Cops hung around waiting for kids to be shot and killer leave?

Readers who have not seen this video of the Uvalde Texas massacre at the Robb Elementary school on 24 May, 2022 (Ten-year-old kids bled to death on Texas school floor) are cautioned that most people who watched were infuriated to a high level. But it is news and it is a rare and startling truth. Sadly it is ripping the hearts out of many mourning parents. 

An 11-year old girl wrote a letter to the FPMag editors saying  “I am on my mother’s computer and saw that video. I did a search and found your article about Ten-year-old kids bled to death waiting. I could tell how angry the [authors] were. I am so angry too. When I grow up I want to go to that place and beat up every police officer who hid while that killer shot all 19 kids. They won’t catch me, they are all so fat and lazy. A kid told me that those kids were like meat stew poured on the classroom floor they were shot so many times with whole pieces of them blown apart. It’s the worst thing I have ever thought about from a movie or anything, but this is real. And I am so angry that everyone just let the killer do that.”

It is clear from the CCTV footage that dozens of police officers were cowering behind concrete walls a long distance down the hall from the shooter who commit one of the most filthy crimes in human history, the massacre of nineteen young children and two of their teachers at a grade school.

(Sick America has 213 mass shootings this year, a norm so far.)

There is a timeline of events here but for certain this video assembled by ABC affiliate KVUE is the best account anyone can likely get, of what happened that day.

The American passion for killing is what the kids hear and see

It is sad but no less true that the mass murder of children and the ensuing utter bullsh*t coming from community leaders in Uvalde, Texas plus the NRA’s ‘ick’ gun conference in Houston, is typically America, in the 21st Century. (Sick America … Continue reading 

Women all around the world are driven to tears by this massacre.

Women all around the world are driven to tears by this massacre. Photo Credit: CCTV Video capture. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag