USA losing its war due to stupid leadership, and DO NOT FLY, say arms dealers in Ukraine

“A conversation with some mercenary types who beat us by a few minutes to the remnants of a Ukrainian brigade that fled its post for parts east, resulted in some long conversations and some medical supplies inventories for humanitarian purposes. The men are arms dealers and they were cleaning up by loading tons of American weapons the Ukrainians left behind, into trucks that drove off and came back empty an hour later to pick up more,”  explains Alona Adamovich who is a director of the RINJ Foundation in charge of a number of women’s shelters and various clinics in Ukraine.

The criminals allowed us to scoop up abandoned medical supplies we had hoped to ‘liberate’ before the drug dealers got there. It was a big treasure of medical supplies but also pharmaceutical needs. Some of our facilities desperately need lidocaine, and lidocaine with epinephrine,  a local anesthetic, and morphine, used in trauma surgeries and intakes respectively. There is also a dearth of antibiotics. We are very often brought trauma cases and both locals and antibiotics get used up fast. Donbass is a blood bath, that chews up civilian families like a meat grinder,” Alona continued. “Local anesthetics help ease the pain while we explore and clean the wound and also restrict bleeding a little,” she added. “I can’t bear to have a child suffering in pain. For kids and pregnant moms, locals are the safest.”

“This was a lucky break. We also learned some scary things from these people, like ‘do not fly home’. They said go by train far away and then fly. This whole eastern European region is covered in stinger missiles, because these men are selling American missiles to bad people, or anyone who has money, even resellers.”

By Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John

Stinger missiles on sale on the black market
Stinger missiles sold for many tens of thousands of dollars on the black market from Ukraine will soon be bringing down airliners say arms dealers in Ukraine. [How do you know that?] “We know something about some of the crazies to whom we are selling these missiles and launchers. For you, lady, that means DO NOT FLY, one of the men added. Photo Credit: submitted by  Melissa Hemingway.

One of the flaws in the American logic behind their proxy war in Ukraine is that they are fighting on what looks like the China side in China vs Taiwan suggests Israeli security analyst, Simon Baldock.

“Another flaw is the return from Ukraine of Americans in body bags and the sale of thousands of American weapons into the black market by corrupt military commanders and their American friends,” Mr. Baldock added.

If Donetsk, Luhansk belong to Ukraine, Taiwan belongs to China

“Imagine a war against Russia being run by Bojo Clown and The DumbBunnyBiden using Pee Pee Herman as their General,” said a man who sported  a battered ‘MAGA  elect Donald Trump‘  button on his haversack.

“These cats have worked for eight years to provoke a war with Vladimir Putin, a man who probably cooked and ate his grandma when she pee’d him off by putting too much sugar in his tea and cutting him short on cookies,” said Max Cleland (if that really is his name),” noted Alona Adamovich.

The men of NATO are prolonging their proxy war in Ukraine by any means. “Isn’t it time to put this to a stop before it gets completely out of control,” ask humanitarians in the country.

We are NATO

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Max’s friends laughed. “What you would get is a completely destroyed eastern half of Ukraine in five short months—that’s the half up against Russian borders, now a wasteland of destruction; a global hunger crisis; more pollution; and the bear now looks hungrily at the rest of the country and wants to eat the whole thing,” chimed in one of Max’s buddies, Alona recounted.

“The West has been able to control the media with a narrative that has been working for decades to line the pockets of the defence industrial base, but I think people are catching on,” said Martin, one of the quiet men in the group.

If you thought that Joe Biden is inclined to present as a very incompetent guy, it’s nothing new and its not just him who is a stumblebum running the American proxy war against Russia in Ukraine,” said Max as if to challenger Martin. “Every secretary and advisor he picked are people he thinks will not show him up, in other words they are more stupid than he is,” Martin added, recalled Alona.

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Jens Stoltenberg with his boss planning for More War.

Jens Stoltenberg with his boss planning for More War on 24 March 2022. Photo Credit:  Photo is cropped.  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Video: Stupid is what stupid does. The West gets busted trying to bribe Russian Pilots who were actually Russian spies, to surrender their military aircraft in Kiev for a prize of a million American dollars or two and safe haven in America.

Video Below: Many Ukrainian Fighters Taken Prisoner as Russians and Donetsk PR Army overwhelm large underground command and control operations.

The scurrilous men of NATO who brought this war.

At the right is Bojo and THe DumbBunny

“‘We of the warring patriarch have this,’ they seem to speak in unison, defying any woman to stand alongside and challenge their testosterone antics. At a time when much of the world is starving; when the human race is facing a deadly dangerous disease pandemic; burning forests and fields; and even a  comet passing too close for comfort, these men are playing games with constituent money starting and prolonging  wars to deplete inventories of old weapons so they can buy more weapons to replace what is exploded in Ukraine and line their pockets and those of their political donor companies,” says RINJ feminist Dale Carter from Ukraine. Photo credit: