SARS-COV-2 Virus at its worst yet incarnation? COVID deaths climbing fast

COVID-19 Cases caused by infectious Omicron variants are growing at the rate of 1.6 million cases per day and that rate is trending upward.

According to global data and widespread reports, more and more people are being reinfected by what is known as the BA.5 variant of SARS-COV-2.

The World Health Organization this week has warned of “Rapidly escalating COVID-19 cases amid reduced virus surveillance forecasts and a challenging autumn and winter in the WHO European Region lie ahead.”

“With rising cases, we’re also seeing a rise in hospitalizations, which are only set to increase further in the autumn and winter months as schools reopen, people return from holidays and social mixing moves indoors with the onset of colder weather. This forecast presents a huge challenge to the health workforce in country after country, already under enormous pressure from dealing with unrelenting crises since 2020,” continues the WHO statement.

Current climb in COVID-19 CAses is rapid

A new and alarming increase in the community transmission of COVID-19 is indicated by this graph. Data and graph from source: Civil Society Partners against COVID-19.


Canada death rate from COVID-19 is Skyrocketing along with many other nations.

Climbing death rate COVID-19
Graph created by Our World in Data which organization uses statistical information from Johns Hopkins University. Information shows a radical increase in COVID-19 deaths, particularly in Canada which has begun to conceal its hospitalization data and other data sets.

USA  large increase in community transmission and deaths

USA rise in COVID-19 Cases - CDC

America is showing a large increase in community transmission and deaths. As of July 14, 2022, according to the US Centers for Disease Control, there were 1,141 (35.4%) counties, districts, or territories with a high COVID-19 Community Level, 1,275 (39.6%) counties with a medium Community Level, and 804 (25.0%) counties with a low Community Level. Compared with last week, this represents an increase (+14.8 percentage points) in the number of high-level counties, an increase (+1.8 percentage points) in the number of medium-level counties, and a corresponding decrease (−16.4 percentage points) in the number of low-level counties. 50 out of 52 jurisdictions* had high- or medium-level counties this week. Rhode Island and Maine are the only jurisdictions to have all counties at low Community Levels.

For more details regarding the USA, visit CDC COVID Data Tracker.

14 Apr 2024 COVID-19 Data for The Entire World from CSPaC