article.

Panzer Elite Video: “Nazi cultural music found among photos of raped girls and women in captured Nazi mercenaries’ and Nazi Ukraine Army regulars’ phones. One regular told us that the war has attracted many extremists and they are giving the Azov neo-Nazi brigade a bad name [cough],” explained one of two armed security guards who accompanied Sonya during the interview in Kharkiv, Ukraine .

“I was taken by “J” here, [a guard] back in May, to a basement where the local militia was taking charge of prisoners wanted for the gang rape of a Mayor’s daughter in Luhansk PR. One of the prisoners fetched up in the raid in a slightly different locale, spoke French and only a smattering of English. I speak French which I learned in Canada and Vietnam. I could understand this person. The Quebecer spoke a northern Quebec dialect. He pleaded with me that he was a ‘soldier of fortune’ [mercenary] looking for more work and that he only now understood the plight of the ‘separatists’ in Donbass and as a French-Canadian he was learning both the difficulties and the opportunities for the French Canadian Separatist Party organizers and understanding that Canada’s government would probably do what Canadians were doing in Ukraine—providing weapons and ammunition and training platoons for shelling and killing the ‘separatists’ here in Donbass,” explained Sonya.

Confiscated Cooperating Prisoner Smartphone Photographs, source supplied.

Confiscated Photograph

Confiscated Cooperating Prisoner Smartphone Photographs, source supplied.

THe Nazi Brigade in the Ukrainian Armed Forces Nazis in the Ukraine Army

The picture and its story: US House of Representatives approved a bipartisan amendment to the Defense Appropriations Act from Reps. John Conyers Jr., D-Michigan, and Ted Yoho, R-Florida that would block the White House military training of the Azov battalion and other Neo-Nazi units and would prevent transfer of shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles to fighters in Iraq and Ukraine. Thus, according to RINJ Foundation medical humanitarian workers in the Donbass region “the Azov Regiment has all the American missiles it can carry”. Hence the White House is breaking US Law.
“I am grateful that the House of Representatives unanimously passed my amendments to ensure that our military does not train members of the repulsive neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, along with my measures to keep the dangerous and easily trafficked MANPADs out of these unstable regions,” said Conyers. But the manpads just put a hole in an apartment building and blew out the other side of the building.  “The only way we got black African students out of the Donbass area was by driving them into Russia,” explained Lana, a humanitarian worker who in February was driving busloads of refugees from the Donbass region into Russia’s Rostov Region. Photo Credit: Source Supplied

How the Canadian Prisoner agreed to be a Confidential Informant

“This Canadian prisoner said he now figured he was on the wrong side and should be spared. He said plenty. That guy is just dumb but his dumb logic makes some sense from his perspective. Logical. Canada has been supporting the terrorists attacking so-called ‘separatists’ in Donbass farms and villages for almost a decade. That is likely a deliberate example to separatist Quebecers thinking about separating from Canada. Ottawa will attack and kill them, like they do in Donbass to the so-called separatists here. That was the point of ‘the Quebecer’ prisoner,” explained the head of the private security firm.

“I told the militia major that this Quebecer idiot was able to give us valuable intelligence to enable us to capture mercenaries who were involved in a Ukrainian sex-slavery ring. They were herding school girls, many of them orphans, and selling them. The major released the Quebecer back into my custody. By day’s end, the Quebecer had briefed “J” here, and a multilingual nurse organizer named Lana. We had what we needed to rescue those girls and we did within our own means before the weekend. There was a bit of travel and prep involved, but it got done. The asset went with “J” and events unfolded as we were told to expect. The Quebecer earned his keep. He now helps the people of Donetsk in Mariupol and also the Donetsk Army’s humanitarian teams, at times, when needed. He has food, lodging, companionship and support from the good guys, and he likes his role, I am told, but its only been a month. We’ll see,” explained Sonya.

A video the Quebecer had on his phone with sympathetic comments in a post he had sent to a fellow mercenary saying, “we cannot do this sh*t to residents of Volnovakha. The Nazis killed two close people her grandmere and mother-in-law. The fighters kicked the old lady from her house so they could have the house and she only had bathrobe. I found this on the Telegram Donbass News. We cannot be doing this we should be on her side,” the Quebecer had posted as a private comment to a new friend also looking for work.

Confidential Informant Quebecer says Aiden Aslin, Shaun Pinner and Brahim Saadoun are not in the category of rapists and terrorists but maybe misguided soldiers for hire.

Dale Carter, security director for the RINJ Foundation, who helped set up this interview, is working with local Donbass humanitarian workers and NGO regional partners to try and convince the Donetsk Government of Denis Pushilin to reverse the death penalty for the two British young men and the Moroccan fellow, she said. “The Luhansk PR does not as yet have the same laws,” said Ms. Carter. “My organization believes the death penalty is barbaric, just like the United States in whole,” she added.

“Both Russia and America support the death penalty, and that is a sickness going back to the 7th century during the birth of violent Islam. This is 2022 and the planet is facing extinction. We need to get past these ancient tribal patriarchal theologies and find a way to save our planet. Old men like Putin and Biden will not live to suffer these perils but I and my children will,” is what the angry woman said about the prospect of killing Aiden Aslin, Shaun Pinner and Brahim Saadoun.

“These men leaving their families to go and kill people in a foreign land are despicable and worthy of the contempt. Nevertheless, while under the Geneva Conventions, an illegal combatant does not have the protections of the Conventions they do not deserve to be put to death by a state either,” said Ms. Carter.


“We agreed to put the Quebecer to work driving a medevac-bus in Mariupol under tight supervision. At his ‘residence’ where he had lived with several other mercenaries now in custody, we found an enormous cache of American weapons including Javelin rounds and launchers plus assault weapons and grenade launchers. The Quebecer told me they had found this cache.  It took four of the Donetsk Army trucks to carry the weapons away, and that was my debt paid back to the local army major who gave me back the Quebecer. I had spotted a stupid northern Quebecer on an adventure looking for a paycheque. I figured this idiot did not deserve the death penalty for being an idiot so he drives a small bus bringing the medical evacuations from Mariupol. I mean the RINJ people here had a nurse driving the medical bus for lack of other volunteers. The Donetsk military are OK with this—so far so good,” Sonya  explained.

“The reason we encounter mercenaries is because they have been involved in attacks on women’s shelters where they sought to capture and sell the young women who had escaped to the shelters or were orphaned there. Honestly, it’s a stupid idea to rape these survivors of rape because according to what I am told by the client, these women and children are infected with one or another sexually transmitted disease including HIV. If bullets don’t kill these morons, STDs will. Rape and incest in this country are the number one spreaders of HIV,” the Asian female soldier said. “We usually get their identity from their wallets after they are deceased. They look at one of our guards, see she is a woman and think they can take her down. Then they are deceased, next moment,” she added, speaking very fast.

According to the Geneva Conventions, mercenaries are illegal combatants under many circumstances.

“For our contract, we protect women’s shelters, medical clinics, birthing clinics, and rape clinics from attack. The reason why I am talking to you at the suggestion of the client is because in Ukraine, particularly eastern Ukraine, three out of every four females over 9 has been subjected to sexual assault or sexual harassment. The latter is when she has escaped the attack. Three out of four. We know that data from the surveys among women’s community groups done by our client,” exclaimed Sonya.

“Our message to armed illegal combatants in Ukraine is that if you even touch a civilian without consent, and I mean boys and girls, men and women, we are authorized by some regional governments here to kill you.

“The systems in place to deal with soldiers committing rape are overloaded and there is no room in the jails. But the women and men who run the communities and municipalities in the eastern regions don’t want their women and girls raped. ‘Kill rapists,’ they say.

“I prefer to capture them. I think rapists suffer more in jail because the other prisoners thinking about their wives and daughters at home, make rapists suffer slowly, living in fear, and die anyway. Here now I am in face time with someone who knows I really mean what I say, but we need to get the word out before I need to to bring in dozens more of our troops, to protect women in rape clinics and shelters from rapists. Stupid, eh?” Sonya added.

“Recently in Mariupol, (de facto)-Donetsk PR,  a number of skirmishes took place involving men of multiple nationalities attacking a group of basement women’s shelters. Twelve attackers perished in three events involving several incomplete sexual assaults which triggered a defensive response from our guards and a firefight. Two attackers escaped but were days later found to be deceased. In seven other events, attackers escaped primary perimeters but were later found to be deceased in the third outer security perimeter where identification was provided by surveillance video and/or the survivor of the attack,” citing a statement that appeared on the private security firm’s web site.